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Bentley was stolen from a car at Newquay Car Boot yesterday 27th July?Posted: 28/06/2017
This is a despicable act against a family who adored their pet dog Chiwawa called Bentley. He belonged to the young daughter!

"Whoever you are scumbag you do not realize the absolute hardship you have caused to the entire family by stealing their precious dog Bentley"

I appreciate that the family should have taken the dog with them or LOCKED the dog in the Car but the man was only away from the car for 2 minutes which gave the thieving bastard the opportunity to steal Bentley!
However some members of our team were wearing 'body cams' as a form of security yesterday. I have asked them to trawl through their film during the Car Boot for any evidence or hopefully a car Registration number! I know 'it's only a dog' but this type of act brings the safety of all dogs into question! How can I win, we are trying to run Car Boot Sales, not Crufts FFS!!

Did you see anything? Read the family e-mail two items below this;
Bentley the Chiwawa stolen from a car parked at Newquay on Tuesday 27th June 2017
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The sound of the HORN!Posted: 27/06/2017
You will all know that we start each Car Boot Sale by blasting a horn at the advertised start times and as soon as the HORN goes off the rushing and running into the sale from hundreds of buyers is a sight worth seeing but then you always get the moaners who can’t run complaining “Look at them they are just like bloody vultures” ‘no they are not all like the rest of us enjoying themselves and they are looking for are BARGAINS’ but the stupidity is they don’t know where TF they are running to or where TF the bargains are as they frantically look for something to buy hopefully to ‘shove it on eBay’ within the next couple of hours or so and also hopefully to make a small profit! But from my experience of watching buyers in their ready steady ‘let’s go FFS’ when the horn goes off and their rush-n-run competition starts, they are quite often the losers.
It seems it is always the quiet ‘take your time’ buyers who are the winners. Our Marge and Rita and Sylvia and Betty and single minded Posh Ann are the perfect example as they go quietly about their business in different directions from stall to stall looking for collectibles or something to sell on eBay or just something for the house or for the family. Over the years these lovely ladies along with hundreds of other similar buyers have bought some amazing bargains and being nice to all concerned and not bartering too heavy and they end up paying reasonable prices for their purchases. These customers are the backbone to the success of our Community Car Boot Sales which make it such an attraction to our annual holiday makers who spend lots of money at our sales, respects TQ!

Market Traders are well received and display great bargains for whoever wants to buy them but some of these traders arrive in their large vans, set up their stall, serve a few customers take a couple hundred quids and drive off leaving girt great gaps in the sellers lines which is hugely disrespectful to the genuine car boot sellers. Remember it is a Car Boot Sale, not a market! Much to the dismay of a couple of traders who are now seriously pissed off because I have introduced a minimum 2 hour stay period but the majority were delighted with the new ruling. Big Steve the Rock Man actually complimented me on the idea saying I was a ‘gent for looking after us pensioners. What utter sarcasm! Anyway a customer asked me if Steve was gay. He certainly is not he is always advertising for a lady up to 90 years of age who likes a bit of his rock now and then (and then again) but she must ‘have her own tractor’ FFS! The reason the person asked me is because Steve has signs on his windscreen STEVE and BRUNO. No my lover, Bruno is his pigging yapping crapping papping stupid mutt of a male excuse for a miniature pedigree dog FFS! The dammed thing was under Steve’s table yesterday yapping away resulting in yet more complaints from Hyacinth Bouquet who told me ‘Steve has got a water pistol which he shoots at Bruno when he barks and it stops him straight away’ “No it doesn't the bloody thing is still yapping, he should try sand, that works”

My mate Chalawa from St Kitts has ‘somewhere in the bush’ a large Cannabis Plantation where he employs 3 ‘banned’ Pit Bull dogs that are big and ugly bastards and they are required at all times not to bark but to protect The Herb from intruders and Vervet monkeys. These dogs are gruesome buggers large and fearsome you could see the war wounds and missing bits on their faces but when all three take a liking to a ‘white man’ it is not a pleasant experience I can assure you.
Chalawa and his sons laugh as I plead with them ‘take the ugly bastards off me please Chalawa FFS, he say “They like you man, dem never tasted white meat before man” one more puff on his giant spliff and it seems I am seriously on my own and I dare not poop my pants in case that turns the hounds on even more FFS!! Anyway the way he trains them ‘do not effing bark’ is to throw sand in their eyes and they soon shut up. So would I, it would be like the pepper sprays the Police use only 10 times worse getting all that gritty shitty sand off your eyeballs FFS!

Back to the HORN, it is blasted or blown off (5 minutes leeway) at the start times of each Car Boot Sale, it can be heard by the sellers who are ready for you with stalls bursting with bargains (we hope) buyers are required to to spend spend and spend some more but seriously there is no need to run. Last week someone nearly bowled our Rosie over and her gave me hell up over it FSS and it weren't my fault!
We are stunned by the success of St Columb Major and within the first ever 5 weeks we had over 100 sellers and up to 700 buyer’s cars and thousands upon thousands of BARGAINS!! The quality of some of the stalls is/was fantastic with some stall holders taking over £300.00 which is great money!

You should be very careful who you brag about your takings for the day because you could come unstuck like back in the good old Penryn days. Lou and Geoff (that’s me) started selling at Car Boot Sales at Penryn Motor auctions and in the 80s they were amazingly popular starting at 8.00 am on Sunday mornings where crowds upon crowds turned up to queue all along the main road and to buy the stunning BARGAINS that were available each week. Lou and I had three tables in the auction shed so we got to know the other traders really well.
One bloke we shall call Berty and I used to talk about what sort of day we had-had selling at our different stalls and whilst I quite liked Berty he used to tell such exaggerated lies about how much money he had taken during the day. We used to almost empty our Dig and Delve second hand shop in Falmouth of bargain stock and it was nothing for us to take over £300.00 on a Sunday but in them there days the Car Boot was like a lock-in and you had to stay with your stalls till about 5.00 pm anyway Bertie dear boy he didn't keep that information to himself often telling his exaggerated lies to people who had asked him about how to do a boot sale’ “this is how much I have taken in the last few weeks” Oh dear oh dear for dear old Berty who has just told a DSS Inspector who has recorded the conversation “This is how much I have taken in the last few weeks” GOTCHA Berty!! And it took years for dear old Bertie to repay for his ‘let’s open my big mouth and let the wind blow my tongue around” bragging error! Hah! Tis true, you ask Lou!

I mean it, discuss how much you take with no-one, it is no-one else’s business FFS and if you are having a really good day selling loads of real bargains and making great money then tell NOBODY ‘how much dosh did you make’ and if the stall next door to you is having a dreadful time trying to sell a total load of absolute crap then please do not gloat, unless it’s one of your family or a neighbour you hate then gloat like fcuk FFS!! Thou shalt love thine family and thine neighbour WAALOBs!

Back to St Columb, I have a meeting during this week to discuss the possibility of a hard standing location for our Car Boot Sales with large drive-in outbuildings for a WINTER location which would operate after our main season and when Rosudgeon and Hayle and all of our summer locations are at the end of the season. Could be good! Could be great!!

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STOLEN DOG from a parked car at NEWQUAY Car Boot Sale today!! What did you see?Posted: 27/06/2017
Some thieving person opened the door of a car and stole this valuable Chiwawa from the car and left the field immediately. The family are naturally distraught, did you see any person/s with this white Chiwawa at approximately 2.00 pm today at NEWQUAY Circus Fields. The dog is called Bentley.
Any news call me or the telephone number on the picture.
thumbnail_IMG_0461 (1)
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Please Note; This man is NOT any part of Car Boots Cornwall he is BARRED from all of our Car Boot Sales! Forever FFS!!Posted: 17/06/2017
I received 3 complaints that Neville Mc Fuct has been rattling a few cages of his customers by giving them bad service some are even claiming he has been aggressively rude to people whom he has allegedly conned in some way or other that is of course if you real all the crap that is written on Facebook. Some people are claiming the only reason that the they will not go to Lanhydroops Car Boot Sales at Bodmin on Sundays at 9.00 am is because 'he is taking over' and the inexperienced management are letting him at least that is what I am told! Anyway one complainant told me that people on Facebook think that he is the BOSS of Car Boots Cornwall but one of my most loyal friends Ann put the record straight by saying "Geoff is the BOSS of CBC" which is true!
Here is a picture of the Neville 'no refunds' blokie who is BARRED from Car Boots Cornwall! BARRED, barred, BARRED cos according to Ann's mate Veronica he is a total toss pot! Veronica that is disgusting my lovely!!

The history;
TROLLS and their PIT FA ignorance! Anyone you know? Posted: 11/07/2016
The Sad Truths of Internet Trolls:

1. Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.

2. Trolls do not feel remorse like you and me. They have 'sociopathic tendencies' and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings.

3. Trolls consider themselves separate from the social order.

4. Trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy.

5. Trolls consider themselves above social responsibility.

6. Trolls gain energy by you insulting them.

7. Trolls gain energy when you get angry.

8. The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post on line.

Geoff Says;
What a wonderful job description of Stupor Troll (off his TROLLY) Neville Rogers who has targeted Car Boots Cornwall and our customers because he was BARRED from CBC Car Boot Sales because of his offensive and unwarranted anti-racial ranting's and accusations and his threats of physical violence towards myself and to some of my customers!!

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Life in Cheshire.Posted: 08/06/2017
Good Morning!

This has got nothing to do with Car Boots it’s just family talk and gossip, this blog is dedicated to a superb Cheshire family who welcomed and treated me and my lovely Lou with amazing kindness and friendship into their homes with some fantastic meals cooked by Auntie Ann, Auntie Kathleen and Cousin Emma! Scrumptiously delicious, can we come back please, we’ll pay?
We have just returned from Cheshire after packing up over two hundred banana boxes of very good very bad or indifferent huge mixture of Car Boot stuff and shipping it all in three journeys in our large catering van to our store in Penryn where eventually it will be sold at our Car Boot Sales.
The story so far, Lou’s dad died on the first December last year through seriously neglecting his health leaving his wife Julia to fend for herself ‘shit like that happens in the real world’ but to add to the charm of Julia she has Dementia FFS! I have been meeting Lou’s Cheshire family including several kids some good some bad and some are just indifferent distant cousins, then there’s the twins Henry and Francesca who likes to be called Frankie! They have a multi- millionaire business mummy and daddy cos he owns 32 various businesses including several quality garages selling brand new cars throughout the country! He is a great family man and obviously a hugely successful businessman! Talking about ‘hugely’ that is his only problem ‘the man he loves his food so much man that he is almost full up so to speak’ He has the most adorable missus and 3 kids and for them I say he must look after his own heart so here is the challenge to my new millionaire friend! We are coming back to Cheshire for a few days after from May 25th my lover which gives you over two months to lose ONE and a half stone in weight, child’s play? I will also do the same and strictly no cheating Dave so get butt-naked and get on to them there scales and get someone to read the weight for you cos you can’t see the scales from where you are standing let alone the actual weight you are my lover, bit like me really! I promise to get on the scales with only my Y fronts on. I would get Auntie Julia to tell me my weight, I would do but she just cannot keep her hands to herself lately, honestly if she can frisk me once or twice in a day she is happy, keep your hands to yourself woman I am a married man and besides that you are not my age group! Now then, back to the challenge Dave, if you achieve the loss of more than one stone when we next come to Cheshire you can take us out or the winner of the most weight loss pays for the meals and drinks, come on Frankie and Henry support Daddy Dave and make sure he don’t cheat!!
Now to mummy Rebecca, Lou’s favourite cousin I can totally understand why because she is an adorable dynamite whirlwind of a character and a great personality and great fun to be with. She is a brilliant mum of three children and they absolutely adore both mum and dad. They have model grandparents including Uncle Ian (good drinking partner) but the only one I’d run off with is his missus Rebecca’s mum grandma Auntie Ann she is adorable a brilliant cook and a gorgeous grandma. Husband Uncle Ian (good drinking partner) is a fantastic grandfather and a very nice and very lucky man cos he’s got Ann. You did very well for yourself there lad so you did. His grandkids absolutely adore him but they cannot understand why he doesn’t give them more pocket money? I wouldn’t say he was a tight fisted old sod but surely they are worth more than 2/6p (half a crown) per week my lover?
Rebecca is lively company setting up her own very successful beauty business from leaving school and getting all of her beautician qualifications including counselling some of her very rich dear lady customers of Crewe. Imagine that ladies you are getting the beauty treatment at the same time you can tell all your life’s problems to Rebecca and she can counsel you and you can tell her all of your worries about you and your life and her customers adore her and they listen to her sound advice, ker-ching and ker-ching! Imagine some of the horny old bits of gossip stories she could tell?
I think Rebecca and her family should most definitely qualify to be on Cheshire Housewives she has such a huge character (and a huge hubby) When she walks into a room everyone looks the other way FFS? That’s not true, but funny. She is totally her own person a very confident reliable up-front very straight to the point person who has a brilliant ‘don’t mess with me attitude’ and she is my type of woman (to avoid) bold as brass and strong in personality and if she wanted to be I reckon she would and could be a ‘right biatch’ in confrontations with some of those there posh type Cheshire Housewives, bring it on! She is rich and very outspoken and her old man is very-very well off so with them and their 3 brat kids including bro George (the perfect one) and the twins all 3 with brilliant sense of humours and great kids to love for a while and then, drop em!?
On our last day we went out for a meal together to a posh brand new restaurant which was great food great staff and a very pleasant visit. Auntie Julia my Dementia mother in law is filthy rich and a TFOB who will not pay her turn but on this occasion the bill was handed to me and I claimed “I have no money can you lend me £150.00” Reluctantly she opened her bag and gave me the dosh, at the end of the meal I thanked Auntie Julia for a lovely meal they all applauded her which she graciously accepted and I handed her the paid receipt and her were gobsmacked. At the other end of the table unknown to me brat Henry the infamous twin was mixing up a cocktail of all of the sauces from the tables with pepper jams spices lashings of salt sugar and cream making it look like a cocktail from hell and it smelt like the last thing that he must have added to the glass was a couple of silent but deadly farts FFS. He then challenges me to drink it. So as not to disappoint the lad of his little joke (ha-ha) bravely I took a swig which was like regurgitated puke and immediately I coughed so badly I had to be sick all over Auntie Julia’s handbag behind her back. Mine eyes had changed sides and all I could hear whilst I am gasping to save my life was bloody Henry screeching with laughter, the brat! The staff thought it was my bad reaction to their food cos I was barfing up a bit. And, did his mum Rebecca have any sympathy or chastise the child? That’ll be a nope!! Suddenly I am losing my voice! They are a super doper pooper scooper soon to get a dog fantastic family from Cheshire and Lou is so proud to be part of their family and they quite like me?
Dave’s dad built the family business of selling cars many years ago. The interesting gossip I have got is that Dave drives the very latest ‘top of the range’ vehicles on the road and he changes his car ‘every 3 months’ the reason being that his business sells thousands of cars each year and if he is selling such expensive cars he likes to road and family test them for his own peace of mind, the manufacturers get the feedback straight from Dave good bad or indifferent. Today’s car is the latest sumptuous no expense spared (with a mini-bar) Range Rover! He took me to see his newly built Jaguar Showroom in Cheshire at a cost of five million pounds FFS and on Sunday we went to see how their being built 3 storey new house is coming on!! And they are all down to earth nice people hard working clean living god fearing food guzzling (well Daddy is) happy crowd and do I envy them? Not at all, they have deserved their rich life and successes and I am proud to know them. All credit to Dave’s dear old dadio!!
On our last night in Cheshire we went with Uncle Ian and Auntie Ann to a real God’s Waiting Room at Warner Alvaston Hall Leisure Hotel. Apparently we were not supposed to be in there as it is a ‘residents only hotel’ (stupid policy at least we will spend money unlike their rich TFF OAPs) but it was feeding time for the masses of old gits and old fartesses (no kids allowed) (quite right-especially twins) so nobody took any notice of we! We sat in the bar area but I got up to buy a round of drinks with a twenty pound note and the staff all came to look to remind themselves of what a twenty quid note looks like FFS! I sat down but I kept moving around in my seat so that nobody got the impression that ‘I had passed on FFS! We watched in awe at the reality of Gods Grey waiting room in full operation tinged with oceans of Tory blue rinse and grandpa’s and grannies fart dust FFS! At the end of the meal many of them ease themselves out of their seats (fart) leaving the restaurant fully bloated (fart-fart) either to go back to their rooms for a fart or a fart nap or a crap or a fart slap on the fart arse then maybe then some exercise cos they are eating much more here than they do at home because they have paid for it FFS so there! I think they ‘feed up’ at Warner’s to save money for the first week when they get back home dear of em. The 300/400 customers were medium to rich old folkies and fogies treating themselves from there hard earned and worked for pensions, they arrive by coach or drive their own cars for a long ‘dirty weekend’ and spend for 4 nights full board for around £750.00 that means all meals are provided but you have to buy your own drinks. What a good deal and a wonderful treat for them all. But from there the spending ends cos from what I observed couples were not buying at the bar so I imagine some of they had broken hotels rules and brought all their own drinks for a bit of a slurp ‘up in their rooms’ to drown the Viagra then ‘hey presto’ SFA happens FFS?
I admired and loved them all but it was all too much for Lou the youngest person by at least 20 years “Let’s go home” We had got Julia with us we tried to find her (well I did) a rich dirty old man to run off with her (no luck) (take her away FFS, they would soon bring her back) Lou had heard enough of the lady cabaret alleged singer who to be fair was ‘not good’ dear of her. I think that putting a ‘not good’ singer on in the Cabaret was a ploy just to get the old farts off to bed early so all the outside staff can go home to their own reality. But, if you want to go for a special tribute to Tom Jones & Live band Jump from the 30th December for three nights Full Board Break it will cost you £614 pp! How you get there is your problem. The hotel is called Alvaston Hall and the management are so half asleep they did not put details of their email nor phone numbers on their publicity. Nor would I if I was featuring a Tom Jones Tribute Jump to a crowd of jumped up 74 year olds FFS! I had to sober myself up after tonight’s experience so it’s off with Ian to his club for the real world with a couple of pints of ice cold Guinness, there’s a darts match and footy on the telly and both the wives are looking after Julia so let’s have a couple more pints cos my lovely Lou is coming to pick us up, trained to perfection, Oh Yes!
I have great memories of my Pontins days at Brean Sands in the 80s and at Sand Bay Somerset which was most definitely ‘Gods Waiting Room’ There would be several hundred elderly couples and lots of single old farts and fartesses who have been around the block a few times (and then a few more) but some of they were also trying to score or find friendship or even find a new lover or a partner then who knows ‘maybe a quick shag’ more like a slow one or at least a bit of a grope? They were good happy days and I remember one man who had eaten up all of his food and someone else’s and he dropped down dead died dead in the middle of the ballroom dance floor. Dead kaput finito gone just like that the poor old bugger. The assistant manager not knowing what to do stopped the band playing cleared the dance floor then he got the Blue-coats to put a row of chairs all around the dead died body then asking all of the customers to ‘come on to the dance floor’ he asked the band to play March of the Mods followed by the Conga as a tribute to the poor old bugger who had just popped his clogs as they all trooped and shuffled around the chairs ‘the blind leading the blind’ doing the Conga and the ‘hokie-cokie whilst viewing the dead body. They all looked down at the poor died dead man whose bladder was now emptying aimlessly for all to see and avoid skidding over and they were all silently looked at him saying to themselves “Christ, I could be next FFS”! Back to the family, the other side of the family is Uncle Keith who is Julia’s brother then there is Auntie Kathleen (stunning cook) and Lou’s cousin (my favourite) Emma who is married to Phil the farmer. They are all in farming. Phil has challenged me to run Car Boot Sales on his 5000 acre farm and I am sorely tempted to accept……… more to follow?
A family political comment;
What a shame that the Flanagan side of the family are not as amiable nor as friendly nor as happy family orientated nor as easy to get along with like Lou’s wonderful and both well respected Uncle’s Ian and Keith and Lou’s cousins Rebecca and Emma and their delightfully happy-happy and lovely families! Thank you all.
Should the real story be told?
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My email to Newquay Police; did you witness this incident? Talk to me. GeoffPosted: 03/06/2017
Tuesday 30th May Newquay Circus Fields
Geoff Camden-Wiles
Yesterday, 16:37

I am Geoff Camden Wiles, I and my wife Louise run Car Boots Cornwall. On Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 12.00 noon we had an incident where a lady seller accompanied by two young children was asked 'not to chant' whilst selling on her stall. She was shouting about items she was selling on her stall causing complaints from other stall-holders. I pointed out that chanting is not allowed at Car Boot Sales whereby she became extremely agitated cursing and using dreadful language towards myself my team and members of the public including young children.

Several customers complained about the very 'loud mouthed' lady one of the complainants calling the Police to report the incident which was attended by your Community Police a lady and a gent from Newquay Police.

I had told the offensive lady that she must leave we refunded her the cost of her stall eventually she left issuing threats to myself and my staff that her husband would be coming to 'beat me up'

Several customers who were present and witnesses have since complained about the incident in particular their concern that it should not have happened in front of her two children who were apparently cowering in their car frightened by the woman's language and actions. Would you kindly inform the lady Community Police Officer that the vehicle driven by this woman was a Ford Focus registration number Y 868 EAB

I would ask that I am able to speak with either of the attending Community Police Officers to discuss this matter further. Some of our staff wear body-cams therefore it is possible we may have some of the woman 's outrage on film which is being annallised.

We have been established since 1989 running 8-10 Car Boot sales weekly. We have been holding Car Boot Sales in Newquay since 1995/6 and this incident was the worst and most offensive in our history. We normally deal with all problems without the necessity of calling the Police, whilst we do appreciate the member of the public who called the Police on this occasion.

Many thanks,


Geoff Camden Wiles

078 078 078 88
Happy Birthday to Marge today. X
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This SUNDAY at TRURO!Posted: 02/06/2017
SUNDAYS Car Boot Sale will TRANSFER to TRURO CATTLE MARKET at 1.30 pm Admission 50p per adult
Due to the forecast (two weeks in a row) this Sunday I have decided to transfer the Car Boot Sale from St Columb to TRURO Cattle Market at 1.30 pm for THIS Sunday only. So if the BBC have got it wrong (a usual occurrence) and it is not raining as they forecast then I will admit "I and the BBC have got it wrong" and I will transfer back to St Columb! The BBC didn't know yesterdays forecast so are they right about this Sunday! Come and sell you could do very well and buyers here is your chance for THOUSANDS of BARGAINS at TRURO this SUNDAY!! Geoff
I called my chicken Mrs May because of the similarity, I do not have a picture of my chicken but I do have this picture of Mrs May.
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Russell has died!Posted: 26/05/2017
Russell who thousands of people will probably not remember was a regular car boot seller particularly at Falmouth Rugby Club and you could not meet a more miserable and cantankerous old sod that he was, so he was. His greeting to me when I first took over at Falmouth was “You won’t last 6 months at running Car Boots” well Russell my old bird 28 years later and I am here and you are there and I have lasted a lot longer than you my lovely you old sod. Russell had a wonderful wife May whom he showed little respect and it used to really antagonise him when I used to get ‘my weekly cuddle’ from May! She used to do a lot of the buying for his stall and she would buy garden tools for him to repair in his garage for reselling, truth to tell he used to sell some unbelievable crap on his stall at times! He was rude to our customers he hated kids picking up anything to look at on his stall telling them impolitely to ‘sod off’ which resulted in complaints to me over the years.

Russell used to get on well with Jim of “I park cars” fame another miserable old sod like myself and he used to like setting up his stall next door to Jim in the hope that some of the crowds who went to Jim’s stall would spend money Russell’s stall. I won’t call Jim he was a good mate and had a great sense of humour he also has a lovely wife Jan who Russell used to go weak at the knees about her, I can understand why.
Now then, I telephoned Phyllis to tell her about Russell dying and word for word she said “Oh my god I have outlived the miserable bugger” we chatted about the old days and about how grumpy Russell had been and how when he reached 75 I gave him and Phyllis along with four other FREE to sell stalls at any of our Car Boot Sales. This crowd were known as ‘the old gits club’ because some of them were and are complete armholes at times with Russell in the lead!

A funny incident was when there were old toilets (now demolished) in the Car Park at Falmouth next to where Russell was selling, I was chatting to him when I noticed a 10 inch fat rat (Neville the Troll) walking behind him and said ‘watch that rat behind you’ he took one look at the rat and grabbed a spade from his stall and crashed the spade onto the rat which was splattered everywhere FFS! That was hilarious as Russell goes to his boot with blood and snots hanging off his spade to look for a rag to clean off the dead rat’s jibbly bits and resell the spade. Russell was apparently very courageous during the war, well done Russell.

Russell will be missed by lots including Ann who told me of Russell’s death there were people who thought he were lovely, Marge thought he were lovely but then Marge thought and thinks that everybody’s lovely dear of her. And for me, I will miss him and the memories and apologies I made on his behalf but Russell in his own way was a huge character who enjoyed being miserable. I believe as he could not look after himself in his old age with Dementia advancing he decided to go into a Falmouth care home for his remaining years where he died peacefully.
Goodbye Russell, may your god go with you!


There is absolutely no suggestion that Phylis and Russell were an item, none whatsoever, Phylis would 'barf' at the thought dear of her!
russell & phyliss
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Chiwawa Dog Stolen from today's Car Boot Sales at NEWQUAY!!
Did you see anything? See Geoff Says for picture and the owners plea for help to find the dog known as BENTLEY!! Reward offered;
Please note; PENRYN Car Boot Sales are cancelled with immediate effect!
We are sorry to advise that Car Boot Sales at PENRYN Rugby Club on SUNDAYS are cancelled with immediate effect. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. G
@ Falmouth Rugby Club every BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY
Starts - 10.00am
@ TRURO Car Boots BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYS £1.00 admission!
Starts - 1.30pm
Starts - 12.00am
Starts - 1.30pm
@ The OLD MITCHELL every THURSDAY 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00pm
@ Falmouth Rugby Club EVERY FRIDAY
Starts - 12.30pm
@ MITCHELL on SATURDAYS at 12.00 noon £1.00 admission
Starts - 12.00pm
@ St COLUMB MAJOR every SUNDAY 1.30 pm (£1.00 admit) TR8 4JA
Starts - 1.30pm
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