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WARNING to all Car Boot Sellers in Cornwall to BEWARE the thieves are about to STEAL something from YOUR stall?
I have got to remind ALL SELLERS in CORNWALL to look after your property inside and outside of your cars whilst you are selling! Thieves stole from HAYLE & ROSUDGEON & MITCHELL & TRURO & NEWQUAY & WITHIEL in the last 7 days also beware because YOUNG CHILDREN are being taught to steal from your stall............!!

Now then lets hope the following takes place; SUNDAY at St Columb Major at 10.00 am/Sunday at TRURO CITY Cattle Market at 1.30 pm/SUNDAY at PENRYN Rugby Club at 3.00 pm. Sellers should arrive at least one hour before start times. All sellers are reminded to keep secure with your selling items do not let any person to take items from your stall without paying cos that is what will happen so concentrate with your eyes on the prize!
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Kenya Expedition Posted: 01/09/2018


I am very close to reaching the amount needed to go to Kenya thanks to all the wonderful people who have donated items for me to sell in the car boots.

I'm happy to say that Geoff has allowed me to do a £1 stall that I'll be doing soon in order to raise that last little bit! (I will give an exact date closer to the time) so if you wanted to pop along and show your support it would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Rhiannon X

Geoff Says!
We are absolutely delighted to help this young lady Rhiannon and her friends to raise money towards this wonderful Charity effort The Kenya Expedition for 2019.

May I ask all sellers if they would kindly consider to donate any sellable items towards this charity event please, if you have just a small carrier bag of 'SELLABLE' items that Rhiannon can sell towards this genuine effort to help those less fortunate than ourselves then respectfully I would ask you to give generously and leave your donations with either Rhiannon or one of my team members please!

Many thanks and good luck to Rhiannon and her team, we will give updates over the coming months. Thank you from Geoff and all of the Car Boots Cornwall teams. Good Luck. Geoff. X


I'm Rhiannon Wooldridge and next summer in 2019 I will be heading out to Kenya in East Africa, where around 51% of the population live in absolute poverty. I will be out there for 4 weeks, making a difference towards:
1.) Education
2.) Housing
3.) Healthcare and sanitation
4.) Food and water security
5.) Environmental protection
6.) Sustainable livelihoods.

I will be doing this with Camps Internationals, who have over 100 humanitarian projects, and through Newquay Tretherras School, where a dozen or so more students are joining me on this trip.

On this trip we will be:
1. Building Desks for school children who would otherwise be sat on the floor.
2. Building classrooms to provide children with safe places to learn.
3. Digging elephant watering holes, helping the elephants to survive the dry season.
4. Making ethical deterrents to protect local crops, reducing elephant poaching and increasing crop production.
5. Rhino sanctuary maintenance work as they are hugely endangered.
6. Goat de-worming.
7. Installing fresh water tanks at schools and villages.

We have chosen to go to Kenya for 3 main reasons:
- 42% of Kenyans live below the poverty line.
- Nearly half of the population live on less than $1 a day.
- Average life expectancy is 55 years.

I have been doing, and will continually be doing, numerous events to raise just under £4000 to embark on the expedition.

One of the ways I have been raising money is through selling items in car boots. Geoff has generously offered me a free stall, where most of the items have very kindly been donated, and from this I have made around £300. From doing the car boots Geoff had also offered me a job and all the money which I get paid also contributes to the £4000 needed to go to Kenya. So a big thanks to Geoff!
If you have any unwanted items that you want to donate then please email me at rhiannonwooldridge@hotmail.com.

On Sunday the 16th of September I will be hosting a coffee morning with Shannon Wright, who is also going on the trip. It is at Goonhavern Village hall at 10:00-12:00. There will be a variety of cakes, other refreshments and raffle prizes, not to mention live acoustic music from our local singer Tess! (see poster image for more information). Your can also look on my Kenya Expedition Facebook page: @Kenyacharitytrip. Anyone is welcome, the more the merrier!

In the Easter holidays my friend, Hannah Williams, and I are going to do a sponsored walk. The walk we will be doing is the West Highland Way in Scotland. We are aiming to complete it within 5 days during the Easter holidays 2019. The 100 mile walk starts at Milngavie (Glasgow) and finishes at Fort William. The West Highland Way is a challenging walk over multiple terrains from mountains and lochs, to moorlands and farmlands. Any donations would of course be greatly appreciated. If you would like to generously donate then please visit my Justgiving crowdfunding page (see below)

Any donations and sponsorship are hugely appreciated and I'm open to any suggestions on fundraising ideas, again my Facebook page is @kenyacharitytrip, my just giving is https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rhiannon-wooldridge and my email is rhiannonwooldridge@hotmail.com. I will also be working at the car boots in Newquay and Truro and will be hopefully be selling at more of Geoff locations (my stall has a few small signs on it about my trip!).

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The day we moved from MITCHELL to St Columb Major, the reason? Posted: 21/08/2018
The Wedding;

David Leggo the Landlord of Mitchell told me ages ago that he had agreed to allow a wedding on his land at Mitchell to life long friends so for that Saturday we could not hold our very popular weekly Car Boot on his land. I decided to transfer the Car Boot to St Columb Major 8.5 miles away according to Google it will take you 12 minutes to get to St Columb from Mitchell but with heavy traffic add a further 15 minutes. We put large signs out to advise customers of the move for the one week we put it on the website we put 1000 leaflets into sellers and buyer’s hands to advertise the move, we told people in person about the change and we put over 40 directional signs to advise and remind motorists of the change! Could we have done more FFS?

I decided to stay at Mitchell and man the gates with my man Paul nicknamed Rock On (why I do not know) to direct traffic for those who had not seen the publicity or had just bloody well forgotten but the abuse that we got was quite amazing as we stood there like ‘schmooks’ trying to point drivers to take the slip road for St Columb when they stop all traffic to find out wassup! We give them leaflets with the post code then they want to hold a conversation with us whilst other traffic is held up FFS! 2 customers with deaf aids that did not seem to be working so we have to mime to in the middle of the pigging roundabout and doing jerking movements “FO down the slip road FFS!!” One car pulled up with a couple of regulars and I told them about the move she gets a fit the giggles saying “Oh yea I already knew that” ‘So why the fuct didn’t you tell me FFS’ roars the ugly 18 stone husband who truth to tell had an enraged face like the he had built up a huge fart that was ready to explode FFS ( the twat) He drives off around the roundabout a further 3 times before he finally took the eefing slip- road into oblivion with her finger wagging at him as his unfriendly eyes ‘they kept looking away from each other FFS’ I certainly did not envy their short journey. There were other drivers who were furious and raging about the change completely losing their minds in their child seats by screeching their tyres in a rage as they take their miserable sodding faces to another part of Cornwall. I mean, WTF is everybody so miserable about FFS and why be so efin dramatic about sod-all and a slight inconvenience because we had to move the Car Boot to another location and as I pointed out ‘what about the bride and groom’ to which one disgruntled old fart said in abbreviations “I don’t’ GAF about the king bride and groom bollocks to them they can FRO” How charitable you old sod, hope your rabbit dies FFS! It has to be said clearly and precisely that the antagonism came from oh yes, you have guessed it correctly the miserably sods yesterday’s drivers MEN of course!! I mean I got called a bald-headed old twat by two different drivers FFS ‘so I put my cap on’ to save any further abuse from a certain section of our community known as the irritable and aggravated bowel syndrome school of wankers FFS!! That made Rock On laugh.

WE had both taken all the insults on the chin, we had done a good job diverting the traffic to a location that had never had a Car Boot Sale on a Saturday before but the bonus was to my great surprise there were over 100 sellers with a huge crowd of buyers, I also thank my team who had done a wonderful job, I thank all of our customer new and regulars for your continued support on a very successful day but there always has to be someone who wants to rule the roost and spoil the day, this time by a foul-mouthed bleached blonde black roots not very nice woman.
I always keep ‘an emergency space’ by the entrance into the selling fields in case Para-medics or AMBULANCES or any of the Emergency Services need immediate access. At the main gate directing large volumes of traffic at St Columb we had a very capable member of our team and an ex-policewoman whom our customers know as Cheryl, she has lively friendly attitude towards her job she has a great PR attitude towards our customers, she is conscientious and totally non-confrontational. Whilst dealing with 100s of incoming and outgoing vehicles she noticed a woman stop her car right in the middle of the flow of exiting traffic, she goes up to Cheryl demanding “I am going to park my car in that space there” Cheryl advises that the space is not for parking it is an emergency area only! “Well, I am going to park there” then she resorts to a serious and grossly offensive swearing tirade against Cheryl with liberal use of the eff word and as a final insult she calls Cheryl a fcuking CNUT!! She parks her car and on seeing me came storming up saying that she demanded to be parked in that space “Because I have got a bad shoulder” ‘Well, haven’t we all’ I replied with a suggestion of disbelief and sarcasm!!
I could tell that Cheryl had been seriously offended by this loud mouth I told the woman to ‘move immediately and go’ but not content with her former abuse but she still wanted to have another go to give Cheryl a further “Piece of my mind and sort her out” with your bad shoulder? FFS!! How very stupid! She joined the departing queue and left still raging. Cheryl later told me the details of the woman’s abuse and threats and her alleged bad shoulder. The way she was waving her arms around in her stupid childish and immature rant did not suggest there was anything wrong with her shoulder. (maybe her brain needed a ‘reality check) Other customers had seen and heard this incident with several actually complaining to me about her language, we were well rid of her!
The wedding was a great success.
If the cap fits........
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Posted; HOME PAGE 18/08/2018Posted: 19/08/2018
Heavy mizzle at St Columb therefore the Car Boot for 10.00 am is cancelled. Sorry ......... ..........................! Sellers should arrive at least one hour before the start times at all locations! Thank you to all buyers and sellers who contributed towards a very successful changeover for one week from MITCHELL to St Columb Major today! To the ones who were rude and threatening to my team members you can 'blow up your brown pants FFS!!' Which reminds me a thug local bloke threatened physical violence towards my missus at TRURO last Sunday, I cannot wait to see him this SUNDAY, we have made a report to the Police about his threat of PHYSICAL VIOLENCE and he is BARRED from all CBC locations. ............................................................................................... PADSTOW is now END OF SEASON! Next year we will hold the SALE on WEDNESDAYS which were successful in previous years. Thank you to those who supported PADSTOW! Geoff
Geoff Says
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This has just arrived in my junk mail! WAALOBs!!Posted: 18/08/2018
I am Ayesha Qaddafi, I am writing this mail with tears and sorrow from my heart asking for your help at this time, I got your contact while searching for a trustworthy someone who will understand my present condition and come to my rescue here in Algeria where i am relocated now to Oman, I have passed through pains and sorrowful moment since the death of my father and brothers, all our Foreign and local accounts have been blocked and we are not allowed to make transfer or receive money from any country or source.

I received an urgent email from Oman government who stated that the new Libya government are tracing hidden deposit of my late father which he was deposited will the one of the bank in Burkina Faso,Then i don't want them to be aware of this particular funds ($35.5 Million dollars) deposited in BIB Banquet International Du Burkina Faso. If you can be of any assistant to me, kindly get back to me so that i can furnish you with the full details and the full contact address of the BIB Bank in Burkina Faso country to enabling you contact them for the final release of the funds to your onward accredited account in your country.

I am willing to reward you bountiful will 50% while i myself will also share 50% has equal between both of us,If you are sure that you are interested to gain this opportunity with me kindly contact me immediately via my private alternative email;below (missayeshaqaddafi@outlook.fr ) for more details

Thanks and may Allah bless you
Miss Ayesha Qaddafi

I mean, what an absolute load of bollocks and why pick on me FFS?
Do you ever get pleading emails from people who you have never met in your life then suddenly they are offering you countless thousands and millions if you would let them have your bank details so this load of imaginary dosh can be safe in your account and for security they ask for your credit card details then the fcuk off with all of your money and you end up with sweet FA! FFS! I mean some of these foreigners do try to take the piss out of us Cornish folk especially with a surname like Qaddafi, sounds like Mad Colonel 'Gaddafi' Duck of Libya FFS!
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SATURDAY we move from MITCHELL to St Columb Major for ONE week only at 12.00 noonPosted: 13/08/2018
NO MITCHELL this SATURDAY it has been moved to St Columb Major for ONE WEEK ONLY SATURDAY at 12.00 noon! TR8 4JA
WE will move for ONE Saturday only from MITCHELL to St Columb Major on this SATURDAY at 12.00 noon! The Reason is; The Landlord at MITCHELL agreed several years ago for a family member to hold his wedding and reception at MITCHELL Car Boot location this SATURDAY only hence we will transfer the event at 12.00 noon to St Columb Major, nothing more sinister that that! Tell your friends please. Thank you. Geoff
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Phyliss Funeral arrangements;Posted: 09/08/2018
Phyllis’ funeral will take place at Penmount Crematorium on Friday August 17th at 1.30pm. Family flowers only but donations if desired for The Friends of Falmouth Hospital may be sent to Keith Penrose Undertakers at Mawnan Smith.

If you knew Phyllis and would like to mourn her passing at the crematorium or join the family for tea and cake to celebrate her lovely long life at Falmouth rugby club from 2.30 pm then please do join us.
We chose the rugby club on a Friday because of Phyllis’ many happy times at the car boot there over a period of 20+ years.

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yyy 026
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Phyliss the plants and weeds lady has died peacefully.Posted: 06/08/2018
Dear Geoff and Lou
Just to let you know Phyllis died peacefully yesterday with her family by her bedside at Falmouth hospital.
Thank you to everyone who sent cards , Phyllis loved receiving them they brightened her days and her room!
Funeral details to follow with everyone very welcome to attend.
Kind Regards

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TRURO is ON ON ON SUNDAYS at 1.30 pm!
Sellers will set-up at 1.00 pm/ Early sellers will set-up at 12.00 noon. It will not be decided until then if we are inside or out or both until we sp
@ St Columb Major (TR8 4JA) Season starts 5th MAY
End Of Season
@ Falmouth (TR11 2QQ) EASTER Bank Holiday MONDAY at 10.00 am
Starts - 10.00am
@ TRURO Bank Holiday Mondays
Starts - 1.30pm
Starts - 12.00pm
@ THURSDAYS at 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00am
@ FALMOUTH GOOD FRIDAY definitely at 12.30 pm
Starts - 12.30am
@ MITCHELL (TR8 5FD) SATURDAYS at 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00pm
@ TRURO Sundays at 1.30 pm End of season is SUNDAY 5th May 2019
Starts - 1.30pm
@ PENRYN Car Boot Sale will start 12th of MAY at 3.00 pm
End Of Season
@ St Columb Major TR8 4JA Starting 5th of MAY at 130 pm
End Of Season
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