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Rare (but not insanely) Jimi Hendrix record bought for a quid at FALMOUTH CAR BOOT SALE and sold for £304.00!Posted: 30/07/2018
What about this knowing nothing about records Mandy walked around the stalls at Falmouth whilst new husband 'golden balls' is looking after the stall and her pick up this record and says to the seller 'How much is this please' "Yours for a quid" Sold!
Now then her takes the record back to their stall and says to new hubby Rob "Look what I bought is it any good it was only a pound' As a man with a big heart and a tight fisted B'stard to boot he immediately gives new wife Mandy her quid and immediately hyper- ventilates as he realizes the record could go for 'big money' so he puts it on e Bay and it sells for £304.00 quids mate!

These two are absolutely dedicated to the TV Poldark series in fact they both go weak at the knees at the sight of the main male character but forgive me I do not know his name nor do I want to, anyway the dreadful BBC series recently had a showing of the latest Poldark tripe here in Cornwall when hundreds of square eyed fan followers awaited the arrival of Poldarks main man who did not have the courtesy to show up to the besotted gathering! 'Kick the bugger off the set' that's what Geoff Says, some fans were crying (hilarious fun) FFS that is such blatant rudeness and arrogance SACK HIM!!'

Back to Rob and his £303.00 profit, well done son it could not have happened to a nicer couple and I am sure Mandy who is a former page 3 model of Page 3 newspapers the Times and Telegraph or so I believe. Rob has had some really lucky purchases over the years hence the title golden balls!
Well done Falmouth Car Boot Sale for offering such a bargain!!

Ps; I might be wrong by calling them Mr & Mrs cos rumour has it they are going to have a big Poldark wedding with all the guests dressed up as the daft Poldark series. Whatever turns you on, if I find out the time and date I will let everybody know on Face-book so hundreds will turn up and Rob will have to buy them all a drink from his profit dear of him!
Bought at Falmouth Car Boot Sale for £1.00 sold for £304.00 on eBay!
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PHYLLIS the plant lady very poorly, for those who remember her a card would be most appreciated, please. Posted: 28/07/2018
From Jan daughter in law of Phyllis;

Hi Geoff,

Just for info Phyllis / Sheila is very poorly and now in Falmouth hospital for palliative care. She was 93 on the 14th July. She is on Boscawen ward and I wondered if anyone who remembers the plant lady would like to send her a card just to brighten her day. She’s in good spirits and is reflecting on her lovely long life with her family around her. Falmouth car boot gets a lot of mentions!

Kind regards
Jan ( daughter in law)
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Our Phylis...X
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WARNING!! Fake £20. notes!! Serial number AE49 252380 NEWQUAY Car Boot Thursday at 12.00 noon FRIDAY at FALMOUTH at 12.30 pmPosted: 21/07/2018
Retention of Counterfeit Currency which means that if you try to bank a 'fake' £20.00 note the bank are duty bound to keep your 'fake' £20.00 note and you are the loser! Apparently the note looks inferior but when you are or your buyer is in hurry you take the offered note. Several years ago at Mitchell two 'dosh thugs' came to the sale and changed 6 £20.00 notes before the alarm was raised, however the 'dosh thugs' had caught a husband and wife team not speaking to each other and working both ends of their stall they took a 'fake' 20 quid note each FFS! Hilarious!! Apparently they didn't talk to each other on the way home neither me hansoms! Every time I see them I start "Do you remember?" Beware, be very aware! Geoff

Sellers should arrive at least one hour before the start time of all of our locations. Keep vigil on your selling items! Watch out!!
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Car Boot Sale for you to consider! As a favour to Demelza?Posted: 28/06/2018
Now then, some time ago I met a young lady at The King Edward mine museum who had invited me to run Car Boot Sales at the mine which I was unable to accept as we already have Newquay on Thursdays so Demelza got all the advice possible to ensure that if she does herself she succeeds. Two little tips Demelza did not listen to are firstly to allow sellers more time to Q but more importantly let them set up half an hour before that actual start time then it will be fair to all and sundry with everyone getting a chance to the BARGAINS.

Anyway, I hope Demelza does well with her great efforts to raise money towards King Edwards mine and I hope the old spud appreciates her efforts! If any of our 'nibby regulars' are there give them a hand please!!
Car Boot 14.07.18
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Newquay new location update from our Landlord SarahPosted: 16/06/2018
Sarah the Event's Coordinator at Chapel Farm Events Field is very much looking forward to welcoming Cornwall Car Boot Sales at her venue in the near future. Talks between Geoff, Sarah and her family began back in October 2017 and the actual application process has been on going since January this year. Sarah is very keen to get going with the Car Boot Sales and is doing all she can to move the process along, but until all the applications and works are completed correctly it is a waiting game for all. Sarah says that the Chapel Farm Events Field will be the ideal location for the Car Boot sales, easy access, plenty of field space and beautiful views overlooking Newquay. Perfect for all the family to enjoy!


Geoff Says,

This is the best information we can give you but I think most of the hold-ups are down to the Planning Department who have sat on our application too long. Sarah has constantly had to put pressure on the authorities for the work to commence in providing public access from the main road to the field where the COMMUNITY will enjoy our Car Boot Sales.

For the record Sarah has made the application as requested by the Planning Authorities however I know of another Landlord who did exactly the same to his land without planning
application nor permission.

I would think this delay looks like we will not have Car Boot Sales at Chapel until August, in a real world the application should have been dealt with immediately with us already using the new location for the benefits of the locals and the visitors, come on planning!! Think of the Communities please.

If there are any of our customers who are local councillors I would really appreciate you putting a good word in for us so we can move from the soon to be ex Circus Fields
Carbot field a4
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New Caterers at most of our location!Posted: 15/06/2018
Delighted we are to have a new set of Caterers since we decided to give up our Catering at our Car Boot location.

A Js which is Amanda and Glenn have been established for 17 years and are a big hit with our customers. Probably the best team we have ever worked with, it is lovely to have a 'family catering team' (no bitching here) who actually get on well together and isn't a pleasure to see how clean they keep their three trailers with lots of compliments from customers. We are delighted that they have been selected as part of the Annual Stithians Showground Catering teams. Well done from Car Boots Cornwall. Thank you Glenn and Amanda. x
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The wonderful MONSOON Accessorize selling SUNDAY at TRUR0 Car Bot Sale for charityPosted: 14/06/2018
This SUNDAY at TRURO Cattle Market we have another visit from MONSOON with great BARGAINS being sold for two great charities;

To whom it may concern,

The Monsoon Accessorize stores will be holding a charity stall at the Truro car boot on Sunday 17th June. All proceeds will be split evenly between the Monsoon Accessorize Trust and the Cornwall Women's Refuge. We were just enquiring as to whether it would be possible to allow 2-3 cars in with all the items to set up, but only 1 to remain there when selling. And if it would then be possible to only pay the one sellers fee, as all money raised will be going to charity.
Many Thanks,
Vicky Harvey (Assistant Manager)

Hello Vicky,

That will be nice for you and our customers and the two deserving charities. I will allow you a FREE stall and yes it is fine to arrive say 12.00 noon to set your stall up early.

Enjoy your day.


www.carbootscornwall.co.uk /> 078 078 078 88

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Watch out there for the 2 fat ladies who stole from children's stall.Posted: 24/05/2018
Sent: 21 May 2018 10:53
To: enquiries@carbootscornwall.co.uk
Subject: FAO Geoff

Hi Geoff

I spoke to you at the Mitchell car boot recently to let you know that I had been stolen from whilst selling the previous week.

I went for a look round at Mitchell on Saturday 19th May and saw the people that had stolen from me so I took a picture so that you can keep an eye on these people. They usually have a little girl with them as well.

Sorry not great pictures but you may recognise them.

If possible could I be kept anonymous, thank you!

Kind regards,

On 21 May 2018, at 18:27, Geoff Camden-Wiles wrote:
What did they steal and how much was the item(s) please.


From: Mildred
Sent: 21 May 2018 18:51
To: Geoff Camden-Wiles
Subject: Re: FAO Geoff

It was only a bag one of my children was selling, like a small ruck sack pink and glitzy. I was asking £1.50 and they offered a £1 and I said it was worth £1.50 as never used. I was serving another customer and turned my back to put some money in the car and they had gone off with it. My children also said they walked off with it.

It’s ridiculous as was selling so cheap. It’s not the amount of money, it just annoys me. These women are at Truro and Mitchell on a weekly basis so I don’t want them to be stealing from other people. So please keep an eye open for these two women who stole from my children.

Thanks Mildred

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From: Mildred
Sent: 21 May 2018 17:59
To: Geoff Camden-Wiles
Subject: Re: FAO Geoff

Yes of course, the 2 large women are foreign.

Thank you

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On 21 May 2018, at 17:32, Geoff Camden-Wiles wrote:
Thank you for the picture, I promise to keep you anonymous but I will ask Louise and the rest of the staff if they recognise the two large women.




The story so far; Mildred and her children sold at Mitchell Car Boot a couple of weeks ago and during the sale a large pair of ladies looked at the stall asking 'how much cost dis child's rucksack' "It is new and we would like £1.50 said Mildred" 'Take a pound' says our large ladies "No,sorry we wont it is worth the £1.50 we are asking" therefore there was 'no deal'
A few minutes after the large ladies left the stall Mildred (not completely on her guard) notices that the rucksack had been stolen from their stall and the only persons that could have taken it were the 2 large ladies who were obviously foreign by their description. These ladies have brought great disrespect to the communities of all of the 'foreigners' who have settled in the South West and I hasten to add "They are no real trouble, they seem very sociable amongst themselves, in my book they are a great asset to the local communities and they spend and barter well at my car boots so that's good enough for me and my customers.
Now back to the two Large Ladies do you recognise them? I feel sorry for Mildred and her children but you were at fault by not concentrating on running your business by watching everybody from the moment they arrive at your stall.
Bottom line of this is that I have no hesitation than to BAR these two ladies for stealing from children who were raising pocket money by selling their unwanted items Despicable!!

Now then, I am always yacking on and bloody on about "Watch out there's a thief about" so lets all learn a lesson and look after your selling area "Eyes on the PRIZE" FFS!!
Tw fat ladies 88 plus!
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TRURO is ON ON ON SUNDAYS at 1.30 pm!
Sellers will set-up at 1.00 pm/ Early sellers will set-up at 12.00 noon. It will not be decided until then if we are inside or out or both until we sp
@ St Columb Major (TR8 4JA) Season starts 5th MAY
End Of Season
@ Falmouth (TR11 2QQ) EASTER Bank Holiday MONDAY at 10.00 am
Starts - 10.00am
@ TRURO Bank Holiday Mondays
Starts - 1.30pm
Starts - 12.00pm
@ THURSDAYS at 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00am
@ FALMOUTH GOOD FRIDAY definitely at 12.30 pm
Starts - 12.30am
@ MITCHELL (TR8 5FD) SATURDAYS at 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00pm
@ TRURO Sundays at 1.30 pm End of season is SUNDAY 5th May 2019
Starts - 1.30pm
@ PENRYN Car Boot Sale will start 12th of MAY at 3.00 pm
End Of Season
@ St Columb Major TR8 4JA Starting 5th of MAY at 130 pm
End Of Season
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