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WELCOME to CUBA part 5Posted: 28/04/2019
Part FIVE;
Peace at last, still in hiding, I smoke more than my ration but hey a rum and coke and then another one and with the soft Cuban breezes and fresh air and the warmth with waving trees and balcony towels and ferking all night floodlights, how romantic it that FFS, but my mind wanders the reaction to my body as the influence on a coupla spliffs then a couple more and of course rums and cokes takes over my system the relaxation is immense and I am pain free now I can now try to start taking in the wonderful Caribbean atmosphere. I am drifting back on to the plane or I am up there somewhere gliding amongst the little white fluffy clouds ffs the sounds and the drone of the engines is mixed up in my mind after the effects of de-weed man and the rum and coke is in my system soft music is playing in my mind good vibes abound FFS. I am at peace with the world, I don’t care personally but I think Fidel Castro could and should have left his country to move with the times into the 21st Century. What TF it’s got to do with me anyway who cares, now then, some frocking great moth has just tried to invade my space and share my behind the towels experience with me FFS, I blow smoke at it one two three, four that did it (animal cruelty) in the next 20 minutes the poor bugger cavorts all over the king place and seriously can’t take off ffs, it keeps forgetting to how to flap it’s wings ffs hilarious to watch as it crash-lands off the balcony onto a grasshopper, they shag all night long disappearing off into the long undergrowth FFS. It’s getting light the moth is back shagged out but both are still alive, grasshopper covered in moth sperm hops away wondering WTF has just hoppened to me? Mad or what FFS?
Suddenly the ferking floodlight is turned off it’s getting lighter coming into view are hundreds of trees and a pathway to the hotel private beach showing up against the brightening skies as day breaks in the woods the lake which is now alive with full-on bird-life as they start to awaken with a huge variety of songs and shrills accompanied by the croaking of frogs. The white fluffy clouds and blue sky indicate that it is going to be hot sunshine and I want it to waft into our bodies cos we both need our batteries re-charging so who GsAF about the sodding floodlight and ‘slaps’ I get up he waves, I couldn't, GAFY you twit! I mean it’s not his fault really, it’s his job, the pigging floodlight is a major problem?
Now then, I saw something that nobody ever else saw see! Early one morning just as the sun were rising the security man had gone off to be replaced by 4 bulky bouncer type men who were standing at the entrance to the beach. They were waiting for a small boat which had arrived, there were two large heavy black valise bags which were taken off the boat escorted and carried and hidden behind the fencing supporting the walkway to the beach, could it be drugs Le Herb-weed Cannabis or the dreaded Cocaine I ask myself, thank god for the towels dear I don’t want they there buggers to see me as the only witness, they may even have to silence me FFS. Now there are five bulky fit looking men well overdressed for the holiday mood, a conversation takes place the two valises reminded me of the ones used in St Kitts to carry several kilos of the best quality weed in the world man? The valises are dragged out of hiding and handed to one of the men who carries the two bags walking rapidly with a wiggle in his walk some 250 yards never looking back but the weight of the valises and his clenched cheeks slowed him down but shagged out he finally reached a man who were waiting for him with a donkey and cart ffs, the now puffed out totally knackered man climbed aboard with the two valises (one at a time-hurry up ffs) and then they revved up and fucked off at great speed to the far end of our hotel up into the hills and beyond far-far away FFS! ‘Gee up Neddy’ and gone over more hills and even further away completely out of sight FFS. The 4 large men disappeared and the security man returned to slap his thighs. Now then, you might say that I have imagined it because you were stoned, no nope that is not right, and I reckon it was probably a drugs-run where the penalty in Cuba is life imprisonment or being hung by the boll-ox ffs (paedophile style) but then it could have been someone’s grandma’s body or her ashes, who knows, who effing cares FFS! I don’t, but any ways up it happened twice the second time I told Lou to witness what was happening I didn’t listen to her babbling on too much but I got the jist of her message ‘You are off your trolley ffs’ so very rude so she is, I know mummy is off her trolley darling but in the next few minutes my Lou examines the evidence and now wants to write a pigging book about it!

Over Lou's shoulder is the bar and the pissers who will pee without leaving the pool For up to 5 hours!
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Welcome to CUBA Part 6Posted: 28/04/2019
Taking the piss with Thomas Cook!
Part SIX;
We decided to take up sun-beds behind the FREE POOL bar for easy access to drinks and I wanted to see if the Marriott ‘pool bar pissing’ habits were prevalent in the Thomas Cook hotels. The noises from the bar majority English are from loud mouthed pissed-up drinkers do our country a great disservice (they sound like southerners to me my but not as far down as here in the South-West of Cornwall my lovelies) they are a crowd of 25 adults plus some kids waiting for their parents to take them to a better place ffs! They were indeed drinking it in and pissing it out into the pool where the pool water will wash down to where the young swimmers were enjoying themselves oblivious of the risks. That is outrageous and disgusting behaviour swimming in the polluted water regretfully into the eyes and ears and mouths of young children and infections. I watched and listened to the drunken crowds, I saw clouds of dangerous toxic yellow urine discharged into the ocean blue swimming pool without a care in the world, so why TF isn't something done about it, at Butlins and Pontins we used to ‘chuck out’ offenders but THOMAS COOK and the MARRIOTT GROUP and other major Holiday Hotel Groups seem to turn a blind eye but maybe they will wake up one day when someone sues them for fortunes because they have a duty of care for their ‘customers Health & Safety’ and they should have the decency to protect all customers from such infectious risks’ Had I of been managing the situation I would most definitely speak with all of the people at the bar by public announcement if necessary (in English) telling them I had received complaints about people urinating in the bar pool, I am not pointing fingers nor accusing any person/s in particular. I would also tell them to get out of the pool while the pool water will recirculate in the interest of Public Health & Safety (security to oversee if necessary) They can take their drinks to the rear of the bar, I am closing the poolside bar but drinks would still be available at the other end of this POOL bar.
I believe all travel companies should inform all customers when they are booking holidays that ‘this hotel is predominantly for Spanish guests, 90% of public announcements from the stage were in Spanish ffs and the majority of those announcements were in ‘screeching Spanish’ so if you are wanting a quiet afternoon with your kids around you playing happy families by the pool in a urine free zone you can forget it at this THOMAS COOK recommended hotel my bird. The shrill announcements, no English (well nothing sounded like English) apart from one compere who only knew the words “Oh my goodness me” he did he know WTF they meant “Oh my goodness me”! The speakers are deafening showing absolutely no respect to the holidaymakers getting together as families the last thing they want to hear is some screeching Spanish dear lady spieling out a whole load of old ballcocks ffs and what a brilliant way to empty the pool area FFS! One of the Market traders came to me with hand written raffle tickets to sell for me to win something wonderful from her stall which I refused to buy (nice little fiddle-nobody ever wins FFS) (definitely not allowed in the UK) she then spent half an hour jabbering on about her raffle on the loud mike in Spanish of course the gobby moo! I can cope no more it is time for us to leave the pool but before we go, we look at the children’s paddling pools where there were ill fitting replacement tiles some tiles completely missing in small areas, how very bloody dangerous. Surely Thomas Cook are aware of the serious lack of maintenance at this All-Inclusive Holiday Centre as part of its ‘duty of care’ for my fellow holidaymakers fs. They should also be aware that some of the low standards of cleanliness in parts of the public arena would result in the Hotel being closed down here in the UK. We went to the private beach (which I don’t agree with, all beaches are for all of the people) the beach was littered with small plastic cups some drifting out to sea ffs!
We noticed that some of the sun-beds are covered with a heavy duty blue material were absolutely and disgustingly manky rotten filthy from ground-in dirty feet, foot scabs, toe nail clippings sun lotions or creams, dead peeled skin, foods, hot sweats, wet farts, snots or any other bodily dribbles you care to think of but man they were gross filthied up to fcuk so they were by courtesy of and ignored by THOMAS COOK holidays. They need jet washing, so do the sunbeds FFS! Enough is enough, I am not staying here right!!

Thunder Thighs oh yes!
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Welcome to CUBA; Part sevenPosted: 28/04/2019
Let’s Move;
I make an appointment to see the Thomas Cook rep a very nice gentleman. I asked that my wife and I would like to transfer away from this hotel to upgrade to another as the standards of cleanliness are very poor, adults are urinating in the pool, I have the security floodlighting on all night lighting up our rooms, the food is not very nice and I object to being overseen by a security person day and night.” In fairness they offered us another room at the same hotel which we rejected. The Thomas Cook rep arranged for us to see two other hotels, we decide on the Five Star Playa Pasquero. We are assured that the bungalow we will be staying is the very best. Our suit cases are whisked away and put outside the bungalow. We get into a ten-seater silent electric buggy which ‘all drive too fast’ around the accommodation and the most impressive gardens, waiting outside the bungalow in his 4-seater electric silent buggy is some flunky who welcomes us outside the property as he has to give us a guided tour of two rooms ffs! We are knackered from the last few days I am and can be a miserable rude outspoken old git at times so this is all I need what a load of bollocks after our previous experience I would like Lou and I to be alone with our own key so respectfully you can FORN-FFS! (I thought) I have never needed a pigging guide to show me around a figging bedroom before! “Hello, my name is Pepe” he shakes hands “I am your personal butler (WALOBs) for your entire stay here so if there is anything absolutely anything (he looks me up and down) (was that an offer?) anything just anything you want me to just call me on 5555 and I will personally reply, so what FFS. Also, at no extra cost he will open your suitcases and put all your personal clothes yer shoes and yer sweaty sandals and yer skiddy grundies and yer vibrators and yer gel and a coupla weeks gutkers (large knickers) in the right drawers if you wish. That’ll be a ‘no thank-you’ then! He shows us how the taps work (wow) (do we look stupid or summit) on the double jacuzzi, he wanted to chat, I didn’t so Butler brought in our cases then he fuct off so to speak! I believe he was hoping for a tip but I usually tip just before I leave so he’s got a long wait fs. What a plonker “I am your Butler” No you are definitely not my butler that bloody reminds me of that bloody-bleeding blokie from Tunisia ‘I am, hat your service sir’ for two frigging weeks FFS!! Next morning, we leave the bungalow at 8.30 for breakfast, Butler is waiting in his silent buggy to take us to the restaurant saying he had waited from 8.00 am, now how tf were we to know? Sorry, No tip again, no Cuban currency yet Butler Pepe! Rarely saw him since? Apart from on the day we left.
The bungalow had a very comfortable super-duper 7ft king size bed (we never met up for the entire holiday ffs) with an outdoor balcony overlooking trees and a river beyond, a built-in leather three quarter clad bed with pillow leather rolls both ends top to bottom great for tanning and looking at each other from all the sexy angles possible contort at your pleasure that’s if you are that way inclined (I am but…) The really large jacuzzi that my dear wife turned the bathroom into a shower room on our first night by turning everything on without enough water for the jacuzzi jets to operate properly, hilarious fun Lou and I'm not clearing up the mess neither pet or shall I call my Butler FFS! The very best part of the bungalow was through a door from the bathroom were a large open-air outdoor shower 20 feet x 12 feet complete with garden and plants no roof so you can lie Pollock naked to the outside world completely open to the skies and a brilliant ‘I am alone’ sun-trap during the day with belting hot sun and water from the shower cascading over your perfect figure including your fat and leanly bits and yer gangly bits and ‘your arse that if only you could really see WTF yours looks like Ffs? And any other parts you may have so to speak! There is no mirror to remind yourself of your real figure so let it all hang out sod it, the brilliant large rain-water shower from cold to all heats complimented this luxury shower so you can shower and play with yourselves to your hearts content my lovers and nobody could GAF cos nobody else in the world knows ffs and I mean it’s either alone for all sexes for males and females and those who are not sure, I found it great fun for one most of the time (wait till her goes to sleep, I can take this one alone TQ) ‘I had to be alone’ nobody would want to share a shower with me at 4.00 am in the pigging morning TTFFT-FFS!!! My big turn on was after a couple of Cuban rum & cokes then a couple more and of course a couple of smokes and then a couple more then showering hot then cold then bollocks to the cold ffs turn up the heat cos ‘the heat is on as of the now with the pleasantly warm rainfall showers completes the comfort zones refreshing all parts of your body totally unseen by the whole outside world apart from the stars and the moon which are right up there somewhere and the only witnesses to your fancies and feelies. Up above my head I hear voices and soft music in the air so fcuk it lets enjoy with the total full moon up above my head I mean, stoned or what crazy man crazy (trouble is I cannot keep my smoke alight in the shower ffs) the moon stayed with me for almost ten days in its various shapes, best shower in the world either jointly or solo gay or straight, yer know what I'm saying sport! Climatic fun for one so to speak! I was once told that if I kept playing with myself, I would die, I don’t care if I do die do die do die!

Playa Pasquero
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Welcome to CUBA; Part EightPosted: 28/04/2019
Welcome to the Thomas Cook approved Piss Pool!
Part Eight;
We had a look around the most impressive pool area which had a free bar with ten seats inside the pool for customers. The main attraction was the 4 thatched cottage style open air double beds which I called the ‘playpens’ in front were two bed-chairs so you monopolised the whole area more or less. I noticed that towels were placed to reserve the ‘playpens’ so Geoff was awake at 4.00 o'clock each morning to put out towels on the ‘playpen’ (just like the German’s used to in the old days, still do) every day from day two till our last day that was total luxury, the pool man made sure our mattresses and towels were kept ready from 8.00 am for our early morning swim with clean urine-free ridden germs, we gave him a good tip which he was well worth. We could observe all the activities in the pool and at the bar. At the other end of the pool play-pen number 2 and his missus were most definitely going for their early morning shags in public and couldn't seem to GAF who saw them, I did! Nothing big to report apart from his hairy arse going at it 90 pence to the half-crown and her screaming “give me some more-is that all you have got FFS!”
We are very quiet people on holiday because we love resting-up and observing people, we have been accused of being snobs, we are not but we do seriously keep ourselves to ourselves and rarely talk to others, we talk and reply pleasantries only. We don’t want to know other people’s problems we have enough of our own FFS! We reckon that having as many as 400,000 customers at our Car Boots every year so we want to just keep to each other. Our people are the lovely Cornish people and their visitors we have plenty of time for them.
The break from caring for mother in law has been absolutely essential. When you have spent 30 years in a wonderful up down in out partnership then suddenly you take on the responsibility of caring for someone who has Dementia the decision takes a massive blow on a marriage. Would I do it again? ‘Yes, Julia, Lou’s mother is a nice person I have a lot of patience with her, now then would my Lou ‘do it again?’ That’ll be a NOPE then!! Back to the story, people have constantly wanted to chat to us over the years because they realise that there is an age difference between Lou and I, all they want to know is all the gossip so to speak. There aint no gossip so to speak, we have been together for over 30 years Louise is my 4th and current wife so far, love is still in the air! x but that’s another story?
The food at this hotel is excellent breakfast lunch and evening meal with lovely waitresses and waiters in fact all members of staff were brilliant and dedicated to their jobs. On day 4 there were about 20 people laying on sunbeds beside the pool, the waft of cannabis is in the air (not from me, I don’t smoke in public) (only on balconies hiding behind pigging towels with moths as company don’t you know FFS) when this loud mouthed new arrival probably 65 years old+ fat B’stard of a Londoner making his big entrance with marbles for brains shouted as he looks at the assembled holiday-makers enjoying the sun on their sunbeds “By the sights I see here most of you lot should be in the bloody gym not lying about here” ‘WAF insult take a look at your slobby self’ nobody rose to the occasion by pushing the idiot into the pool that he would contaminate for every day he stays in this hotel as he waddled towards the pool bar. Here we have a total motor-mouthed gob-shite and his gobby wife (you always get one at least on holiday who want to be the big gobs of the day, every effing day FFS) He/she are the two persons to avoid at all costs as he goes to the bar end of the pool he gets into the pool with his dreaded wife they both start drinking from 11 until after 4 with others ‘mouthing it off’ with the drinks they are are a flowing but neither of them and others who joined them leave the pool for up to five hours and they are drinking it in volumes and are pissing out volumes into the pool so it is without doubt that wherever hotels operated by THOMAS COOK where there are ‘all-inclusive free pool bars’ in Cuba that they shall and do allow people to urinate into their pools. Louise went to reception to advise the head receptionist of our ‘Public Health’ concerns, she was told “I will put a memo about this so that the manager will see it in the morning” Nothing was done. I believe the message was given to ‘I am your butler’ PEPE who wasn't on the same page as the rest of the staffing teams’ which he dismissed our complaint from then and in his own way tried to turn the staff to ignore us. I had the last laugh by giving his tip to one of the security guards right under his nose and the security man was so delighted he kept shaking hands with me in excitement you would have thought I had given him fifty quid; I did, follow that my Butler. On my original complaint to the THOMAS COOK agent I told him of my concerns and now here we have the five-star Islands Playa Pasquero where the same offensive offence happens on a permanent daily basis against their THOMAS COOK’S devoted customers and the entire Management Team are totally aware of the risks to their customers health and have decided they will do sweet FA about it FFS. I would like to but I am on holiday and in reality, it is none of my business, yes, it is I speak for me my Lou and why not my fellow holiday-makers?

Playa Pasquoro pee bar in this five star hotel....... drip!
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Welcome to CUBA; Part 9Posted: 28/04/2019

Part NINE;

Because we did not know for certain that we would be having this respite holiday we didn’t buy Antihistamines to deal with the possibilities of mosquito bites, the little bastards they certainly do like the taste of British blood FFS and their way of showing their total appreciation for taking a smidgen of your blood is to leave you with a bump the size of a small nipple that will itch like fcuk forever FFS unless you scratch the pigging heads off the bite and the incessant figging itching will last for what seems like an eternity until you get the next bite ffs! I couldn’t cope so I demanded that we get some pills. We went to the main reception and got only one packet of similar to Antihistamines for me. I wanted to buy a packet for both of us but my dear Lou said she would manage which is what her tight fistedness does for she cos her had more bites on she than pin pricks on a second-hand dartboard all over her body FFS and her complained non-stop about ‘the little bastard mossies’ to which I expressed very little sympathy, “Whatever! I told you so” only infuriated her more, I cannot win whichever way the wind blows! Ffs.
So right, this is where I am, I have written a letter of complaints to THOMAS COOK my complaint reference is TC-00554381 so that means they have had five hundred and fifty four thousand three hundred and eighty one complaints before mine ffs. I find it hard to believe that they are unaware of the poor standards of cleanliness at The Playa Costa Verde. THOMAS COOK has not replied to date which means they DO CONDONE PISSING into the bar pools at any of their chosen hotels FFS!! It is only in the public interest that I raise the questions about their customers of THOMAS COOK and their health & safety at this hotel. Poor reception welcome and an awful welcome drink. Brilliant gardens, great staff generally, poor approach by reception and management over the entire complex! Accommodation 3-star! Really? Food and service poor but waitresses and 90% of all staff are so the best in the Caribbean, yeh! Food wise, if you are staying for more than a week you just wannabe home, empty your system on yer own bog fs have a shower or a layabouts wash-down which is quick wash to all the parts you can reach then fcuk the rest of de body ffs! Or have a bath and look down at the unemployed and saying how can I get more work for this because it is such fun with two, not one ffs? Now then get a plate of decent egg ham and home-made chips with proper tomato sauce ffs or a home-made pasty or a takeaway or in Lou’s case she craved the luxury of a few packets of crisps, not available in Cuba, luxury mate, bleeding luxury! No fun, no real entertainments certainly not for the Brits. Drinks were good!
The 5 Star Playa Pasquero deserves its five-star rating the food was exceptional breakfast lunch and evening meal. The entire restaurant and bar staff were brilliant with waitresses coming around the pool with free (inclusive) drinks ice creams and other goodies and when you have got a playpen and the sun becomes too much just get onto the huge king-size bed out of the sun, lay there, shut TFU and relax man, sleep, no chance of that for the gobbing off from motor-mouths Mr & Mrs Piss-piss can be overheard from the pool bar! Best and only time to swim is first thing 8.00 am when you get into the pool alone when the clear pool water has been cleansed and urine free TTFFT FFS!!
Back to the Airport going home TTFFT-FFS!
On the coach back to the airport we stopped at another hotel where a group of about twenty women took over the rear of the coach all mates or related and of all ages. They had all been on holiday for two weeks, they claimed that they had all lost weight and the majority of them said that the food was crap but I suspect and hoped they did their fair share of drinking all paid for in advance go for it my ladies I would have loved to have spent a couple of days near to them just for the laughs ffs. They apparently got into a near punch-up when security had to be involved all because someone was rude to someone’s mother calling her an ‘ugly fat cow’ or an ‘fat ugly cow’ well you meet all sorts don’t you, let’s call out security ‘cos my mother is not an ugly fat cow’ (not from a distance anyway) (well now, that’s a matter of opinion FFS) (don’t be rude Geffers) great fun, get a life! When drink is in sometimes stupidity reigns, all good amusement but handbags dear handbags! FFS! They had invented a brilliant ‘Xmissy.com’ game played on their second week for two teams where they all had to come up with as many names as possible for a man’s Willy & the other team has to come up with as many names as possible for a lady’s Pussy, they have got to describe how the name fits the rules, rude but howls of laughter by them and us they couldn’t see our faces without doubt the best entertainment of 3 weeks with them deciding that the best and most polite name for a woman’s fairy should be ‘The Runway’ how sweet and respectful! I suppose the chat up line must be ‘Can I park my Jet inside your runway for a short while please’ You dirty sod Geffers! But I shall forever remember the thighs of thunder-thighs at Newquay Airport FFS! Anyway, these ladies were just enjoying their crudity they knew they were entertaining others in the coach and from listening to them I got the impression that half of them would go back to Cuba again, a lot of these are regular customers to CUBA who have built up friendships with the weather and the lovely time warped people who work in the hotels so several holidaymakers take presents galore that will end up as luxuries in the homes of their Cuban friends. Nice one! Lovely gesture. The Brits rule. Bless up. X
This pillar is for two way entrance to the main restaurant. Look at the filth from countless thousands of hands and the germs this barrier holds! filth just filth!
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WELCOME to CUBA and CornwallPosted: 28/04/2019
Part 10
Back in yer own bed fs!
We have been to the most of the Caribbean but there was so little to do at the hotels we stayed at with very little outside attractions for the people. The most outstanding surprise is just how very nice the people are the waitresses the bar staff the gardeners we never witnessed any dissent between the hundreds of staff who mostly worked very happily together, shame we Brits aren't more like that. My personal opinion of Cuba is that the weather and the lovely local people who look after you are the huge bonuses to the holiday industry in Castro-land but there was not a lot to do unless you wanted to go by taxi which would have every chance of breaking down either due to the ages of the vehicles or the bumpy holes in the main roads or you can go by an underfed horse and cart or a pony and trap to take you to see some local house to which from all accounts is totally boring. But the dear ladies in their group of twenty had it all sorted out, let’s just enjoy ourselves be happy and smutty together, have a few drinks for fun and laughter then a few more tipples and if the food wasn't all that good well you've lost weight so that must be a bonus’ my lovelies but my lasting thoughts are that we certainly would not-not go back to CUBA! Although we topped up the tan and had a comfortable part 2 of the holiday. We normally book our holidays through the Internet without an agency THOMAS COOK is such an agency that we certainly would not recommend. Whilst we did not go the capital Havana just to see a few more old cars and a town and its people in a permanent time warp is not our scene. With moving CUBA into the 21st Century the country could and would become a World Class holiday location with massive outside investment or in a dream world the perfect environment for growing and legalising Cannabis which aint gonna happen. The Cubans they are lovely people great weather but not worth the day and a half travelling time both ways from the homeland of Cornwall to Cuba particularly the Costa Verde Hotel allegedly a flagship of THOMAS COOK Holidays.
Playa Pasquero well worth it’s ***** rating apart from their ‘free to piss’ policy?
To my readers of these blogs thank-you I love you all now stop moaning, sorry but I was having a break from writing, I have another much longer story written and forgotten now being updated since 2005 the year when my lovely wife nearly caused my early demise ffs coming soon. Thank you. Geoff X
Now then back to the real-world we are back to learn that Julia had apparently been crying a lot allegedly missing her daughter and me Says Julia, calling me ‘my Geoff!’ oh no, I'm not ffs, but for her own reasons she normally ignores my Lou and to muddy the waters she was so delighted to see me with her loving smiles (it’s indigestion) but of course she was cos I have so much patience with her, she’s got Dementia ffs, let her be herself and let her do her own thing, don’t worry, be happy, love you my Lou, now it’s back to reality, “Drink something Julia or you will dehydrate and die ffs. X
Thunder Thighs are fine someone to grab hold of and love forever. X
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Posted from Home Page 26/27 April;Posted: 27/04/2019
SATURDAY Very HIGH winds all over West Cornwall today with poor forecast from BBC the winds win so it is in the Public Safety interests that we have cancelled today at MITCHELL! really Sorry. FRIDAY we made the wrong decision to cancel Falmouth today and I apologise for any inconvenience caused to both buyers and sellers. The overnight rain was heavy and at 9.30 am it was raining in St Columb also at Falmouth, we were aware of the BBC forecast suggesting between 60 and 80% chances of rain and as Nigel was on the spot at Falmouth he suggested that we should cancel the Car Boot Sale! Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! Geoff ........................................
Read, Geoff Says coming soon a full short story of 26 pages of our respite Holiday to CUBA and THOMAS COOK holidays failures and the hotel we refused to stay at after 5 days plus getting away from mother in law Julia who has Dementia, OMG the relief! Would we recommend THOMAS COOK HOLIDAYS? That'll be a Nope then. High dramas in a must be read story from MONDAY 29th April. Geoff Says. X
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MARKETS versus CAR BOOT SALES and the winner is; CAR BOOT SALESPosted: 08/04/2019
Comments and Car Boot News;

We have been very lucky to have had reasonable weather on the last two Saturdays at Mitchell although pretty cold the Car Boots went ahead. Now then, despite all of my nagging a gent came to report stolen items from his stall, do I feel sorry? not really, he is totally responsible for a stall the size of a small bathroom security conscious he is not junior or senior management potential, he is not. Apparently, a man took a hat from my complainant’s stall he put the hat into his pocket, stall holder says “hey, are you going to pay for that” the man says ‘NO’ and he walks off into the crowd with a FREE hat FFS! ‘Hat your service sir’ I cannot emphasise enough that you should watch everyone who comes to your stall and remember this that most shops in Truro have shop thefts despite the fact the shops have security cameras. sorry mate, shit like happens in the real world as you have found out today, bet you didn’t tell the wife what happened on your watch, did you? I will, Hah!

Newquay should be OK for Tuesday & Thursday this week the ground is dry enough and Newquay sellers are keen to set up their stalls and start to earn some money.

Two years ago, we were suddenly told that the owners of Par Market had decided that they were going up-market and that Car Boot Sales certainly according to Par Market management were not up-market enough to feature in their plans so reluctantly we lost the very popular Thursday sales. We go back a long way to the very dark days with this Par Market who were furious that I started a very popular Car Boot Sale just over the road from the Market with up to 200 stalls. Par Market staff were instructed by the Management team in those days to either steal or take our directional signs and throw them into hedges to try to thwart our business threats of violence were issued to myself and some of our team members so in all we have taken a considerable amount of abuse over the years that “Car Boot Sales have totally ruined Markets and their business” which is a total load of boll ox because it was the Markets who ruined their own businesses over the last 15 years with too high rents for stall-holders and lo and behold Lidl and Aldi B&M and POUNDLAND came along swept up and tidied up and stole all of the Market business by offering much better qualities of goods great value and with cheaper prices and the store comfort that the Markets cannot afford match nor compete with because of the high rents set by Landlords which is the truth and nothing but the truth.
Now then, Par Markets attempt to go up-market was to introduce an expensive ‘food hall’ which is not getting the ‘foot fall’ of customers so stall holders are not able to cover their rents easily so guess what they decide to introduce ‘Car Boot Sales’ in the hope that the people who attend their boots will also boost business enough so that hopefully the stall holders don’t leave and the food hall is not the ‘White Elephant’ predicted by locals driven away from the Markets to places like Lidl & Co! Car Boot Sales cannot be the saviour of Markets it’s too late, believe me for over 60 years I have watched the decline of Markets throughout the country.
I worked in Surrey Street Market in Croydon Surrey from the age of 15 running a variety of stalls and in them there days Markets were packed from 6 in the morning to 7 or 8 at night times 7 days a week and they were huge crowds of people most of the time, the wages were crap but what an atmosphere to work in FFS!
Our local Markets are Par Market and Pool Market 25 years ago all roads leading into Par were jammed with traffic heading for our Car Boot Sales on the right and Par Market on the left, seconds away!!

But how’s that for being two faced, so here is a vow and a forecast; I predict that the entire Par Market area and its buildings are gone and the land will serve the people’s needs much better to become affordable housing for the masses in time to come because all of the businesses in the Market World throughout the Country are struggling (high rents for stalls) whilst the Car Boot Sales will by far out-live ALL MARKETS far-far-far into the future way beyond my time and distance in itself but Car Boot Sales including Car Boots Cornwall who will survive under new management in time. It is just a matter of time dears?

I mean, be sensible let's just take a look at the huge successes of HAYLE Car Boots & Rosudgeon Car Boot Sales and Mitchell Car Boot Sales & Truro Cattle Market Car Boot Sales & Bude & Falmouth & St Columb Major & Withiel Car Boot Sales, thousands upon thousands of eager buyers and sellers visit these Car Boot Sales weekly far outstripping the foot-falls of West Cornwall’s local Markets. We get some of the Market traders from Pool and Par come to our Car Boot Sales they are really nice people but most of them complain that trade has declined over the years, good luck!
I rest my case!
I am told that the Car Boots are at 8.00 am on Wednesdays;
Hope your Car Park melts.


Several years ago, I was asked to see the owners of Pool Market to discuss the possibility of my management of the Pool Market which was generally supported by stall-holders in the hope that I could stop the decline of their businesses by increasing their foot-fall to the Markets days of opening. With my CV with Markets since the 1950s and being in the 'people business'for all of my working life (so far ffs) I absolutely knew that I could turnaround the business at Pool Market within a 6-month period benefiting the local Community the Market Traders and enhancing and improving the reputation of Pool Market. I attended a meeting with the owner to discuss what we both expected if I took over. Negotiations took place but broke down without reaching a conclusion as I wanted a high price for my CV my work effort and expertise. I had several of the stall-holders ask me to reconsider but a decision was made that I was too expensive for their success.
That was the biggest mistake that Pool Market has made since I have been in Cornwall for well over 30 years because I would have gone in there with my team and the one and only Lee Miles of LTC Catering the complete turnaround would have been instant with huge changes to bring the place back to life with happier stall holders and happier repeat customers with increased revenues due to increased foot falls, their loss my lovers!
Croydon's Surrey Stree Market in 1956
Reply to geffers999@hotmail.co.uk

Coming soon! Time change at TRURO!!
Changing SUNDAYS to 10.00 am requested supported and approved by dealers sellers and buyers! Likely date to be announced end of season. Ask Paul Joha
@ TUESDAYS at Chapel Farm opposite HENDRA
Starts - 12.00pm
Starts - 12.00pm
@ NEWQUAY Chapel Farm TR8 4NY
Starts - 12.00pm
@ FALMOUTH EVERY FRIDAY definitely at 12.30
Starts - 12.30am
@ MITCHELL (TR8 5FD) SATURDAYS at 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00pm
@ TRURO SUNDAYS weekly at 12.00 noon 2nd JUNE!!
Starts - 12.00pm
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