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Calling all children run your own Toy-Fair stall. Here is a big opportunity and a challenge for all you young kids to tidy your bedrooms up and sort out all the toys you do not want any more, clean them up find their original boxes if possible. Plan how much you will charge for the toys so you can make yourself some cash (dosh) to buy mum & dad Chrissy Presies (what a lovely thought) then ask mum or dad to bring you to the Car Boot Sale and if your car is at least HALF-FULL of toys I will only charge you £4.00 to sell but if you are rich and have an estate car or a 4 x 4 I will reduce the selling charge to £5.00!

Now then girls and lads when you arrive it is you that has to ask for the discount your driver must not ask on your behalf see. Anyway, I will take a look at the stalls and the best one will get a FREE to sell stall for your next visit. We had a lad last year who loaded up his dads car and he to took over £140.00 in two hours! So it's all up to you the offer is there, use it don't abuse it-that's my job!! Next thing is for you'all to make sure that some cheeky bugger does NOT STEAL anything FROM YOUR STALL. Be alert pay attention and be a business person for the day,you should enjoy it!! Money, money, DOSH!! Adults, help the kids out with this one please, have a good clear out with them! How many time have you said "clear out all these toys FFS" ffs = 'fer flips sake for the kids' but for adults it's the real FFS!! Geoff x
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Marge has got her licence back FFS!Posted: 27/10/2018

Did you hear about our Marge when her accidentally fainted several months ago, as a precaution she was told not to drive and to take several hospital tests which at the time we all thought was a good idea. She took all of the hospital tests and waited the result in the meantime Hot-arse husband Richard (still smoking) (bad lad) has to chauffeur Marge everywhere to her Car Boot Sales but from the standards of his driving as seen and according to our staff it leaves a lob to be desired so no wonder Marge was in a hurry to get her licence back. She was told verbally that she has passed all of the tests but she should wait for a letter confirming that she could drive again. She waited and her waited and waited for the pigging letter to arrive ffs. Meanwhile back in the real world >

Richards driving was becoming more and much more erratic, poor Marge could be seen to be ageing more than her 67 years. After many months and an apology from the Hospital for the serious delay she has finally gotten her letter allowing her to drive ‘hoo bloody ray’ for Marge now can we drop the subject please forever like the now FFS!

As a test, and to allow her to come regularly to Truro driving her car after being away from driving for many months and as a safety precaution for the Public we will set up 100 bollards placed all around the car park. We will then ask hot-arse husband Richard to demonstrate the first drive around the obstacles then if there are any pigging bollards left standing then it’s Marge’s turn FFS! We are all pleased for you Marge you deserve an award for your patience dear, now can we DROP the subject FFS you should be pushier dear, like that Ann now then is she pushy or what? but lovely into the bargain or so they say! Peace and love. X
Troll birthday present, right up FFS!
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Posted 26/10/2018Posted: 26/10/2018
SATURDAY at MITCHELL is CANCELLED due to weather SUNDAYS Car Boot Sale at TRURO will go ahead
Sorry but Mitchell is cancelled for Saturday due to the heavy rainfall expected during our working hours, Sunday Car Boot Sale at TRURO as 1.30 pm will go ahead. Starting this YEAR Car Boot Sales on SUNDAY mornings at 9.00 am then the second Car Boot at the same location TRURO will still be on at 1.30pm. Calling all children run your own Toy-Fair stall. Here is a big opportunity and a challenge for all you young kids to tidy your bedrooms up and sort out all the toys you do not want any more, clean them up find their original boxes if possible. Plan how much you will charge for the toys so you can make yourself some cash (dosh) to buy mum & dad Chrissy Presies (what a lovely thought) then ask mum or dad to bring you to the Car Boot Sale and if your car is at least HALF-FULL of toys I will only charge you £4.00 to sell but if you are rich and have an estate car or a 4 x 4 I will reduce the selling charge to £5.00! Now then girls and lads when you arrive it is you that has to ask for the discount your driver must not ask on your behalf see. Anyway, I will take a look at the stalls and the best one will get a FREE to sell stall for your next visit. We had a lad last year who loaded up his dads car and he to took over £140.00 in two hours! So it's all up to you the offer is there, use it don't abuse it-that's my job!! Next thing is for you'all to make sure that some cheeky bugger does NOT STEAL anything FROM YOUR STALL. Be alert pay attention and be a business person for the day,you should enjoy it!! Money, money, DOSH!! Adults, help the kids out with this one please, have a good clear out with them! How many time have you said "clear out all these toys FFS" ffs = 'fer flips sake for the kids' but for adults it's the real FFS!! Enjoy Saturday it's gonna piss down! Geoff X
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Posted; Home Page 20/09/2018Posted: 20/09/2018
THURSDAY that's TODAY Newquay Car Boot Sales is CANCELLED due to weather so today you can just talk to each other!!
Sorry about the weather but the grounds need some heavy rain for a day or so, forecast is not good for the next three/four days so why not do an autumn 'spring clean' from the top of the house to the bottom collecting on the way a pile of stuff-crap you do not need to keep so box them all up to sell at your next Car Boot Sale for maybe some snotty little brat (or a brat adult male or female) to come and steal off you if you are not careful. Cos that's wot is gonna happen if you are not concentrating. Geoff
My goodness that Neville blokey has put some weight on recently!!
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Posted: 13/09/2018Posted: 13/09/2018
LAST PENRYN this SUNDAY £5.00 starts at 3.00 pm!! Watch out someone wants to steal from you? ..............................................
This is the last Sunday for PENRYN which has been a miserable season due to several weeks of delay through pitch problems and poor weather......................................

As a bonus to PENRYN in memory of the old days when the sales were held in the Car Auction place I have decided that all sellers should sell at £5.00 per car vans £7.50 shop or market trader (extra) and that to celebrate Car Boots Cornwall 30th Year sellers will pay the above prices for the whole 2019 season at PENRYN Rugby Club SUNDAYS at 3.00 pm. Enjoy! Geoff x
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Living with Dementia can be good fun.Posted: 09/09/2018

July/August 2018
I am sorry it has taken so long to continue with Geoff Says. Believe me I have had so many excuses especially what with moving from Herniss to Winnards Perch then trying to settle in to a rather nice house with amazing views down to the valley with fantastic distant views of the Padstow Ocean and beautiful surroundings with well-manicured farmland. The two-legged bird life is amazing with stunning Swallows showing their flying and eating on the wing skills they buzz around the house to keep the flies away we are honoured to be here but, I seriously did miss (still do) our old house Nancorras after 10 years. (I cried for days) OK it was on the main road with loads of traffic but that didn’t bother us because when we moved there we put some ‘fcuk off’ 6-foot fencing erected to shut out sounds of traffic and the outside world, we had been with hundreds and thousands of people all our working life so we were happy living in perfect peace and harmony just the two of us. How lovely! That was until mother-in-law Julia arrived with her Dementia, we three agreed to upsize so we could all have our own space. She, that is Julia has been no real trouble really once you accept that she wears her day clothes all day and all night she goes to bed fully clothed she gets up fully clothed so her gets a bit niffy now and again but her is a nice-ish type person she has a good (but smutty) sense of humour that’s when she knows what she is laughing at FFS but her is getting so extremely dilatory living in a dazed mood most of the time, her can do very little for herself and her is totally absent minded and unable to properly string sentences together. But what amazes me she has forgotten everything but one thing she certainly has not forgotten is how to scoff and trough and eat or where when and how to feed herself FFS? Her knows where her gob is so to speak FFS! I mean she can trough at almost everything placed in front of by her ‘caring daughter’ (the wife) who works tirelessly at preparing meals (like all good wives do) (I mean, it’s no great meal is it FFS?) she scoffs the frigging lot but in a slow snail like pace without saying to my current wife ‘that was lovely Louise I really did enjoy that’ cos it wasn’t and she didn’t and I have to eat my share so I would know barf-barf-belch-fart’ FFS. Love you my Lou, she will never read this she thinks I am too confrontational and she is dead right but no-one is more confrontational than you my dearest Lou, my rock!! Oh, and by the way Julia says that “I am her rock” which adds to the excitement of this oddball trio with the potential of a major bust-up of monumental proportions which is on the horizon almost on a daily basis, but for the peace in our lives we never seem to come to blows which is so unfortunately that it never happens cos I like a good old fashioned bust-up so we just bottle it up and shut TF up but me I am the sort of person who ‘likes to clear effing air -the now’’ get it out in the open have a bloody good fuct and blind at each other to clear the king air then shut TF up have a good slagging followed by a good shagging if you are that lucky and move on FFS! So, my darling wife as you say ‘it is what it is’ so take a chill pill, she’s got Dementia, deal with it without further hot flushes dearest one!

Julia’s involuntary very funny stupidity stunts really gets through to my darling current 4th wife Lou (so far) it is amazing that she the wife is not amused with some of her mother’s childlike ‘I am not really a potential fruit and nut-case however I do-do not have Dementia today’! Her attitude and actions amount to crazy world class over-acted scenes at times that infuriate my Lou this is my entertainment time but she Julia is knowing full well that she is in the limelight so oh yes indeedy my goodness how the sparks fly.
Take for instance Lou does the washing (nope, the washing machine does the freaking washing FFS) she takes it out of the machine she hangs out the newly washed items securely with pegs leaving it out to dry, simple, so that means the fresh air does the laundry surely Shirley? Anyway, her comes back into the house she makes coffee, peace but within a matter of minutes Julia on seeing the washing blowing in the wind with ‘little white fluffy clouds above her head’ she has gone tappy-lapping into the garden with the empty wash basket and collects all the frigging washing off the pigging line FFS, (pegs all over the sodding garden) Her brings the newly washed wringing wet basket in to Lou with the washing still sopping wet but neatly folded in the basket ready for Lou to iron, I mean, the look of fury across Lou’s face is priceless nay hilarious so I am getting out of here to escape Julia being questioned “And why TF have you brought the king washing in I have only just put it out FFS?” (it was me who added the TF and the FFS just to add to the drama to the near crisis!) But my Lou nearly buckled with exasperation almost losing the plot completely so guess who hung the washing out just for the sake of peace and to rekindle the smile of the wife’s face? it was me Muggins who put the pigging washing back on the frigging line to the last bastard peg and then within seconds the fur king heavens opened with bloody heavy rain and it absolutely bucketed nay pissed down FFS so WTF I give up, sod it I am getting drenched, leave the king washing there FFSs FFS!! Steady on Geoff steady on boy!
Julia has been watching these events not realizing she had pigging locked me out in the pissing rain and after much miming and jerking movements she let me in FFS! I am totally pissed off, so bollocks to the world I walk into the house drenched to the skin and the stupid mare her says to me “Oh, is it raining?” ‘Where’s your bloody little white fluffy clouds now Julia dearest you are an absolute pain in the bum FFS! Two can play at this stupid game at ‘being stupid’ so I tell her instead of me going to have a shower “I think I will get into the tumble drier to dry myself off it will be quicker for me can you get me a couple of towels and open the door for me please?” Minutes later I go into the kitchen she is standing by the tall fridge with the door open and her has got two towels ready for me her says “I think you will have more room in the fridge instead of the tumble drier to dry yourself dear” she hands me the towels and glides out of the room through the door like a ghostess whilst I am standing gob smacked laughing my head off with the fridge door open and holding the two towels dripping wet but feeling a total dick-head FFS as the wife walks into the room seeing me with my latest perversion saying “And WTF do you think you’re up to FFS” “You wouldn't understand dear you just wouldn't understand so I am not telling you, by the way do you know I put your washing out and its pissing down dear. Another mood swing looms as her frets about the washing getting wet FFS, she didn't bat an eyelid at my drenched condition so sod the washing leave it there and I don’t GAF and anyway it will all be dry by the morning FFS!!

I am beginning to feel unloved unappreciated and under her large thumb’s but the entertainment value is priceless, my wife could and should be on her way to losing her own marbles sooner than soon FFS then who TF is going to do the washing then my darling? (the washing machine of course) nope, I will get Julia to do it, now that could be a sight for sore eyes and should be very entertaining and should be OK for a bloody good laugh cos she doesn't know the pigging difference between the vibrating washing machine the jerking tumble drier the poxy fridge the bad curry breath dishwasher nor the forking TV FFS! “Sorry about the constant use of FFS but do you know what I am going through especially when the wife’s hot flushes kick in time and time again and hers in the need for a quick fix of an HRT sticker” where TF are my stickers this hot flush is like no other?” bless her! The ‘bottom line’ is that it is my responsibility to remove the black ring from wearing the sticker glue for a week from her butt ffs I have to use with Cillit-Bang and a sheet of sand-paper! Hold still woman!! (I do daydream a lot but you know what I mean) Hey men, did you know that you can get ‘man HRT stickers on prescription’ from your doctor to cope with your stress levels and yer hot flushes ffs, I can imagine me going to my doctors and asking for some HRT to help me cope with my stress levels and hot flushes, I reckon he would tell me to walk away with jerky movements ffs! I most would definitely not want to go clagging one of ‘they their stickers’ on my arse every time I was in the wrong mood FFS! I would clag them on every mood swing and forget they were there FFS!! I would have stickers all over my arse forever cos I don’t need a bath every month so to speak FFS! (I am the complete nutter for writing that-who cares) nice smoke though, don’t you know? Oh, how I wish I was back at Nancorras, stop snivelling man, you cannot turn the clock back son so you just got to grin and bear it, hold onto your balls and walk forward and take on ‘all-comers’ of the opposite sex so to speak as they say, FFS!
We take Julia to the Car Boots she interacts with all and sundry, she appears to enjoy herself (tried stealing from one smallholder) she meets up with the delightful Kim and chats about guess what ‘little white fluffy clouds up above our heads’ We get home, I make her a cuppa and ask her ‘Where have you been today Julia’ she says “Nowhere, I have just spent the day quietly here with the dogs and we had a lovely time we went across the fields for a walk” Lies, lies and more damn lies! ‘Did you see Kim today?’ “I haven’t seen Kim for weeks” ‘Yes you have you saw her today anyway she said you were ‘a pain in the arse’ I lied, “Well she didn’t say that to me this morning” ‘So then you did see her then you old fartess?’ I lied about Kim saying Julia was a pain in the arse she actually asked in her posh manner so to speak ‘is she a pain in the bum?’ “No but Lou is FFS” x

Julia remembers nothing about most parts of her day she is totally at peace with herself she was a very proud school teacher for 30 plus years yet deep down she seriously does not believe that she has Dementia but she knows that something is wrong upstairs according to her ‘it is all up above and outside of her head with little white fluffy clouds?’ Her real enjoyment is to sit at her desk spending lots her time filling in art picture books with felt tip pens. She can be guilty of fitting the wrong bits into Jigsaws by fitting and forcing some of them upside down with a thump to make sure it fits in FFS, other pieces that go missing are either given to the dog to play with and chew the bleeding edges off or they could be found in another room or bless the dear of her in her bloody handbag FFS! She likes her own company to be left alone looking at family photographs time and time again whilst doing her ‘colouring in’ which she does with some expertise. One major problem with Dementia patients is that they forget to drink which dehydrates their body and hastens their death. You could put any drink in front of Julia most would go down the sink, water she will not drink, you cannot force them to drink but if you make some good old home-made bowls of soup that is the answer instead of a meal and anyway she is piling the weight on as they say so to speak but you MUST DRINK woman FFS!
Did I say it already? she adores me, she has adored me when she first met me at Pontins Brean Sands in Somerset 30 years ago she had brought her son and daughter (now my Lou) to work for the Summer Season. I was the General Manager and I had to be protected from her (ask Lou) but I can really understand her adoration cos I make her laugh a lot and the little time I spend with her she relaxes and talks a whole load of shit to me but I listen intently (or so she thinks) which is another reason to really piss Lou off cos she cannot cope with my patience see!! great fun FFS! Lou takes Julia to the memory café’s and Age Concern 2 to 3 times a week either in Wadebridge, St Columb or Falmouth. When her comes back Julia cannot quote any other person’s name after spending 3 or 4 hours in their company, she is totally confused where she has been nor can she remember what she has eaten so she makes the excuse that she has fish every day but worse is to ask her ‘what have you done today?’ she remembers absolutely nothing. I have so much patience with her we have a mutual respect for each other but it does not help with her over emphasising ‘Oh thank you Geoff you are so very good to me’ it causes trouble, cos she hardly ever says her ‘pleases and thank-you’ to my lovely wife Lou who virtually feeds and clothes her mother and it exasperates her not to receive a little appreciation once in a while. That is incredible rudeness in the first degree but the lady has Dementia so I always comment on meals and say ‘that was so nice dear’ even if it wasn’t or isn’t FFS! Love you Lou X Seriously, “Lou is a good cook” I must confess is an exaggeration of the reality of our lives my bird. OMG!! One of our team members asked me the other day “Do you love Julia” Good god no! I like her, I have seen her butt naked and I realise what is going to happen to my Lou in years to come what a frightening thought worse still what sort of state will I be in FFS!?

So here I am acting like a referee caught up in the middle of wife and demented mother-in-law reluctant to take sides, What a lovely peaceful life! I asked Julia the other day to tell me who are the 5 most important persons in your life guess what? I came second and my darling wife Lou was not even in the first five FFS nor was my Lou even mentioned in dispatches neither, mind split-tingly rude FFS. Julia could not understand my poor Lou’s overacted but justified stressed reaction so Julia just carried on eating as though nothing had happened!! (outrageously funny but so effing rude FFS) Worse was to come, it was Louise’s 50th birthday (looks it) I had reminded and told Julia to give Lou a card and say Happy Birthday to Louise, simple, but throughout the day she steadfastly refused to say “Happy Birthday” to her own daughter, I would ask her in front of Lou to say ‘Happy Birthday Louise’ but NO she would not utter those three words the stupid woman, but why! I told her off the following day her excuse was (in broken English) that “as it was July Louise’s birthday isn't until August!” “Julia, the date is August 27th and it was Louise’s birthday yesterday that is gross pig ignorance and a load of bollocks” she did not reply the old battle-axe that she is so she is FFS!

A few weeks ago, Lou took Julia to Truro saying to her ‘Sit and wait here for a minute while I get a parking ticket!’ (should have locked the car from outside dear) In less than half a minute Julia had got out of the car and goes walkabouts, I get a frantic phone call from her indoors now outdoors ‘Geoff, I have lost my Mother’ “What a RESULT” or what!! WTF do you expect me to do darling I am 15 miles away, just hold on while I get the helicopter out or shall I call out the army? go find her!” The same day there was a huge Police Security Training Exercise on how to protect Truro in an Emergency no less, Lou goes up to one of the cops ‘I have lost my mother she has got Dementia’ There were about twenty Police officers taking part in the security training exercise who were suddenly diverted to searching for my batty old mother in law who was eventually traced as she headed into Primark of all places (her thinks herself to be a bit too much of a snob for Primark’s FFS) how the eff she got from Mallett’s Car park I do not know the dear of her and a silly moo that she is FFS! When she got home I asked her about her wander around Truro and she did not remember a thing about the incident! So, as a wind-up to Lou I reminded Julia what she had been up to in Truro and that I was really pleased that she was found as I was seriously worried for her safety, ‘Oh thank you Geoff I missed you as well’ Bingo! My Lou was not amused, but I was, scurrilous fun! Watch the heart rate darling! Her was so livid with me of all people for being so understanding that I have a batty old Dementia mother in law, I have never been so well entertained ffs.
I have said in other blogs that Dementia seems similar to smoking weed Cannabis, The Herb! (no poisons-no nicotine-no tobacco no yucky fags no stained fingers no stinking ash-trays no stained tongues and no foul stinking breaths no smelly sheets nor stinky pillow cases FFS) So you have a spliff which should take in careful moderation but do not mix it with ‘killer tobacco’ the best mix is Farmers Blend which is a special Marshmallow leaf Herbal Mixture -Tea- Remedies available from eBay of course!
After a few puffs or poofs depending upon which side you dress in the morning you will quietly slip into a different world where you will unwind and find yourself you will feel so relaxed your mood is full of ‘little fluffy white clouds up above your head’ of the weed your life has become a much nicer calmer and cosier place to be, you will feel relaxed and randy, so what, that can wait because you will forget the idea before you even get your zips open cos you are in a bit of a drowse so you will forget WTF made you randy in the first place, one problem! There is no-one to have sex with, you fool?

The ‘tetrahydro cannabinoid delta 9’ (Cannabis) is kicking in! In your mind you have quickly become a much nicer person than you were yesterday (you bastard) so you begin to find yourself, the real you, slightly off your rocker as high as a forking kite but still 180% genuine and a good looking person into the bargain (from a distance) trouble is that you just keep on forgetting things, you think you know everything yet in reality you know sod all your mind is full of crap business ideas and crack-pot ideas but you are happy and you are without aggressions or bad feelings to those closest to you that’s if you can remember their names cos you cannot and you don’t particularly want to remember their names ffs as your mind wanders on so you pour yourself another drink when the glass is half empty you wonder who TF drank the top half of the glass, you put some music on to relax the music excites you so you feel randy again you take a look at the free porn channels to your own music you decide to take yourself in hand but you just can’t be bothered because your mind is confused but who cares so you forget the whole idea turn the porn off and you roll yourself another spliff or two smoking them in peace perfect peace then you wonder what the hell happened to those two smokes I just made FFS? You come up with some brilliant-brilliant lifesaving, money making, law breaking shag-nasty ideas and you want to urgently write down because they are brilliantly amazingly great fun ideas and your mind is telling you that you could make serious money ‘dosh’ and maybe you could become a millionaire so quickly go quickly FFS. You think your heart is racing (it is) but by the time you have got a frigging pen and a clean piece of paper to write on you have totally and stupidly forgotten WTF the idea was in the first place FFS for it has completely gone out of you head along with scores of other stupid never to be retrieved imaginations so who GsAF anyway cos somehow or other you are having a great fun time relaxed but you are still in full control of yourself, at the end of your day you will walk or stumble to your bedroom to go to bed you have a supercilious grin on yer chops life is good cos in your hand you have a plateful of munchies you are in a complete daydream but life is good (that’s at least twice) you open the bedroom door the room is spinning around like fcuk you wait for the bed to pass then you jump in like a king idiot and end up flat on your forking nose on the pigging floor spilling yer forking munchies ferking everywhere FFS you pick up the munchies you scoff the lot dust included you lay quietly on your bed and shut your eyes that’s when it’s SHOWTIME in your minds with amazing pictures of incredible happenings of ‘out there somewhere’ you drift into a sleep without realizing it and you have decided that having a spliff or two is much better than getting pissed out of your minds coz you don’t have to get up for a pigging piss ever hour and you can sleep on and on and you will get up in the morning and guess what? you are ‘in control a bit stupefied but in control’ more or less so to speak like! OK you might have a bloody nose which you do not remember how TF you got it in the first place FFS! That is if you have your smoked in moderation? Remember you die if you smoke, you die if you don’t!

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Part 2Posted: 09/09/2018
Part 2
Warning; Sense of humour required.
The Brown stuff;
Now then, Julia however is not ‘in control’ of most of her thoughts and deeds and doings which is proof that Dementia is such a serious debilitating disease of which there is unfortunately no miracle cure and absolutely no return to normal life for the 5 million World Wide sufferers. Several of our customers have told me about their nightmare experiences caring for Dementia sufferers within the family, one customer told me about a Dementia parent who could ‘without notice’ just drop their pants and empty their bloody bowels and their bloody bladder either on their new settee or the carpet without any consideration to others, nor toilet paper FFS!! Another would have a poo in the dog’s dish (teas ready) FFS and another Dementia Dumper goes totally over the top he opens his upstairs bedroom window then he hangs out his fat arse and takes a pigging mile-long DUMP and the skid marks are still on the wall to prove it FFS!! Faeces (poo=sh.te=sh.t) seem to amuse some Dementia patients as they squelch the mucky stuff between their hands then wiping off the residue or yer wall or your soft furnishings my lovely, FFS! That’s what you call ‘full on Dementia’ (and the smell’s not all that nice neither pet) Maybe it’s time to move on?

But this one deserves an X Certificate FFS!! Another customer of ours had a grandfather who was physically removed from the family home because his last act was to take a dump at the top of the family stairs then shout for his grand-daughter to ‘come up the stairs Deirdre I've got something for you’ as the child got half way up the stairs he kicked the shit that he had just shat from the top step splat into the grandchild face, splat went the shit that he had just shat FFS, yes he kicked the shit into the grandchild’s face FFS, I mean is that not the ‘absolute pits of the shits’ or what FFS? (hilarious fun) Poor little granddaughter was very soon browned off? (and I think I am becoming a complete nutter) So, I mean, let’s all play KTS kick the shit at the kids FFS then kick it back into yer grand-dads face FFS! But you can’t do that in a bungalow can yer granddad you are an old fart) I mean, how could anyone in their right mind do something like that to a darling grand-daughter (a grand-son maybe) (especially those one’s that think they are all that and they’re not) ‘here is a face full of warm crap that I have just shat dear now go and take a pigging bath because you stink yer smelly little biatch’ FFS! I mean, what’s that all about kick him out of the house now FFS with his pee stained filthy shitty slippers and his skiddy grundies!! Same day!! First class post FFS!! FRO!! the now!! Yer B’stard! I am sorry but I must have one more “FFSake man”!!

A dear lady neighbour of ours was carer for her mother who at the age of 87-year-old her Dementia mother suddenly start beating her devoted caring daughter by hiding behind doors waiting for the daughter to come into view then punching her time and time again making her nose bleed and some serious body bruising. The physical and mental hurt was so immense for daughter that eventually Dementia ridden mother had to be carried off and put into a professional carers housing from which and where she will never return TTFFT. What a dreadful way for people to end their lives when they are totally unaware of the brutal unhappiness they are causing to their loved ones, their own family who they now ‘do not even know’ as the Demented person heads unwittingly to be prepared to meet their maker the sooner the better for them and others FFS. We have discussed this with Julia and she has asked that no resuscitation medicines are used to prolong her life, please! Julia is perfectly well behaved (so far) she cannot do anything for herself apart from eat and eat some more (bit like Lou really) but she does a very boring let’s fall asleep and eat your food very slowly, slowly in a trance like state’ making mealtimes a positive nightmare.
After supervising her mums bath Lou gives her-her own toothbrush with tooth paste on saying ‘you gotta clean your teeth’ She puts the brush down saying I will do it shortly, she comes to me telling me ‘Lou has just given me this what shall I do with it?’ Don’t tempt me mother in law dear, just shove it in your gob and make it work like your vibrator dear FFS! Mealtimes are without doubt the hardest part of the day which means stress times are amongst us, it would be rude to say ‘eat alone’ but her is totally oblivious of our presence anyway as the food magically appears so we just sit there in morbid silence watching the boring news. Julia’s only effort to make any conversation is to talk about the ‘little white fluffy clouds that she can see over the hills and far far away’ FFS it’s like the last supper every pigging night of the sodding year day in and day out! Calm down Geoff FFS man!!
Now then, when husband Gordon died her son Lou’s brother immediately said of his mother for whatever reason only he knows ‘put her into a HOME’ gullible motor-mouth Geoff (that’s me) said “You cannot do that to her she doesn’t deserve that, so after much deliberation I say let her come and stay with us” The arguments came backwards and forwards I did not want to see Julia go into a HOME, because of the war I had spent from my birth to ten years of my life in a brutal foster HOME in Croydon Surrey, amen! She is not going into a HOME amen!

My darling wife had always said to me “If my mother is left alone she is not coming to stay with us, do you understand Geoff” Yes darling, but you cannot put her into a HOME yet which makes for a great future for all concerned does it not my bird!! FFS!! Mealtime is finally over the hour has now approached for me to make my excuses and quietly disappear to my man-cave with a tremendous sigh of relief I say my farewells and run to where total sanity prevails well almost FFS!!
One of our gypsy family girls had bought an amazingly rude ‘fart gun’ for a pound at Truro Car Boot, I could see that this would amuse Julia so I bought it off the lovely gypsy girl for two quid. We had-had our evening meal so I planned a fart-break to relieve the monotony of near boredom with the fart-gun hidden, I dramatically pretended that the food that Lou had cooked had made me really ill so with a little over-acting from under the table I pressed the FART gun that let out a few glorious farts which Julia and Lou fell about laughing as I intimated my bowels were out of control, “I think I’ve got the shids FFS!! Great fun.
We so need a holiday away from each other just Lou and me and not your mother FFS! They call it Respite Care so if you my lovers have a Dementia sufferer and you are the Carer it is essential for all concerned that “YOU” must get a complete break to rediscover who you really are and you must somehow ‘get a small piece of your life back’ and I mean it! If you don’t you could become the next Dementia candidate my lovers! Warning One!
I have always wanted a Chi Wawa dog I promised and announced to the world that I would name him Mah-Willie (would you like to stroke Mah-Willie) but darling bossy boots Lou (4th and current wife) overheard a conversation with me and another woman whilst I was cuddling and stroking Mah-Willie in public saying to one of our regular lady’s “Would you like to stroke Mah Whillie?” the darling woman replied “Yes, if you would like to stroke my pussy please” What a challenge FFS! Lou immediately changed his name to Wilber (woman power) He has been a complete blessing cos as soon as Julia saw him she claimed him as ‘my dog’ they get on famously together, sometimes she cuddles and clutches him so effing tight to her bosoms-a-plenty the poor little bugger struggles like feck to get away from fighting against the flab man FFS!! (Did you know that according to what Gordon told me a few years ago that Julia has three boobs with one of them right in the middle of her back, she’s not much to look at but hell she is great fun to dance with FFS!) (When I told Julia about that she doubled up laughing) ‘Oh Geoff you do make me laugh and you make me happy’ Get out of that one my Lou. X Back to Mah Whillie, she so loves him to bits and will only release him when I shout ‘RABBITS-CATS’ then he struggles and scratches and claws like fcuk to be released from her vice grip gyrating enough to set himself free the poor little bugger, still worth a laugh though. I thoroughly recommend Chi Wawa’s especially for someone who has Dementia (you can only eat them one at a time though) they are so very affectionate and mischievous to all, he enjoys having special time for Julia as she tells and walks him around the rooms cradling and rocking him and telling him a story about guess what? ‘Little white fluffy clouds’ but of course FFS!

You can buy some great toys for only a few bobs at most boot sales which dogs love to play with but without mercy upon receipt of the ‘new toy’ they will marmalize it ripping its guts open known as the ‘KILL’ they leaving stuffing all over the bloody floors and furniture FFS. I had bought him a black and white stuffed toy dog bigger than himself for a quid from Newquay Car Boot which he absolutely adored so much so that firstly he chewed out the dog’s eyes then the randy little sod drags the submissive toy into the garden throws it up in the air a few times (you is my bitch) then he starts shagging away like stupid as he looks at our other dog fat bitch Nana Moon (you want some of this-you’re next) but she looks without interest having had it all taken away years ago watching his arse up going and down and backwards and forwards with such energetic thrusts FFS!
I shout to Julia to come and look at what Mah Willie is up to, she asks “Oh my goodness (posh voice) What’s he doing?” she asks, ‘What do you think he is doing Julia! he is bonking that toy dog I got from the Car Boot’ “What’s bonking?” asks Julia ‘Shagging dear just shagging’ “shouldn’t you stop him?” she asks ‘What the hell for? has anyone ever tried to stop you having a quick shag mother in law?’ Her sense of humour kicks in finding it all hilarious but when he realizes he is being watched he grabs the ‘stuffed’ toy and drags it behind the bushes where he cannot be seen but where he can have a peaceful shagging-bonk in him own time then the randy little ‘shid of a dog’ that he is he has the nerve to bring the abused toy into the kitchen drop it by Julia’s feet sopping wet which mother in law immediately rubs the defunked toy and tries to dry it out with the pigging tea towel!! Decision made, bin it, and the pigging tea towel! Great fun which Lou missed out cos her were watching (it’s me-time-time-out) some utter crap on the telly about American Housewives, are those women for real? I fear I know someone who could be heading ……………. Nope I won’t even go there FFS!

Now then, if I had Dementia I would like my own choice on how to conclude my own life and die with dignity because there is no way I would want to inconvenience those special people who work their balls off by keeping you alive when you are doing nothing for themselves nor society (‘for what? To suffer?’) and that their lasting memories of maybe weeks months or even years of me being a complete pain in the arse and a mindless B’stard to boot to all and sundry and me not knowing the hurt I am causing by being the complete arsehole that I am and a rapidly vegetating mass to the bitter end and at my departing. That’s not what I have fought for most of my life for to survive so long and to depart being a complete arsehole, no way! Give me the golden bullet let me go now, FFS!!
It is a pleasure looking after Lou’s mum Julia who on reflection has suffered Dementia for many years and many more years to come maybe but as long as she doesn’t do her an unannounced poo-craps on our settee or the carpets or anywhere other than the netty then she is welcome to our caring, for how long who knows? Lou is a wonderful carer but her gets extremely stressed at times and the sufferer is more often or not me FFS! No point in getting stressed dear is there she’s got Dementia!! Deal with it darling, no-one ever said life would be easy being a carer, did they?
For many years it has been my job to do the breakfasts so I set up the kitchen the night before to save time in the mornings, I lay out two trays with cereal bowls plates cups and cutlery. For days and more days Julia would go into the kitchen and on seeing the trays laid up would put everything away into the cupboards or the dishwasher or even the fridge or the bin or just pigging anywhere FFS! Now then, I am a right miserable B’stard in the mornings and my sense of humour is tetchy to say the very least so I was not amused by Julia’s sodding interference. I had said to her do not touch the trays that are set-up for your breakfast which she ignored. Finally, one evening I laid the same trays out with two fur-king great felt tip signs saying “Julia, do not touch FFS!”
I could not believe it when she walks into our bedroom without knocking totally unannounced (so I had to get off) with one of the signs she asks “What does FFS mean?” WHAT!! FFS!! As usual Lou was not amused with her mother barging into our privacy in the bedroom but I thought here we have this prim and proper 77-year-old (looks it) woman who was married for 50 odd years she has been a schoolteacher for 30 odd years she has had two kids of her own (only had sex twice or were they virgin births?) (To be returned unopened!) plus she used to have some really good old scraps and some right on ding- dong battles no less with her husband yet she does not know WTF FFS means, I mean is that a sheltered life or what ffs? She laughs heartedly once I have explained the expression FFS then she starts preparing to stay and sit on the bed and natter about ‘little white fluffy clouds’ all night that she had seen today, I politely tell her ‘Julia go to bed FFS! Could I ask for more entertainment that that? ‘They’re coming to take me away hah-hah, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all of the time?’ If you have someone in your lives who has Dementia treat them if possible with respect, kindness and understanding and try to get into their sense of humour and try to make them laugh at themselves and make them much happier than for then to just sitting around all day with a large open gob stance belting out the death rattle and waiting for Goddo to come along. But, if they treat you with NO respect and they are upsetting your family lives and they don’t even know ‘who TF are you FFS?’ and that all the love that you once shared as a united family is now lost and gone forever replaced by bitter memories for everyone concerned FFS! With the greatest of respect, it is time for them to ‘move on’ towards their demise in the meantime to go to the capable hands of professional carers homes or hospitals otherwise you will or could be ultimate loser as you could completely lose your marbles and end up with Dementia yourselves (second warning). The decision time for when they must go is yours to make for the peace and happiness of your own lives and your future for you and your family, then total peace of mind when you can then contemplate time away for a short holiday in the sun. Yeh!!!
Love you Lou, you are doing a wonderful job with your mum as her carer, a bit teasey at times (most of the time) dear. My escape from it all is to my man-cave (every man and woman should have one) for an hour or so and then another hour for a quiet smoke a rum & coke some decent music, peace perfect peace! Now then my lover let us book a holiday just for the two of us to go up into the skies up-up and away through those ‘little white fluffy clouds’ into another world to find ourselves and rekindle (nope, I am too knackered for that) our love for each other for at least a couple of weeks FFS.
There is absolutely NO OFFENSE meant in this blog to either my missus Lou nor my mother-in-law Julia. The biggest wake-up call that our marriage has ever encountered through over 30 years together is Julia’s Dementia. I do make light of it and I do get great laughs with her because of my sense of humour, Lou and I have both given Julia a very caring five star home which has seriously taken its toll on the special relationship and times Lou and I spent alone at Nancorras (time for a tear or two) take it seriously my lovers I hope Dementia does not enter your lives, be happy be lively hang your cap on your partners door love them to bits then some more and look after yourselves and your closest ones and live a long and a happy life without Dementia FFS!


Ima Dumper won 3  million on the lottery hated her boss that much she took a dump on his desk  instead of a resignation letter FFS!
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Posted on HOME PAGE 01/09/2019Posted: 06/09/2018
WARNING to all Car Boot Sellers in Cornwall to BEWARE the thieves are about to STEAL something from YOUR stall?
I have got to remind ALL SELLERS in CORNWALL to look after your property inside and outside of your cars whilst you are selling! Thieves stole from HAYLE & ROSUDGEON & MITCHELL & TRURO & NEWQUAY & WITHIEL in the last 7 days also beware because YOUNG CHILDREN are being taught to steal from your stall............!!

Now then lets hope the following takes place; SUNDAY at St Columb Major at 10.00 am/Sunday at TRURO CITY Cattle Market at 1.30 pm/SUNDAY at PENRYN Rugby Club at 3.00 pm. Sellers should arrive at least one hour before start times. All sellers are reminded to keep secure with your selling items do not let any person to take items from your stall without paying cos that is what will happen so concentrate with your eyes on the prize!
Reply to geffers999@hotmail.co.uk

Coming soon! Time change at TRURO!!
Changing SUNDAYS to 10.00 am requested supported and approved by dealers sellers and buyers! Likely date to be announced end of season. Ask Paul Joha
@ TUESDAYS at Chapel Farm opposite HENDRA
Starts - 12.00pm
Starts - 12.00pm
@ NEWQUAY Chapel Farm TR8 4NY
Starts - 12.00pm
@ FALMOUTH EVERY FRIDAY definitely at 12.30
Starts - 12.30am
@ MITCHELL (TR8 5FD) SATURDAYS at 12.00 noon
Starts - 12.00pm
@ TRURO SUNDAYS weekly at 12.00 noon 2nd JUNE!!
Starts - 12.00pm
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