Other Car Boot Sales

Obviously, we don't organise all the car boots in Cornwall and the surrounding Counties, so here's our list of others we've found for the avid car booters out there. Times, dates and prices may change without our knowledge and this information is provided in good faith, so before you make a long trip, we advise you contact the organiser where possible to check the sale is still going ahead.

If you know of any which aren't on our list, or details that are incorrect, please use the contact form to submit the information and we'll add/amend our list.

  Cornwall - Sundays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Priory Park
All Year
---------- 100+
Bude Pendeen - A39 Bude Junction April - September 1.30pm 07814 668567 --------
Bude Cricket Club 1st and 3rd Sun May/Sept 8am ---------- 80/100
Bude Community School Season - Every Sunday
from Sept
8am 01288 352786 50
Bude Community School 2nd, 4th and 5th Sun
8am 01288 352786 80/100
Charlestown St Pauls Church Hall, Church Road All Year 1pm 07748 325300 40
Frogpool Between Peranwell & St Day April - September 7.30am   --------
Hayle Rugby Club, Marsh Lane All Year 8am 01736 757157 150
Launceston Launceston College Please call for dates
May to October
9am 07795 024442 40+
Lostwithiel Community Centre All Year ---------- 01208 872207 40
Pool Carn Brea Leisure Centre All Year 7.30am 01209 714766 60
Pool Pool Market All Year 9.30am 07971 485181 40
Saltash Saltash Community School Grounds 1st Sun until Autumn. 10am to
12 noon
01752 843715
St Austell St Pauls Church Hall All Year 1pm 07748 325300 20/30
  Cornwall - Mondays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bude Community School Summer 8am 01288 352786 100
Liskeard Recreation Club, Cleer Road Summer Bank Holidays 7.30am ---------- --------
  Cornwall - Tuesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
  Cornwall - Wednesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Rosudgeon Between Praa Sands and Penzance April / October 11.30am 01736 783773 200
St Ives Guild Hall ---------- 9am 01736 757625 --------
 Cornwall - Thursdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bude Pendeen - A39 Bude Junction July - August 1.30pm 07814 668567 --------
Penzance & Newlyn RFC Alexandra Lane April - October 12pm 01736 364044 20/30
Porthleven AFC - Gala Park, Mill Lane April - October 8.30am 01209 612568 10/20
St Merryn St Merryn Parish Hall, Nr Padstow July - September 2pm 07956 648097 --------
 Cornwall - Fridays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Liskeard Recreation Club, Cleer Road June - September 4pm ---------- --------
Penzance Gluval Cricket Club, St Ives Road June - October 9am ---------- --------
St Blazey Alexander Hall, Middle Way All Year 7.30am 01726 70450 --------
  Cornwall - Saturdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bodmin (Tregainlands) April - August 9am 07970 118757 100
Liskeard Sterts - Upton Cross March - September 11.30am 01579 362382 --------
Padstow Culew Holiday Park Summer 10.30am 07968 861855 --------
St Blazey Alexander Hall, Middle Way All Year 8.30am 07814 647756 --------
St Ive Higher Keason Farm,
between Liskeard & Callington
16th April - October 2.00pm 01579 383137 --------
Tregony Tregony Village Hall
(£4 per stall)
Starts 26th January 10am to 1pm (sellers from 9am) 07530 554493 to book a table 14 Stalls
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  Devon - Sundays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Ashburton Summerhill Farm, Peartree Cross July - October 1pm 01626 200010 --------
Barnstaple Pottington (Between Barnstaple & Braunton) April - September 1pm 07878 034683 --------
Barnstaple Landkey Show Ground April - September 1pm 07878 034683 --------
Exeter Westpoint April - September 1pm 07802 176993 400+


Matford Park & Ride Car Park
Marsh Barton
All Year 6.30am 01392 665480 200


Cattle Market All Year 1pm 07900 115529 100

Newton Abbot

Cattle Market All Year 6am 01626 215427 --------

Newton Abbot

Race Course All Year


---------- --------
Plymouth Colebrook Community Centre, Plympton May - September 8.30am 01752 200046 --------
Plymouth Central Park, Plymouth Argyle All Year 7.30am 01752 562561 --------
Stonehouse Community Centre, Stonehouse, Plymouth All Year 7am 01752 606722 --------


Pannier Market April - December 2pm 01884 258968 60
Torrington Torrington Commons April - September 8am ---------- --------


Bowden House April - October 8am 07875 709528 --------
  Devon - Mondays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Littleham Sandy Bay Summer 10am 07790 908548 80/100
  Devon - Wednesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Brixham Brixham Road, Torbay June - September 10am 07802 176993 --------


Marsh Barton Summer 11am 07790 908548 200
  Devon - Thursdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Dawlish Warren Warren Road July - August 4pm 07790 908548 --------


Exeter Road, Exmouth July - October 10am 07790 908548 120/180
  Devon - Fridays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Elburton Villa Football Ground, Haye Rd, Elburton, PL9 8HS ---------- 4pm ---------- --------


Fleamarket Civic Hall ---------- 9am 01803 526214 30
  Devon - Saturdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bickley Bickley Recreation Ground

March - September
1st Saturday

9am 01884 855357 --------
Bideford Bideford Football Ground April - September 8am ---------- --------
Crediton Queen Elizabeth's Community College May - July 10am 01363 774455 --------
Dartmouth The Sportsmans Arms, Hemborough Post All Year 8am 01803 712231 --------
Stonehouse Community Centre, Stonehouse, Plymouth All Year 7am 01752 606722 --------
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  Somerset - Sundays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bath Lansdown Hill, Lansdown ---------- -------- ---------- --------


Leisure Centre All Year 9am 01278 751595 200
Bridgwater Plum Lane, Bridgwater April - September 7.30am 07971 974616 --------
Bridgwater Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater May - September 7.30am 07971 974 616 --------


Winchester Farm All Year 7am 07831 277327 300


Standerwick Cattle Market All Year 7am 01225 764890 160
Hewish A370 Near Weston-Super-Mare June - September 12pm 07813 854541 200+
Ilchester Ilchester Sports Field April - October 7.30am 07967 280754 --------
Midsomer Norton Midsomer Norton Rugby Club April - September 9am 01761 472646 --------
Minehead Near Minhead Rugby Club March - November 8am ---------- --------
Standerwick Standerwick Market, A36 All Year 6.30 01225 764890 --------


Bishop Fox Community School

Winter Only 10am 07900 621199 75


Race Course All Year 7am 07778 275998 200


Prockters Farm Summer 9am 07900 621199 100
Wraxall Opp. Wraxall Manor Hotel, Bristol Road July - September 9.30am 07900 055266 --------


Showground, A37 ---------- 1pm 07979 345914 300
  Somerset - Tuesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Rugby Club, Rockwell Green All Year 9am ---------- 80
Bridgewater Car Boot Summer 9am 07790 908548 80
  Somerset - Wednesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Creech St Michael ---------- 9am 07900 621199 100

Antique Market
Bladud Building

Phone for dates 9am 01225 463175 ----------
  Somerset - Thursdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Burnham On Sea Oakmead Farm, Edithmead May - October 7.30am ---------- --------
  Somerset - Fridays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Highbridge British Legion, Opp Wood Pile April - September 3pm 07919 441425 --------
Taunton St Augustines School, Priorswood May - September 6pm 07900 621199 100
Taunton Taunton RFC, Hyde Park June - September 5pm ---------- --------
Weston-Super-Mare Ancor Inn, Ancor Road April - October 7.30am ---------- --------
  Somerset - Saturdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Burnham-on-Sea Sports Ground May/Sept 1pm 07900 621199 50
Bridgwater Puriton Horse Rescue, Batch Road July - October 8am 07731732907 --------
Bridgwater Noth Petherton Cattle Market All Year 8.30am 07907 955611 --------
Bridgewater Cannington May/Sept 9am 07790 908548 150
Bridgewater Indoor car boot All Year 9am 07790 908548 40/60
Burnam On Sea BASC Sports Ground, Stodden Rd May - August 2pm 07900 621199 200+
Weston-Super-Mare Ancor Inn, Ancor Road April - October 7.30am ---------- --------
Whitchurch Whitchurch Sports Centre, Bristol March - October 12pm ----------- --------
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SUNDAYS at TRURO starts at 12.00 noon
SUNDAY 24th November first 40 car boot sellers will be able to sell for only a FIVER! Earlies extra £3 THURSDAYS sellers with cars can sell at £5.0
Starts - 12.00pm
@ TRURO on THURSDAYS at 11.00 am from 21st NOVEMBER
End Of Season
@ TRURO SUNDAYS at 12.00 noon!
Starts - 12.00am




Hotdog Decals

Devon Car Boot Sales

Dig & Delve

Kenetic Designs

Taunton Car Boots

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YOU MUST NOT SELL any of the following at out Car Boot Sales


Poo stories and gossip!

And now for something completely different, but I would warn readers that this is only for the hardened members of the our Car Boot Community to read on;

Summary; You all know we have had ‘DOG WARS’ because one of our Landlords had said “as the surrounding farms to his equestrian centre were farming sheep and cattle there must be NO DOGS at the NEW MITCHELL’ location. I believe his polite request is absolutely fair and I ask all dog owners to support this ruling please. On the first Car Boot almost everyone had taken note of the Landlords ‘no dog’s policy’ and 98% of dog owners had listened to his request but it has to go on record we had NO COMPLAINTS about any dog poo?

You will also know about the OLD MITCHELL Landlord tried to open his grounds as opposition to our new venue which miserably failed and the OLD MITCHELL was closed by 1.00 pm without any customers. Ha-ha!
However the NEW MITCHELL was the stunning success we had hoped for with lots of sellers and buyers and a fantastic community atmosphere prevailed, despite the ridiculous threats of violence and road blocks being organised against us for the following Saturday by a loud mouth person working for the Old Mitchell Landlord. In absolute fairness I do not believe Landlord Leggo was behind the threats but to have a member of his team making unauthorised threats with inappropriate language ‘next week we are going to block off this ******* lay-by and you won’t get none customers’ against a female member of my team beggar’s belief. If you had real BALLS you should have come and said it to me?

You can well imagine that life gets bit of a stressful at times cos you never know what story is going to unfold which we take in our stride, we more or less turn the other cheek with a happy attitude BRING IT ON!

We always look forward to Sundays at TRURO which is so easy to run and it would be a relaxing day compared to the previous week, what could possibly go wrong FFS? About 70 sellers arrived well supported by eager buyers with a total of 1500 men women and their kids at the sale.
About an hour had passed from the start of the sale, I was sitting in one of the admin offices when Lou came and said “You will never guess what! A woman has just undone her jeans and dropped them below her bum and squatted and had a poo right next to one of our sellers stalls”
‘She’s what’? “She has had a crap in the middle of the Car Boot taken a dump, emptied her bowels more or less do you want to know any more dear” asked Lou knowing full well that I am most queasy about dealing with someone else’s poo problems. ‘Ok Lou deal with it and I will be out in a couple of minutes’

She borrowed a watering can from one of the sellers filling it with water and bleach by courtesy of the Café she took it back to the ‘runny poo pile’ to wash it away from the stall. Oh yes, that really did happen, by the time I got into the field the gossip was amazing as I tried to find out who and where the woman was. She had left the field but not before she had gone into the ladies toilets had a similar ‘poo’ but had missed the loo and done a frigging somersault judging the state of the Loo, apparently it was dripping from the ceiling.
The ‘mess’ was eventually cleaned up by one of our team. (I am not allowed in the Ladies Loo TG) I later found out that the woman was a care in the community person who was with her alleged carer father and one other person. They had both witnessed what she had done yet neither of them as carers had the decency or the courtesy to deal with the problem the 30 ish year old daughter had created, they left the scene loaded her into the car and disappeared!

I do know the carer father and his daughter of old, he exercises no control over her at all, when she goes around the Car Boot with him she steals items from one stall and put the stolen items on someone else’s stall, outrageous behaviour-but very funny. However it is in the interest of Public Health and Safety of our customer’s men women and their children that I will have to prevent this ever happening again so there will be no welcome at any of our location with this type of out of control (bowels) behaviour!

Lou and I chatted about the incident and I could not recall a similar incident until we both remembered at the same time FALMOUTH Rugby Club. Several years ago on a very bleak Friday we were both sitting in the car contemplating cancelling the Car Boot as only 6 stalls had shown up with minutes to go before the start time. What happened next makes we want to vomit every time I think about this incident?

A large white Van pulled into the Tregenver Road entrance and parked on the edge of the pitch. Out jumped Fat Bloke Mr Arse-Wipe and in full view of both of us he walked onto the ‘hallowed turf’ dropped his kegs and leaning on his van he shat and shat and shat like a freeking great horse dolloping on the grass! He must have shat for a frigging week FFS! I jumped out of the car and ran across the ‘hallowed turf’ shouting like someone ‘wrong in the head’ WTF are you doing you dirty ******* bustard how dare you have a crap on the hollowed turf and in front of my missus!
He pulled up his ‘bum wipe’ track suit trousers and I pushed him back into his cab which absolutely stank to high heaven, I took his registration number and told him to FOOK Off!

After he had gone I got a sheet of block board to cover his pile of crap and as I dropped the board splat went the shat all over the place almost pebble dashing myself and the pitch and it stunk to high heaven just like his frigging cab yuck frigging YUCK! That is the absolute truth and we went through all that shit and at the end of the day we hadn’t earned a sodding penny.
I have nearly made myself sick writing this but I did warn you it this was only for the hardened ones amongst you.

As I was trying to get to sleep on Sunday night Lou shouted “That woman had obviously been eating quite a lot of sweetcorn” ‘What women and what sweetcorn Lou, I am trying to get to sleep FFS’? “The woman who had a crap at Truro today”
‘OMG that is disgusting’ GO TO SLEEP FFS!! YUCK! I shut my eyes tried to get to sleep and all I can see is a fields full of poo and floating sweetcorn! OMG!
Thanks Lou, nice one.


Ps; Why not let one of your kids read this to Grandma my lovers.


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