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Living with Dementia is great fun-so far!

Sorry about no Geoff Says for a while here is my excuse!

Please do not take offense at any my comments about my mother-in-law who loves reading and approves of my blogs.

Yesterday mother-in- law had a memory test at our house when it was almost confirmed that she is suffering from Dementia subject to a scan at Treliske Hospital. The story so far;
Julia and Gordon Flanagan are Louise’s parents over recent years they have been coming to Cornwall staying at our home and looking after our bitch dog Nana Moon. Julia & Gordon are a clean living god fearing couple, Gordon was a Senior University Lecturer at Newcastle University and Julia Flanagan as a tyrant but very fair (allegedly) Newcastle school teacher. Over many years I have tried to lead Gordon astray, no chance cos up to now Julia has worn the trousers in a totally loving relationship, well almost. Like my wife (her daughter) they can be an utter and totally unreasonable pair of beaches at times particularly when the man in their lives is always right about everything they utter FFS! Lou and I had noticed over the last two to three years Julia’s lack of interest in what’s going on around her and her concentration is only for a short while then she wanders off into a conversation that only she knows WTF she is on about. She was in the habit of wanting to talk most of the time (so does my missus) and repeating herself and repeating herself time and time again and repeating herself time and again which is mind-blowingly annoying if you allow it to be but it used to really piss Louise off. I found it hilarious so every time she the mother in law Julia repeats herself I would say “Pardon, say that again” and she is gobsmacked because she has completely forgotten WTF she was on about in the first place FFS!!
Lou and I discussed our concerns about Julia and I agreed to have a man-to- man talk with my father in law Gordon to find out what Julia’s problem was. He suspected she was suffering from Dementia but he asked us not to discuss it with her at all in fact he was upset and surprised that we had noticed any change in her behaviour. We did not agree with his request that Julia’s health should be a ‘no discussion’ matter with family members however we agreed to respect his decision for the time being. Gordon has had a pretty rough time of his own surviving a long bout of cancer but he did not exercise himself properly despite all of my naggings so he was much neglecting his health and with him having to look after his lifetime soul mate of over 50 years for 24 hours every day forever and then with him not being prepared to share his burden and worries about Julia with his own family made his life extremely distant and difficult.

Gordon had been strongly advised by specialists at the Cheshire Hospital that he needed to take certain tablets which were critical for his future health but he was reluctant to take the new course of medicine after reading about the side-effects which in his opinion would disturb his concentration of looking after Julia. With great stupidly Gordon thought he was right so he refused the treatment. Towards the end of November he was admitted to hospital in Cheshire for treatment, Louise who loved her Daddy received an urgent call that she should travel from Cornwall to Cheshire urgently to attend hospital on the first day of December 2016 where Gordon her daddy sadly died.

We cancelled our 5 week holiday to Cape Verde to deal with the family bereavement booking another holiday for a later date for three weeks in Cuba in February.
The major problem we faced now is ‘what is going to happen to Mother?’ She is in total denial about her health status and is very distraught about her man’s death. It is abundantly clear that she cannot look after herself for her own safety but she still believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. The family discuss the situation, Lou’s brother father of three young children suggested putting her into a care home would be the best solution he would be able to visit to keep in touch with mother’s well-being. Now then, if Julia stayed living in a Cheshire Care Home it would mean Lou travelling once or twice a week to visit which is almost a 700 mile round-trip. I quite like Lou’s mum, she the mother of my lovely wife Louise who has given me over 30 years of total love and loyalty with the occasional nagging so I suppose it must be pay-back time FFS!!
I certainly did not like the idea of Julia going into a Care Home and I know her loves Cornwall. So with all of the sincerity that I could muster and being the charming fellow that I am and an idiot to boot I glumly (excitedly-nope) offered with gritted teeth hoping that no-one would hear me say these chosen words “Why not let Mother stay with us (WTF have I done FFS) she can sell her house we can sell ours then we will buy a larger and more spacious house where we three can all live our independent lives happily ever after FFS in a larger place and at the same time we can look after Mother” The idea was accepted (nay snatched) however ‘silently I prayed’ “Please God do not let me regret this magnanimous and oh so generous offer, what TF have I done with my life which will probably never ever be the same again FFS!” Bring it on!!

I have never been to Mother Julia’s Cheshire home they always come to Cornwall mainly because I am an anti-social old sod of a person in my social time preferring Lou’s and my own company so I don’t do visits, amen! Anyway, she asked invited bribed nay demanded that I go to help sort out the closing down of Mother’s house in readiness for selling the very nice five bedroom 3 bathrooms detached property in Nantwich. I arrive and immediately fall in love with the house suggesting “Let’s all just move in here instead then we could start some Car Boot Sales here on your uncles vast farmland calling ourselves Car Boots Cheshire so we wouldn’t have to change our CBC publicity and logo and from what I have seen of the people here they are lovely and I think they would give us much more appreciation than some of they there dealers from Truro” I rant. “And it’s a bloody pound £1.00 entrance fee here in Cheshire and a starting price of £12.00 to sell, think of the money boy, think of the money FFS” I get told politely by Lou to STFU and do some work!

This house is vastly overstocked with so much stuff mostly of good clean quality, there’s loads of furniture that is going to be surplus to requirements, every cupboard every draw every wardrobe the loft the outside buildings the gardens then the double garage everywhere you look is crammed full of every item you could have in your own home but this house is seriously qualifying for a “Hoarders of the Year” award FFS! And it’s all in sellable condition but the house has got be almost emptied of all the clutter to be able to photograph the rooms to sell the house so the question is ‘where are we going to put it all FFS? The family don’t want it they have full houses of their own and the local auctioneers are saying they will charge for selling ‘any ONE item’ at least £8.00 plus VAT! That is outrageous especially as they want to cherry pick offering to sell all the good stuff like collectables grandfather clocks and the family silver and really good pottery from many years of collecting! Sod that, it can all be sold off at either our Car Boot Sales or eBay which should keep Lou quiet for many years to come but the big problem is where TF are we going to store everything or do we just take it all to the tip?

Mother in law and I have some good fun chats when I try to find out what she is really thinking about and what is going on in her head. It seems that everything that is in her mind and everything that is happening to her is like a dark cloud hovering above her head. Now then, that is very much like the effects of smoking Cannabis only tokers clouds are white the other difference being that with the effects of smoking the herb you are totally in control of yourself as the effects wear into your system then wear off but Julia has no real recollection of some of the details on her life. She will start a story and within two sentences she has gone completely off the trail eventually forgetting WTF she was talking about in the first place. Bit like the wife really. Today I ask her “What year is it Julia?” ‘Ooh I would say 1967’ No it is 2017 What time is it” ‘Ooh it’s about half past three in the afternoon’ “Nope it is 10.00 in the morning” “What season are we in?” ‘Ooh I would say its autumn time’ “its winter darling, what did you have for breakfast?” ‘Nothing yet’ WAALOBs! She is good fun (when she is not snivelling over Gordon) the silly moo that she is so she is and she has taught me a brand new sense of humour let’s Laugh together with Dementia cos it aint gonna to get much better my lovers and from the advice I received from some of my Car Boot friends it’s gonna get a whole lot worse FFS bring it on! I have to admit she is a much nicer person than she used to be cos she were a right MOB at times so she was but she misses her Gordon so much and she were a right Biatch to him at times so she was FFS so with her constant outbreaks of sobbing and her talking gibberish which is not a great deal of fun for Lou nor our happy home atmosphere neither my lovers, but I have total and calm of the patience with her and try to correct her with our wind-up chats but she still insists that she was always right and I was wrong, typical school teacher. Lou on the other hand has less patience than me and can fly off the handle in an instance dear of her.

The best fun is that when Julia gets involved with the dishwasher FFS. You have got to give her something to do to occupy her mind so this will take up half an hour of her time and she still gets it pigging wrong FFS. I have just come from having a quiet spliff or two in my office to help me cope with life’s strains. Lou shouts “Geoff, empty the dishwasher please” For a bit of light entertainment I ask “Julia darling, Lou says can you just empty the dishwasher please” Hilarious fun and wonderful to watch as I wonder where TF everything will end up is anybody’s guess which really pisses Lou off so to add to the amusement I go around moving stuff all over the place and shrug my shoulders when Lou shouts ‘where TF is everything FFS?’ I say “ask mummy dearest” great fun. Julia loaded it up the other day with a handful of cutlery 4 plates and three mugs she closed the door made a noise like a motor she presses the start button then the moo starts a new wash for two hours with sod-all in the washer FFS! Great fun!

It’s Dementia Test Day!
The NHS provides support for people who have been diagnosed with Dementia so today is important to find out what is wrong with Julia so I offer her a ‘dummy run’ of the test “Ok Julia, how many beans in make five my lover” ‘Ooh I think there will be about seven’ “that’s correct! You should pass your test with no worries, well done Julia” Her face scowls as the assessor arrives accompanied by a young lady trainee assessor (she never said a word) (she never said a word) according to head teacher sour faced my mother-in-law Julia (she never said a word) FFS! They begin the assessment which Julia did not take too kindly to, she had been a very well respected teacher for hundreds of years all of her working life so her attitude was like the typical ‘school marm who knows it all FFS “Who does this man think he is asking me such stupid questions” I walked out of the room, I cannot cope, I leave Lou to deal with ‘her’ mummy and ‘her’ ever so bossy attitude and replies towards the examiner. The meeting lasted over two hours and of course she failed miserably with a target to reach of 90 she scored only 66 which means she can never be left alone to look after herself but she was so wound up and indignant about having to go through the ordeal, I asked her ‘how did it go Julia?’ “The man was a complete idiot and did not know what he was talking about and the trainee assessor ‘she never said a word” said parrot Julia.

If only both Gordon and Julia had been honest with us all and out in the open about her condition then we could have reached this stage and beyond a long time gone. The next part is that she has to have a scan at Treliske however we were advised that under no circumstances should she be left to look after herself on her own. Reluctantly we cancel another holiday which we have both lost complete interest in, even if we wanted to go also we would have been unable to find a suitable Care Home who will look after Julia during our holiday without the benefit of full documented confirmation of her Dementia status.

Today at Truro;
While we are trying to do the packing Julia likes to take stuff out of boxes that which is not great fun “I might need these in a hurry one day” say’s her! She starts building a separate pile that I reduce once her back is turned but when it came to packing the vast amount of books that Lou has already carted off to the charity shops 40 banana boxes full of books hard-backs and paperback galore most in great condition. I must have packed up at least 500 expensive to buy cookery books, there is no-one in the family who wants them and I certainly don’t so I have boxed them up to be sold eventually at Car Boot Sales. Today at Truro Lou gave Julia some change in case she saw anything she wanted which I thought was a stupid idea considering our task ahead, I had a silent bet to myself the dear Julia would buy some sort of crap that I will drive all the way to Cheshire only to be put back into as box and bring to Truro FFS! I watched as dear Mother in law rushed up to a stall to buy yet another fricking cook book written by that local wittering old blokie allegedly a TV chef and I cannot abide him Rick Stein FFS! The new book in her collection will join the other same 2 identical books that I have already packed up already with the 500 other bloody cook books dear woman.

Thank you!
We were seriously impressed with everyone at Truro and their kind sympathy and respects towards Lou they are now aware of Julia’s illness. Some advice regarding dealing with the problems of Dementia patients from our customers is preparing us to be afraid, be very afraid, thanks’ for that! We have made so many friends over the years and their attitude towards us has been exceptionally supportive so thanks to you all. Thank you also to our young ladies (not that young really) who look after the shop in our absences they are Amelia Katie and Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo (of delicious home-baked Christmas cake fame) is shortly being appointed as Manager of Car Boots Cornwall. All three of these ladies have been most loyal to CBC and they are really very popular with all buyers and sellers. The decisions as to where the Car Boot will be held on Sundays at Truro is entirely the responsibility of Jo-Jo after consultation with Katie and Amelia and the early sellers who pay £5.00 extra to set up earlier! Bob, stand back let the ladies decide please. Nice man Bob, would you believe he used to be a male stripper is his former occupation but his popularity fell off, well something did??

Just when you think “I can cope but I have had so much on my mind today” that I became completely and totally off my rocker because I stupidly and carelessly filled my diesel car with £65 pounds worth of unleaded fuel FFS!! Just as I was about to put the pump back my lovely but bossy wife observed my mistake FFS “Do you realize that you have just put unleaded in this car YFI?” I look into the car there is mother in law grinning like a Cheshire cat”
I shout ‘Oh FFS WTF have I done to deserve all this shit, I think whatever your mother has got then I must have something pretty bloody similar because her illness is catching and it’s caught me FFS!! Fortunately, I calmed down and stopped crying over spilt fuel, I was lucky to be able to get Dave from the Crane Garage (very nice man-very nice man) to come to my rescue! But, in my defence there are loads of people who do exactly the same as I did by putting the wrong fuel in their vehicles. I told the garage owner what I had done and he instantly gave me a business card of someone who earns his living at bailing people out who have made this same frigging mistake proving beyond doubt that the same happens regularly at his garage FFS! Anyway the best advice is that if you do the same as me then DO NOT turn your engine on until you get HELP!! Some people have successfully sued garages for the lack of ‘duty of care’ towards their customers. I have been driving for over 50 years and I have to confess that I have made the same mistake 4 times so far so ‘stupid’ must be my middle name but I am under so much stress ATM and I cannot be perfect in every way and anyway at least ‘I didn’t get caught speeding twice on the same Newquay to Truro dual carriageway road TWICE in one day’ just like my wife did see and I didn’t Jack Knife the catering trailer and our van like my charming ‘I am perfect the wife’ did FFS oh no!! I will promise to keep you updated as to the latest developments and stresses my lovers.

We have seen a beautiful house that would give all three of us the space we need for our own lives where we can also look after Julia at the same time. The house is a staggering £780,000 but guess what? Mother in law has just inherited one point six million from Gordon’s will FFS! Get your cheque book out mother in law!! Love you Julia! What a creep I am!! Keep creeping boy, keep creeping boy, think of the money, think of the money!!

Seriously sorry about the delays with this blog absence makes the heart grow fonder. You all know I smoke Cannabis ‘for my own reasons FFS’ but here in Cheshire I politely do not smoke in the house and god how I miss my ‘man-cave-office’ in Penryn which is outside the house where I can listen to my music have a Rum and Coke take a couple of tokes then a couple more, watch the free porn on the pc (and why not?) do my weights dance and prance around and hey presto my pains are getting better and my bitch dog Nana Moon shares and loves this privacy, but here! I wake up this morning at 3.00 am in agony with cramps and pains in my legs, I venture downstairs for a cup of coffee and a couple of smokes at 3.30 am. I ask Nana Moon if she wants to come, she refuses, so I go out of the house into the freezing bloody cold double garage and freeze my balls off just for a couple of smokes FFS and I have only got me pyjama trousers and a couple of sweaters and a couple of extra strong mints FFS! It is so cold in Cheshire, much colder than in Truro, I am surrounded by banana boxes floor to ceiling of bloody good Car Boot and eBay stuff that I have personally packed and I am sick of the sight of them there is bloody nowhere to sit and my only company is a clapped out sawdust covered dirty old radio that only has radio 4 and it crackles like fcuk! And, I don’t even have to be here FFS! But it’s all well worth-while just for the laughs. More to follow;
Love you Marge Ann Anne and Rosie and all my other lovers. X

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