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Sunday 13th of September 2020

Sunday 13th of September 2020
On this day I got totally pissed off with some members of the public who arrive minutes before the start time in TRURO they expect to just jump out of their cars and walk to the front of the queue and go ahead into the sale whilst hundreds had arrived and queued in the proper manner with COVID 19 precautions and were walking into the sale as one would queuing say for the Supermarket or M & S, however the late arrivals did not expect to wait demanding immediate entrance over the genuine regulars some getting offensive to Louise who was only doing her job as required by and advised by Cornwall Council especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Hello everybody wake up, this is the worst happening to this world since world war two, I know because I was born in 1938 so I well remember the bombs hitting Croydon for the first few years of my life but nothing compares to this dreadful Corona Virus. One elderly lady demanded immediate access to the sale telling Lou “The sale starts at 1.00 pm so I am going in now” Lou told her she would have to wait whilst the queue was making it’s way into the Car Boot field, now I overheard as did other witnesses did the lady’s rudeness to Lou who now claims “Geoff would have let us in” No he bloody well would not I was very close to going to the old biddy, giving her a refund and telling her to go home, anyway it is pointless being rude to Louise she has been insulted by experts so do not bother you gratified Granny, if you are not happy with the way we run our Car Boot Sales under the COVID 19 regulations then go somewhere else ffs and do not give any members of my team grief which includes staff on parking cars duties. They know all the swear words so they are authorised to bar any person/s who are grossly offensive. They are doing their jobs in the interest of public safety so to the offenders GAFYs

Whilst I am having a go what about this? Cos after the sale our team goes all around the venue picking up litter left by our adoring public including snotty used face masks and plastic gloves, what a wonderful way to spread the virus! I mean how crude is that I saw one old blokie throw his face mask onto the ground and it went splat totally full of snots bogies and dribbles how tf are my team supposed to pick them up ffs!
Then we get babies nappies full of baby poo and piddle left for our staff to pick up and dispose of properly, what a disgusting habit take them home put them in the neighbours bins fs! I would like to find the owners car and shove the shitty nappy up their bleedn exhaust pipe that will implode into their car causing an everlasting odorous stinking of baby poo and piddle and exhaust which will make their car unsalable forever ‘stick that up your nostrils and sniff it yer dirty buggers’
The majority of our customers are just brilliant and I love them all give or take a few hundred, they have appreciated Car Boots Cornwall being the ONLY Car Boot Sales in the West of Cornwall that had the balls and the right locations and the management expertise for them to be successful. Thank you. Geoff

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Social Distancing applies to all of our locations. Thank you.

TUESDAY and THURSDAY Car Boot Sales at NEWQUAY (opposite HENDRA)  are the only mid-week Car Boot Sales in Cornwall, lots of holiday-makers still here so you are Welcome to either buy or sell. Sellers should bring their own sanitisers and wipes. SELLERS should arrive at least ONE hour before start times if you wish to go into the selling field early you should arrive at least 2 and a half hours earlier than the start time. Please bring some good CLEAN BARGAINS and you WILL take money!! Enjoy and be safe all of you!   Geffers. x


FIRST Car Boot of this year throughout West Cornwall;

Sorry for delay with this blog which goes on a bit but thank you to all of the lovers who appreciate Geoff Says because it is rude up front and truthful and most of the time I don’t GAF because I am in the safety of my man cave. It is 2.00 am I woke up with severe cramp in my legs so a rum & coke a spliff of a smoke followed by another, some peaceful music it’s pissing down outside who cares! Now then, Saturday at Mitchell Car Boot was going fine the weather was indifferent with a heavy shower that lasted 30 seconds some panic stricken sellers frantically cover their selling items, one stall I noticed as soon as the shower started blokie jumped in his car leaving his missus to deal with the rain and cover the stock whilst he is sitting in the dry the miserable b’stard. That is no way to treat someone you are supposed to love ffs!
One of our really good regular sellers well known for his pickled onions we shall call him Tony, he was selling at his stall when some ugly looking thug thinking he was being funny in front of his fat-bloke mates as they walked past Tony’s stall by coughing loudly followed by shouting the word COVID which they found hilarious but Tony was not amused! What makes pricks like these jerks think they are being funny during this dreadful pandemic is beyond me, may the crutch of their trouser rot and may they fall through and break their pucking necks ffs, metaphorically speaking of course! Schmooks!

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Please see all of this page for all further details including all of our Car Boot Sale events.

Please honour  the ‘safe distancing’ rules.

Please use our sanitisers.

If you are selling please bring with you your own sanitisers and hand wipes.

Thank you,


2 Car Boot Sales on SUNDAYS

SUNDAYS at TRURO Cattle Market at 1.00 pm

Postcode TR1 2RJ

Starts – 2.00 pm

St Columb Major Car Boot Sale is just over the road from the famous Mole Valley store however we do put out directional signs leading to the event.

St Columb is a favourite for sellers and buyers the selling field is vast enough for SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING” our sellers so far to date have complied with the regulations and advice that they should have their own sanitisers and sanitise wipes please. Face Masks are not essential as our events are all in the open air.

St Columb sellers provide a huge variety of bargains join in the fun they are great spenders at St Columb with a huge amount  of buyers. Enjoy!

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