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Superb TUESDAY And THURSDAYS In NEWQUAY At CHAPEL FARM Our COMMUNITY CAR BOOT SALE (Opposite HENDRA HOLIDAY PARK) At 12.00 Noon!!For Information Regarding FRIDAYS Restarting Are Now Delayed Till Next Season On GOOD FRIDAY At 12.30 Pm (See Geoff Says)

 TUESDAY and THURSDAY Car Boot Sales in NEWQUAY both at 12.00 noon Welcome to all of our visitors, if you have come here for Boardmasters I am sorry it was on last weeks ffs sorry! Hilarious fun ‘Oh, I thought is was this week’ said a voice from Yorkshire ‘will I get a refund’ Nope! Hah!! Do it for YORKSHIRE? TODAY SUNDAY at TRURO ONLY at 1.00 pm St Columb is CANCELLED due to forecasts! Sorry!! I was told by my missus it would be a waste of time trying to do Car Boot Sales today because  of the weather forecast by the BBBC so I agreed that St Columb should be cancelled but I wanted TRURO to go ahead inside and outside. My attitude was borax to the BBBC and what a huge success the day was with around 30 stalls outside and say 40 indoors. The buying was brilliant with thousands of bargains to consider. And the kids were on their best behaviour because ‘it’s present time at Car Boot Sales’ Some stalls were so happy that at the end they offered buyers and other sellers “Everything is FREE help yourself” what a lovely gesture!! Bottom line; Guess who was right my missus? Geoff Xx   See all details regarding Car Boot Sales at FALMOUTH RUGBY CLUB which are delayed until 2022 in Geoff Says blogs!   This weekend; SATURDAY at MITCHELL at 12.00 noon SUNDAY at TRURO CATTLE MARKET at 1.00 pm also on SUNDAYS at St Columb Major at 2.00 pm be secure with your selling items and your cash be safe be well, GET THE JAB for yours and your family’s safety, please! Geoff  X

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TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS we are at NEWQUAY opposite HENDRA at 12.00 noon both days. ***************** SATURDAYS at MITCHELL at 12.00 noon // SUNDAYS at TRURO at 1.00 pm // SUNDAYS at St COLUMB MAJOR at 2.00 pm ************* History;       TODAY SUNDAY the 19th September we are at TRURO CATTLE MARKET at 1.00 pm and at 2.00 pm we are at St Columb Major. Sellers should arrive at least ONE hour before start times. If you have a large stall you could arrive two hours before start times pay an extra £5.00 and set your stall up with  other early sellers. No Selling-No Buying-No Reserving items from other stalls just ‘set up only’ please. Keep an eye on your stocks and make sure no-one takes any items from your stalls without paying for them ‘know wot I mean’ thank you. Enjoy your day, be nice to yourself,  why not tell someone ‘I love you’ and mean it, why not indeed? Geoff  X


Okay so here is the gossip on Falmouth Car Boot Sales, we that is me advertised that there would be a Car Boot last Friday and watching the BBBC they put the boot in with their stupid king forecasts and they were wrong again ffs, however people tell me that it was sunny all afternoon which was another total load of bollox because we know it rained real rain for FRFC and us Car Boots Cornwall. So good was the turnout that if we had run the sale there would have been no more than 7 sellers and a few buyers, commercial suicide.

We that is the Committee representative and our Louise have agreed that it would be very difficult to re-establish our business particularly as we have been away for almost two years so all eyes are on a new agreement that will allow us to promote in 2022 Car Boots Cornwall back at the Falmouth Rugby Club from Easter Good Friday next year. A lot more could be said, least said soonest mended, that’s what my step-fathead told me and he was full of crap, been dead over 50 years the dear of him another good RESULT!! Be good to each other and save lives Get the JAB it does not hurt! Do it for your family and your friends but most of all do it for yourself fs, please! Geoff. x

NOW THEN THIS WEEKENDS Car BOOT SALES! SATURDAY at MITCHELL at 12.00 noon the SUNDAY we are at TRURO Car Boot Sale at 1.00 pm and at St Columb Major at 2.00 pm! It could be busy lots of people around so beware that we have our share of people who might pick your pockets or take something from your stall without paying the cheeky sods that they are so they are, but pay attention and be safe please. Geoff

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SATURDAY Is OFF OFF OFF FFS! Back To Bed Time! FRIDAY At FALMOUTH CAR BOOT SALE (Was Cancelled Due To Weather High Winds And 40% Chance Of Rains // WEEKEND Starts With SATURDAY At MITCHELL At 12.00 Noon // SUNDAY At TRURO CATTLE MARKET At 1.00 Pm // St COLUMB MAJOR At 2.00 Pm // Enjoy Your Day, Live Longer GET THE JAB My Lovers, Proper Job!!

News and history (see Geoff Says) Today is CANCELLED at MITCHELL because the Landlord conceded that the BBBC got their forecast right for the first time at Mitchell ever! I do not care what the BBBC say about tomorrow our Car Boots will be on on on. See down below for Sunday dears!    TODAY is SATURDAY  and it is 7.30 am it has been pissing down since 5.30 am and it’s going to continue till it’s finished filling all yer water butts my luvvers! Now then, the BBBC have rarely got their forecasts right but today they have and here am I sitting smugly in my mancave watching the rain bounce off the ground and enjoying a quiet spliff that some very kind gentleman gave to me last Sunday “here Geoff try this” so I did and that is why I am stupid enough to find the rain romantic ffs and because I forgot to bring my coat I am unable to ‘go do her breakfast’ result or wot man until the rain do stop man, know wot I’m saying! FRIDAY Falmouth (was cancelled yesterday due to weather and winds) SATURDAY it’s MITCHELL at 12.00 noon// SUNDAY it’s TRURO at 1.00 pm // SUNDAY it’s St Columb Major at 2.00 pm! Enjoy!  Geoff  

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News and history;

30th July 2021 FRIDAYS; It’s good news week for Falmouth Rugby Club CAR BOOT SALES that returns to recommence our sales after the COVID 18 months break from our sales after 32 years of running our sales at Falmouth this coming FRIDAY the 6th of August at 12.30 pm! Everyone loves Falmouth Car Boots and the people are nice (well some of them) I will be there in person (weather permitting) PLEASE NOTE; Parking is limited for buyers so why not park and walk or leave the car at home my lovers you know it would be good for you to walk from TRURO to Falmouth,  (brilliant smoke) that would kill off a few old farts so I wont be participating but they have all been ‘double jabbed’ and will live forever ffs, have you had your JABS yet my birds? Seriously all ages must GET THE JAB please, Steph and her man have had theirs for themselves and their three adorable children, now that make sense, don’t it though? Geoff. x  

TODAY TUESDAY 27th was CANCELLED at NEWQUAY due to rain and drizzles most areas. Sorry. Geoff. x                                                                 

 SATURDAY at MITCHELL was CANCELLED if we have ‘got it wrong’ blame the BBBC!! They did get it wrong, I have seen no rain all day. BBC forecasts ruin all outdoor activities with their percentages of forthcoming weather when they are so wrong time and again. I spoke with a farmer who told me on Thursday “there will be no rain on Saturday” I wish I had taken his opinion. Geoff TODAY Saturday we have cancelled MITCHELL due to heavy rain with warnings of possible floods.   I think the BBC have got it wrong again but we do not want a replay of chaos rain and cancellation of 2 weeks ago when sellers got drenched in an unexpected downpour sending themselves home in record times with soaking clothes shoes  y fronts knickers the lot and were they all well pissed off, you bet! The forecast for today was supposed to be overnight heavy rain, there was a 15 minute shower and at 7.00 am BBC say 86% chance of rain which is total bull shit there is not a drop of rain at all!! Sorry to cancel, it’s back to bed time. Result!!  XX 

            TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at NEWQUAY (opposite HENDRA HOLIDAY PARK at 12.00 noontime. A nice location poo bags welcome with accompanying dogs and well trained owners, thousands of bargains, nice sellers and buyers in the heart of West Cornwall. Welcome to our guests from up country may your stay be pleasant may your dosh been flowing cos we has had a terrible year and a half but now we are safe because Cornwall has highest figures for ALL of us to HAVE THE JABS my lovers, have you? Save yourself and your friends lives. Bless Up man!   

We are sorry to have cancelled SUNDAY at TRURO and St Columb Major due to the piddling rain so it is now time to talk to the family and say sorry if you have been in the wrong to your missus who always is in the right according to herself, say sorry to the kids for shouting at them then piss off to the pub with your mates but on the way pop in and get a nice takeaway to be delivered to the missus and the kids, what a nice thing to do but get all of the really strong WTF curry sauces with each meal so they will remember the flowing day with doses of the poo-runs me ansum, then off to the pub with your mates to get pissed out of your minds and a spliff at midnight ffs, it’s good to daydream innit? Geoff.  X   By the way “HAVE YOU HAD YOUR JABS YET”  is in the interest of the sensible Cornish people who may or could have to self-isolate due to an infection from the influx of tourists. To those who don’t approve of my message I am targeting the people here in Cornwall in the hope they will pass the message on to other sensible people! Do you get the point it’s called “J A B” it saves lives don’t you know and by the way the complainants by email are none other than yer bleedn suvverners mate bragging about owning ‘second homes’ here in CORNWALL ffs! And, and people who live here can get their jabs at Royal Cornwall Showground no less! Geoff Says!!

 PLEASE NOTE; It is against the law for persons to tout our customers to sell inferior FAGS-CIGARETTES!! Don’t do it TRADING STANDARDS have the power to take all of your stock and your vehicle and anyway your fags are the worst you can buy and they make you barf up a lot and you cough up your guts because the fags you are selling are full of shite man made by idiots for idiots and, and you could get cancer ffs. Seriously, if any person tries to sell my customers cheap fags that NO TAX has been paid on them watch out man cos it’s off with your balls time, at least!     Just to mention there was a wonderful smell of weed wafting through the air at TRURO on Sunday afternoon reported to me by an elderly lady with a happy smile on her face, how sweet. x   Geoff

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Can I start with thanking all of the very kind people for their messages and emails with advice how to deal with cancer of the larynx which has more or less taken over my life for the last year however on Saturday I received a letter following radiotherapy x-ray’s to advise that they had not detected any further cancer cells. The final test is in eight weeks when hopefully I will have completed the treatment with a pass. The staff and radiotherapists have been absolutely superb and professional in every way possible during my 18 weekly visits to the Sunrise Centre at Treliske. Sitting in the reception area to watch the faces of some of my fellow cancer sufferers with nothing to do but to stare into space worrying about their treatment and will it work? There is nothing to do in the reception but wait, no books to read, the NHS signs are boring after reading them several times, their is no clock no calming background music until your name is called over the loudspeaker for your treatment so here we go!
On the first appointment they lie you down on the bed they put a sheet of very warm plastic over your entire face and shoulders they gouge out the eyeballs and open a space for you to breathe. The mould sets very quickly you are unable to speak and you can’t see sod all, the mask is your mask for the 15 treatments and takes 6 different outer space sounds of 5 minute spells of loud noises, you are in lock-down as the bed eventually slides into this tunnel shaped coffin lasting in total about half an hour every day. The whole experience is professionally handled. Apart from the reception area which is my only criticism a coffee machine a bit of music perhaps a television to distract and take peoples concerns away so they are relaxed for their treatment. Go NHS you are 100% appreciated!!
So, does the treatment hurt being bombarded? not really but it stupefies you-you are constantly coughing up gunge that looks like frogspawn and tiredness takes over your body and mind basically you feel like shit for a long-long time also it takes a lot to motivate yourself ffs! I mean, I promised that during my treatment there would be no blunts no spliffs and no weed man until I got the letter and I lit my first toke for over 6 months, it gave me peace of mind as I floated into oblivion daydreaming about happiness whilst sipping a rum of coke, I had rolled three spliffs, I don’t know who smoked the other two. My thanks to my lovely wife Louise who has been so kind in looking after me, I have not been a pain in the ass according to my analyses of the almost one year but I doubt her will agree. Anyway, again thanks for your concerns.
Now then! Have you had your vaccine? I have had both and I must show my appreciation to both surgery’s in Newquay for their attention dealing with the crowds of patients who appreciated the professional approach of the surgery teams. If you have not had the vaccine my only advice is seriously to roll up your sleeves and take the jab, it is more than the ‘slight scratch’ as described by the person administering a life-saving vaccine but if you have balls and you have family and friends around you then ‘take the jab’ my lovers, it is better to talk to you ‘than about you’ dears and we need your dosh please?
My mate Nigel has had his first jab with a little bit of nagging from my missus and myself, on day two he has had lots of pain and didn’t sleep much last night, what a shame poor sod! I have had both jabs and given almost an armful of blood tests during my cancer op whilst they find out ‘is he on the weed’ or not? What a wimp Nigel, wait till I tell Rock-on that you were taken home crying after your jab mate, know wot I mean bud?
We are back!!
Car Boot Sales are BACK from 18th of April at Truro at 1.00 pm then St Columb Major at 2.00pm, safe distancing must apply and whilst masks are optional I would ask that they are worn whilst in the queues please. The ‘gold pass’ system has now come to an end, I am sorry very few will be replaced this season due to the financial loss of our business during the pandemic.
Dear tourists,
Finally, we all love tourists during the summer season but it is pitiful how some of them treat our Cornwall roads and countryside with them chucking rubbish onto our parks our beaches and the main roads into our chosen lands. Please tourists my birds and my lovers show some respects to all of our residents who are proud to live here, I do not doubt that scores of them will be wanting to spend the rest of their lives here in peaceful Cornwall when moving away from London, I don’t blame them, not too many please.
Keep Britain tidy!

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Geoff Says; Cannabis Cancer

Over the past two weeks I have been visiting Treliske after an operation on my throat to remove cancer which has caused me to completely lose my voice. I am reduced to a whisper which could well be a feature in my remaining life that I may perhaps have lost my voice forever. So be it I have only myself to blame for smoking cigarettes with the poisons of tobacco and nicotine since I was about 15 because it was the thing to do. Fags cost in the region of three shilling for the cheap ones like Players number 6 but for the real working class you could get Woodbines for two and sixpence and cough your bleeding guts out but two minutes later you would light up another one. If you had a packet of fags you were someone to look up to, no-one thought about the damage to our health and certainly in my early days I do not remember any government telling us “you will get cancer if you smoked cigarettes”  When television started the adverts made it essential to follow their guidelines and try out all the latest cancer killing flavours.

Now then, about me, as readers know I smoke the odd spliff or two because I have always reckoned that with every illness is that Cannabis is part of the cure for most known illnesses. I am not an expert but having lived for over a year with our St Kitts friends with various holidays we got to know the families very well. Most of them smoked the weed from very early ages. Entire families from 10 year old to grannies were in wonderful healthy condition stoned a bit but happy and sleepy but great people to get along with. Like them all I have exercised well with the weights but this cancer bit has not disturbed me at all. Apart from the pains I have had in my legs I feel fine for my 82 years, I am getting a bit nervous about the Radio Therapy and the side affects however with a team of up to ten medical experts at Treliske guiding the path to my hopeful recovery from cancer I have total faith.

As always I confessed that I smoked cannabis to the doctors from day one, the request was that I did not smoke during the treatment but, if there is any other way of getting the cannabis into your system like drinking or putting it in food then that would be acceptable. Some time ago we made some wonderful cheese and cannabis scones that were an absolute knock out so experiments must be done. I have heard that if you get a Mars bar and you melt it down then mix ‘der weed into de mars’ mate let it set and if you add the right amount then,  you eat it the effect is amazing and you talk a load of shite but you remember furk all about it the following day, nice one,

I think when I start the radio therapy I will get Rowe’s to bake a regular order of a dozen a week ‘weed scones’ followed by treated Mars Bars three times a day, who could ask for anything more ffs! It’s good to daydream innit me hansom.
So do I feel sorry for myself not one jot, I have a wonderful wife number 4 my ambitions are to be taken to court for late payment of maintenance at the age of 90 and to find wife number 5! Believe me we have two ladies of the car boots that have offered to be wives number 5 & number 6 both together ffs.

Now lets get serious, we have another lock-down this time 4 weeks which Doris from number 10 tells us’could be extended’ at the end of the four weeks which is wrong to penalise Cornwall because we have so few cases compared to other parts of the country so the answer to our end of the country is to close all traffic from up-country who are coming to their second homes probably bringing more COVID 19 with them, lock-down means exactly that and I believe within the first four weeks if we all do our bit we should demand to open up as we will have beaten the increase of the pandemic. Then we will happily open to roads into Cornwall about Easter time so the tourists and the two home owners can spend loads of dosh on the lovely people of the best place ever-ever to live. Go Cornwall.

Finally, go NHS thank you to all of the nurses and doctors and specialists for your devotion and care with your work at Treliske Hospital including the Sunrise cancer care wards. Thank you.  Geoff  X

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Inside a car boot sale in Cornwall during a pandemic
Car boot sales aren’t very Covid friendly so we went to find out how one works now. For car boot fanatics, there is little that brings more glee than finding yourself a bargain amongst a pile of otherwise unwanted junk. Treasure-seekers and selling enthusiasts across Cornwall have been rising at the crack of down for decades now to race to their nearest Car Boots Cornwall in the hope of making a pretty penny. But in the era of COVID, how exactly does a car boot sale work when it’s a known fact that everyone gets touchy-feely with all the items – and cash payments are non-negotiable?
We took a trip to Newquay this week to see exactly how people have been navigating them in the middle of a pandemic, and what they think of the changes. On the only sunny day of the week, hundreds showed up in search of the last bargains to be had for this season – before people stash their goods away for winter. When the gates opened at midday people were certainly keen, with four rows of cars parked up and around sixty people waiting – socially distanced – in the queue. The wardens made everything feel safe as houses, with two taking the £1 entry fee on arrival, and another explaining social distancing measures at the front of the queue to those entering. All three were wearing masks and there was hand sanitiser available on entry and plenty of signage instructing people where to go and what to do (or what not to do). Every person was encouraged to wear masks – while it was not essential – and the kind lady at the queue also asked everyone to respectfully keep a distance and hold back from the stalls if they were overcrowded. Of course there were the few covidiots that completely ignored this in a bid to get to the stalls quickest – but most people were more than respectful.
Steve Powell is an avid stall holder, often travelling around Cornwall to hold boot sales at different locations. He said as soon as sellers were given the go ahead to return this summer, many of them went straight back to it. But he hasn’t done as many as he would have liked this year. “This year I haven’t done as many as I would have liked just because of everything going on. But I have been coming when I can depending on the weather.” He also explained that he feels more than comfortable at the venues where Car Boots Cornwall takes place, saying there are plenty of measures and all the sellers keep hand sanitiser available in the car.  “I don’t really worry about it, I know I’m being a bit blasé but we really have

not had it as bad down here as up-country,” he added. “In Cornwall I think we have felt safe because of our numbers and having done three boot sales this past week, it’s really nice to just be out in the fresh air where you feel safe.”

Gwyn and Philip Linley, 78 and 71, were in the middle of a Cornish staycation when they decided to pop along to the boot sale – something they enjoy doing at home.
The pair of pensioners actually had two holidays abroad cancelled this year so booked a trip to the Duchy to make up for it. “We wouldn’t usually have come to Cornwall and have not been for years,” said Gwyn. “But we are glad we came because we have had a wonderful time”. The couple said they visit car boots regularly back home because they love to give a new lease of life to something that might otherwise end up at the dump.  “We like to refurbish items and we do often see something that is beautiful but very unloved. It’s much better for the planet.” As a precautionary measure, the couple keep hand sanitiser with them all the time and are very conscious of wearing masks out in public – which Gwyn lovingly made herself – even in outside spaces.
Chris and his partner have been selling and buying for a combined time of almost half a century between them and it seems everybody knows them.
The car boot aficionados were approached quickly by traders and they said it would be unusual for them to miss a boot sale date in the summer. Chris said: ” We have been attending four a week at the moment but usually we would do more.
“We can’t help people touching everything and we just have to grin and bear it, but luckily in the south west we are well below the average for cases.
“I must also say that even when we opened for summer I must credit the holiday makers because a lot of them kept their distance and were polite enough. “He added that it was good for them to go able to open because boot sales provided a welcome and safe activity for people to do this summer other than visit the crowded beaches.
“There were a few obnoxious holiday makers, like the ones that came here because they couldn’t go abroad, but the ones who come regularly were nice enough.”






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FIRST Car Boot of this year throughout West Cornwall;

Sorry for delay with this blog which goes on a bit but thank you to all of the lovers who appreciate Geoff Says because it is rude up front and truthful and most of the time I don’t GAF because I am in the safety of my man cave. It is 2.00 am I woke up with severe cramp in my legs so a rum & coke a spliff of a smoke followed by another, some peaceful music it’s pissing down outside who cares! Now then, Saturday at Mitchell Car Boot was going fine the weather was indifferent with a heavy shower that lasted 30 seconds some panic stricken sellers frantically cover their selling items, one stall I noticed as soon as the shower started blokie jumped in his car leaving his missus to deal with the rain and cover the stock whilst he is sitting in the dry the miserable b’stard. That is no way to treat someone you are supposed to love ffs!
One of our really good regular sellers well known for his pickled onions we shall call him Tony, he was selling at his stall when some ugly looking thug thinking he was being funny in front of his fat-bloke mates as they walked past Tony’s stall by coughing loudly followed by shouting the word COVID which they found hilarious but Tony was not amused! What makes pricks like these jerks think they are being funny during this dreadful pandemic is beyond me, may the crutch of their trouser rot and may they fall through and break their pucking necks ffs, metaphorically speaking of course! Schmooks!

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