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Sellers should arrive at least one hour before the start times, please read HOME PAGE for all details relating to today’s event.  SOCIAL DISTANCING APPLIES at all LOCATIONS Sellers should have their own sanitisers wipes and plastic gloves. We provide SANITISERS for all buyers who attend today’s Car Boot Sales. Thank you, Enjoy your day! Geoff & the team.

Sellers should arrive at least ONE HOUR before start times those sellers who wish to set up early should arrive TWO hours before the start times. ALL SELLERS should have their own cleansing wipes and sanitisers! PLEASE NOTE; We are not at Falmouth this year as we would not be able to conduct the Cornwall Council guidelines due to the lack of space afforded to us, however there is a Virus testing Centre at the club which is useful for all local residents SOCIAL DISTANCING APPLIES AT ALL TIMES!! Have a good day! Geoff. x By the way FACE MASKS are entirely optional as we are out in the open air with our events however bring your own snotties sanitisers stool samples wipes blood samples passport pension book and enjoy your day! Geoff

Starts – 2.00 pm

St Columb Major Car Boot Sale is just over the road from the famous Mole Valley store however we do put out directional signs leading to the event.

St Columb is a favourite for sellers and buyers the selling field is vast enough for SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING” our sellers so far to date have complied with the regulations and advice that they should have their own sanitisers and sanitise wipes please. Face Masks are not essential as our events are all in the open air.

St Columb sellers provide a huge variety of bargains join in the fun they are great spenders at St Columb with a huge amount  of buyers. Enjoy!

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