Belly Tucks

Blog 4.
Oh, and before I leave the chin and belly tucks subject further down like there is another subject on an entirely different matter in the pussy region of our lives TTFFTFFS (work that one out) and that is Designer Vagina’s my darlings, they have even invented a kiss-back fairy-pussy, it keeps pursing out it’s fairy lips man ffs and every now and then it’s (stand back time) it starts blowing out wet kisses ffs, there is a lady from Camborne who has actually had a set of false teeth inserted into her fairy man ffs, on entry yer knob gets bitten orf ouch ffs it’s totally true, I mean my missuse has got a ‘closed for business’ sign up permanantly (not true) (I’m seeing her sister regularly ffs) All totally untrue but indecency once in a while does yer good. And now ladies here comes total absolute bullshit, standby!! “Ladies, I so do love you all, men you can gafysffs!”

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