Boll ox to BREXIT!

Bollocks to BREXIT!!
What about this election, lies, lies, and more effing lies! If flab Boris-Doris gets the power for five years take note of what Corbyn has said “Boris Johnson, if elected will sell part of our National Health Service to Donald Trump of America” Corbyn has documentary proof which is supported by parts of the American press some saying the deal is a pay-off to Trump for his supporting Boris for Prime Minister.
That is bad news so is Corbyn for the Labour Party so who yer gonna vote for? Farage is not the come-back kid he thinks he is; he is yesterday’s man still loud mouthed never been an MP having been rejected by the electorate in local bi-elections, likes a pint and a total tosser to boot.
That is my opinion like everyone else we have the right to freedom of speech. I speak the truth with a hint of white lies and pure exaggeration, I am so delighted that Geoff Says has so many followers over one and a half million visits to our website which is going to be more mobile friendly in its new year look hopefully with an adults only forum and a selling forum for free. Can I ask for your vote please;

Below is a party-political statement on behalf of Geoff and his Legalise Cannabis party of one member!
Geoff Says Legalise Cannabis Party of one!

So why not vote for me I am going to start my own “Legalise Cannabis Party” which will allow you to grow your own 4 plants per month limiting you to five spliffs a day then another five wtf! Farmers could grow it for the Governments, think of all the dosh that could be made legit in taxes from allowing people to open shops to sell the weed man, but the real saving would be to give the Police a complete break and time away from Cannabis to concentrate their expertise on the real crimes away from stop and search chasing someone who has just bought a smoke of a teenth of weed man ffs! I mean, look at Canada making millions upon millions in taxes through legalising the Herb called Cannabis used since the bible days. Think of the money that can be invested into finding what causes Dementia, I bet that part and parcel of the remedies for Dementia lies within the growing and flowing fields of Cannabis my lovers. I know cos I has been and lived in the promised lands of Cannabis Plantations in St Kitts in the Caribbean for a year in total. Total bliss unadulterated bliss ‘Geoff Says’ but that’s another story!! Geoff Xx
Bollocks to Brexit!

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