Bouncy B(.)(.)BIES !

Beer festival

Blog 3.
I mean, I cannot stand effing TV programmes that constantly show like all of the time, I mean showing women’s wonderful wobbling bouncy boobies with the parting in the middle, I mean why show them continueously? WTF Darlings if you’ve gotten em why not flaunt em ffs? But, butts, why the hell not try focusing on their bums (with the larger than larger parting for farting in the middle ffs) (I mean wtf, the only reason we two that’s Lou and me, we don’t go out that much is that because my wife’s arse is so large her needs 2 furking chairs for 3 persons ffs!) (they charge me for the use of the extra chairs ffs!) But then, if we are looking at she’s bums then we don’t have to ficking look at their botoxed faces with their painted on eyebrows they their ever flapping sticky out ficking bat-like things flashing up over each lopsided eye they look like over painted ficking horses blinkers ffs, they like reminds me of our huge mega false country Cows eye lashes from ere in Cornwall me ansum so they are, sometimes they be all stuck up, (sing) ‘hu-hu-hu I’m all stook up hu hu hu ffs) and then there is they-their cross-eyed unfriendly looks when each eye wants to point in different directions they have fallen out with each other look then their’s the vacant stares (has she passed on ffs) and then there is they there the wobbles brigade of chin tuckings darlings, then-there’s the lip smacking always gobs wide open ffs (nice) revealing Dulux brilliant white painted mouths full of the whiter than white teeth my man, I mean like, wtf is going on with our women ffs they have like geet gnashers with fillings galore from hell man ffs inside a wide snide nasty heedious bitch commenting with nasty loud speaking, I mean like (shout) ‘listen to me ffs” all together now, “Listen to ME ffs” all of the pigging time for she’s speaking shouting bellowing in a screech owl offensive voice and her’s not quite that pretty looking chuntering all of the freeking time wtf ffs she’s always nagging allways loving herself more than anyone else ffs so wtf her-she is loving the sounds only of her own pigging voice and her’s part of you lot our world class ladies like the rest of you lot, my darling darlings! Don’t you call me darling ffs, but, but but we do love you all of you warts and all so wtf ffs, I mean, you can be such beeches at times and a pain in the freeking fricking arse at other times, like full time and you bloody well know it, don’t yer sweetheart? somehow, we love you? (the jury is OUT) Yuck, I think I am going to be sick ffs!!

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