Car Boot Sales, The Beginning .

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Car Boot Sales
Now then, In a way at 84 years old I see the world of Car Boot Sales here in Gods Country the lovely CORNWALL as thoroughly decent people set about selling or buying crap (but there is a lot of money in crap if you know what you are doing) wheeling and dealing between themselves since 1989 when we first started Car Boots Cornwall the dealers and wankers (don’t be rude about wankers Geffers we all do it, some under different guises of course master Bates) they were completely out of control of themselves! Step forward senior management Geoff Says ffs!!
As soon as cars arrived the dealers would open the boots of sellers cars even before the driver had stopped his or she’s car, before they had even turned their pigging engines off fs! Honest sellers were getting totally ripped off by dishonest over enthusiastic dealers passing back items from sellers boots only for the items not to be either returned nor paid for. Does anyone remember the husband and wife team known as ‘snatch and grab’? The tears I saw during our takeover of Car Boot Sales at Falmouth Rugby Club from sellers whose stalls were literally wiped out of stock by total dishonesty. Now then, Dealers would arrive well before the car boots started as they hung around to gain free entry for their dishonest tactics, then Geoff Says struck! With immediate effect I decided three most important moves from April 15th 1989;
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1. No buyer/s whatsoever will be allowed entry until the actual time of the start of any Car Boot Sale. There will be an admission charge of £1.00 per adult made for all buyers (kids up to 15 years-FREE admission) If we had not made these charges Car Boots Cornwall would not have survived with our operating costs including justified high rents to Landlords, transport costs and wages for our well paid teams (deservedly) and then there’s the toilets to be paid for and of couse covering all of our customers our Public Liability Insurance.
2. Sellers will be shown to their selling spaces 30 minutes before the start of the sale to set up their stalls in perfect peace with ‘no-selling-no buying-no walking around’ and ‘no dealers’ The only persons (2) with children who are allowed behind your selling spaces is you and your partner amen, do not invite persons behind your stall’
3. No persons sellers/nor buyers are allowed to go into sellers ‘CAR BOOTS’ “nor be behind sellers tables as a matter of security” the rules if broken carry a barring from our Car Boot Sales. This shocking practice still happens at Rosudgeon car boots (an alleged charity organisation) that relies on all staff working for ‘nothing’ nowt, sod all.
I got threats of violence towards myself and some of my teams and to our home but! but! we won. Several people including ‘out of order dealers’ ripping sellers off seven major dealers were barred (more threats) however today we have great dealers who respect our rulings and have supported us for so many years, thank you my lovers, I believe that they there dealers get a realistic income from their talents in buying and selling their wares, more importantly they show great respect to our sellers and fellow buyers, so there, what goes around comes around or so they say! A whole subject without one ffs-ffs-wtf-gafys ffs!!
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Now then, I suppose I am a royalist really but I am unhappy that Charles will replace the Queen with his ugly f?n wife whose name I have completely forgotten fs, but but but he should and could do the right and the honourable thing to do is to figging abdicate in favour of William and Kate (our Diana’s revenge) and their kids to bring this country into the 21st Century ffs why? because we are all so ferking ancient living in bygone days. Fcuk and bollox to history, today is our history ffs! Live your own life be happy, at least that’s how it used to be but with this fcuking WAR caused by the shit-house of a loose turd (that is disrespectful to loose turds and shit houses) that he is PUTIN ffffs now all of our world has been turned upside down, the innocent people like you me and Grandma with our prices going out of control causing misery to all of my fellow human beings Worldwide, that is so wrong, be strong be close to your kith and kin turn so the other cheek, go to bed with the sole intention of ‘doing it’ before going to sleep (this could be the last time, everybody sing (this could be the last time) Oh, oh, oooh, goodbye cruel world and the missus sheds a tear or two then shouts “Next” I do the same and fall asleep ff forgetting to do it ffs then when turning over I fall out of the fcuking bed ffs, but wtf my lovers be determined to enjoy your lives under dreadful circumstances, don’t cry alone!
Why this excuse for a turd like PUTIN has not been blown apart baffles cos me he is costing you and me and the world fricking gazillions ffs!! FFS take him out ffs take him OUT then TRUMP then move slobber-chops BORIS into retirement and king hard labour with no state pension, nowt! What a bunch of tossers our dear World Leaders are do they really care about us? Do they FCUK!!

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