Car Boots Cornwall 20/05/2020 Latest:

To all Car Boot sellers and buyers who come to buy or sell at any of our Car Boots Cornwall locations we regret the delays in commencing our sales due to Corona-virus Pandemic.

I have asked Cornwall Council for any guidelines they recommend that we take into consideration for our reopening. I have received a reply from Neighbourhood & Public Protection | Cornwall Council in which there are up to 20 different guidelines we cannot ignore particularly with the Social distancing requirements. We would need at least 8-10 supervisory team members which are not affordable at most locations when considering Landlords rents Public Liability and portable toilets.

As a buyer just imagine not being able to inspect something you may wish to buy unless you buy it as with the clothing shops and stores do not touch unless you buy. As a seller the idea would seriously spoil your dayand kill the happy atmospheres that usually prevail at all Car Boot Sales.

I have decided Car Boots Cornwall will not run any Car Boot Sales until the 7th JULY 2020 when we can review the situation again however there could be further delays depending on the path of the virus and the social distancing is considerably safely reduced. This decision is taken in the interest of Public Health and to reduce the risk of Corona-virus spreading further in the South West.

I thank Cornwall Council for their cooperation and advice.

There may be Car Boot Sales who could operate without Public Liability Insurance which is most risky especially if you caught the Virus at the location and wanted to claim through their neglect, no chance!

I seriously advise people not to visit indoor Car Boot Sales where the spread of the virus could be catastrophic for all concerned?

Stay safe, stay well.


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