Deep thoughts with the Ocean Waves and Geoff Says!

Now then my lovers here is an opportunity for you to just relax totally for a few hours probably flat out on the settee slurping away at a Gin & Tonic or my favourite rum and coke with a bit of smoke so let the waves and the sound of them gently crashing on shore take over. Take time out to relax, think about all the good things in your life while you watch and listen to the waves of the beautiful calm seas and in no time with all the water gushing around you it has made you want to get up and have a bloody piss ffs! Seriously, watch this or just listen and peace of your mind will happen, shut your eyes and daydream and in no time at all you could fall asleep overcome by the influence of a rather nice couple of spliffs, that’s no tobacco no nicotine pure common-sense my bird. So, if you smoke killer tobacco I urge you to give up tobacco which ends up with a painful death for the smokers and their family, save lives,  yours in particular, oh and just another thing to mention pet, if you haven’t done so by now get the COVID jab for your sake and the sake of all of your friends and your enemas (painful) and your families. Please, that’s twice I have saved your lives! Now listen to the waves, I mean you well for a long life cos you is worth it my lover. Geoff. X


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