Geoff Says; Cannabis Cancer

Over the past two weeks I have been visiting Treliske after an operation on my throat to remove cancer which has caused me to completely lose my voice. I am reduced to a whisper which could well be a feature in my remaining life that I may perhaps have lost my voice forever. So be it I have only myself to blame for smoking cigarettes with the poisons of tobacco and nicotine since I was about 15 because it was the thing to do. Fags cost in the region of three shilling for the cheap ones like Players number 6 but for the real working class you could get Woodbines for two and sixpence and cough your bleeding guts out but two minutes later you would light up another one. If you had a packet of fags you were someone to look up to, no-one thought about the damage to our health and certainly in my early days I do not remember any government telling us “you will get cancer if you smoked cigarettes”  When television started the adverts made it essential to follow their guidelines and try out all the latest cancer killing flavours.

Now then, about me, as readers know I smoke the odd spliff or two because I have always reckoned that with every illness is that Cannabis is part of the cure for most known illnesses. I am not an expert but having lived for over a year with our St Kitts friends with various holidays we got to know the families very well. Most of them smoked the weed from very early ages. Entire families from 10 year old to grannies were in wonderful healthy condition stoned a bit but happy and sleepy but great people to get along with. Like them all I have exercised well with the weights but this cancer bit has not disturbed me at all. Apart from the pains I have had in my legs I feel fine for my 82 years, I am getting a bit nervous about the Radio Therapy and the side affects however with a team of up to ten medical experts at Treliske guiding the path to my hopeful recovery from cancer I have total faith.

As always I confessed that I smoked cannabis to the doctors from day one, the request was that I did not smoke during the treatment but, if there is any other way of getting the cannabis into your system like drinking or putting it in food then that would be acceptable. Some time ago we made some wonderful cheese and cannabis scones that were an absolute knock out so experiments must be done. I have heard that if you get a Mars bar and you melt it down then mix ‘der weed into de mars’ mate let it set and if you add the right amount then,  you eat it the effect is amazing and you talk a load of shite but you remember furk all about it the following day, nice one,

I think when I start the radio therapy I will get Rowe’s to bake a regular order of a dozen a week ‘weed scones’ followed by treated Mars Bars three times a day, who could ask for anything more ffs! It’s good to daydream innit me hansom.
So do I feel sorry for myself not one jot, I have a wonderful wife number 4 my ambitions are to be taken to court for late payment of maintenance at the age of 90 and to find wife number 5! Believe me we have two ladies of the car boots that have offered to be wives number 5 & number 6 both together ffs.

Now lets get serious, we have another lock-down this time 4 weeks which Doris from number 10 tells us’could be extended’ at the end of the four weeks which is wrong to penalise Cornwall because we have so few cases compared to other parts of the country so the answer to our end of the country is to close all traffic from up-country who are coming to their second homes probably bringing more COVID 19 with them, lock-down means exactly that and I believe within the first four weeks if we all do our bit we should demand to open up as we will have beaten the increase of the pandemic. Then we will happily open to roads into Cornwall about Easter time so the tourists and the two home owners can spend loads of dosh on the lovely people of the best place ever-ever to live. Go Cornwall.

Finally, go NHS thank you to all of the nurses and doctors and specialists for your devotion and care with your work at Treliske Hospital including the Sunrise cancer care wards. Thank you.  Geoff  X

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