HEARTLANDS on WEDNESDAYS from 3rd of July 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm

PLEASE NOTE; Car Park Charges waived during the Car Boot Sales is will be FREE PARKING and £1.00 per adult person admission charge.

We are commencing Car Boot Sales at Heartlands Pool Redruth on WEDNESDAY the 3rd of JULY from 12.00 till 3.00 pm /// PLEASE note the following charges to sell; Cars £6.00 Estates and 4 x 4s £8.00 Vans from 12.00 Market Trader prices may be charged at £1.00 per foot depending on the size of the stall /// I have this idea that SATURDAYS at HEARTLANDS during the winter months ‘using the hard-standing grounds for the Boot Sale for the Car Boot Sales and using the indoor Hall for Flea Markets both at the same time’ could do well however I need your opinions please. However the Heartlands management are wanting a justified rent which I support so the question is will you support SATURDAYS at HEARTLANDS because there is nowt going on after all of the boots close down and there’s sod-all to do in the winter month apart from eat and get chubby sitting in your armchairs not getting fresh air
and hibernation and vegetating and becoming boring old farts and fartesses! Come to Heartlands ‘great kids fun park’ //////////// Please Note; The CAR PARK CHARGES ARE TURNED OFF DURING THE CAR BOOT SALES; Admission Cost is £1.00 per adult person, Kids free up to 12 years old then 20 per child all proceeds to my annual holidays if you don’t mind fs! I jest of course! Opinions please to;

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