HEARTLANDS! St COLUMB Major £3.00 discount offer for all sellers this SUNDAY 7th July send me an email!

HEARTLANDS this WEDNESDAY at 12 noon now every WEDNESDAY at HEARTLANDS at 12 noon. Enjoy!! HEARTLANDS ALL YEAR ROUND WEDNESDAYS at 12.00!! See column on right for all location details of postcodes and times! ………………….. Please Note; No persons are allowed to collect money going around to our customers asking for a donation for whatsoever causes I therefore ask all of our customers NOT TO GIVE monies to any persons begging in particular Gypsies who have shown little respect to our instructions ‘do not to bother our customers’ Out of the population of all Gypsies that come to our Car Boot Sales we get on really well with them apart from one family hell bent on disrespecting our rules. Geoff St COLUMB Major; St Columb Major on SUNDAY at 1.30 pm was a huge success especially for most of the sellers who reported good sales. The good thing about St C is that the buyers spend well and do not haggle as much as there there Truro folk so I am told. So in appreciation I am offering all sellers who intend to sell at St Columb this SUNDAY the 7th of July a £3.00 off voucher which means you are only paying a fiver to sell for car. If you would like a voucher send me an email to saying £3.00 off voucher please and when you arrive on the 7th our man Paul will know to give you the discount. Now then the sellers who saved a fiver will all be included in Paul’s list so no need to reapply! Enjoy. X

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