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Regulars will know that I have been asking members of our Car Boot Community to ‘get the jab’ to save lives, the same plea was repeated on FACEBOOK but I was ‘were’ staggered at the ignorance of those opposed to my thoughts. I did not ask for other persons to give their opinions I were giving mine but I did not resort to the utter filth that I received from those know-alls (Trumpet’s) who just had to say something to bring the conversation down to the GUTTER level like one of their readers who told me to ‘shove a red-hot poker up my Rs to deal with COVID’ ffs! His name Mr Christian Scott-Davis aided and abetted by some supporter called Joan both from the parish of Facebook. For them to recommend me to ‘stick a red hot poker up my Rs’ is as difficult as my suggestion that they GAFYSs dears! Now then please read the following, if you do not approve of my opinion then move along the dotted line, you are entitled to your opinion which I respect however this is my website and figures reveal over 1.6 million supporters so I must be doing something right fs. Peace and love? WAALOBs  that is; ********** ffs!! Geoff

“Please for your own sake and your family and friends don’t become a distant memory don’t be obstinate thinking you are someone special and that the COVID won’t get me. The COVID is one the increase half a million CHILDREN That’s 500 thousand have the virus in AMERICA, this young man of 24 thought ‘he knew it all’ today he knows NOTHING he is DEAD!” ……………  “If you are worried concerned cajoled into following someone else’s wrongful advice then speak to your doctor if not in these days they are not available keep trying!     Think seriously about ‘this’  if all else fails then WHY NOT come to NEWQUAY CAR BOOT SALE on THURSDAY the 30th of SEPTEMBER from 12.00 noon to GET YOUR JAB  as CORNWALL Ambulance Services will be on site with their volunteers to give you the advice you need, remember this; Thousands of these volunteers have saved MULTI MILLIONS of lives, let them SAVE yours? GET THE JAB please!!” TODAY TODAY TODAY  ************* This THURSDAY Vaccinations at NEWQUAY Car Boot Sale postponed until TODAY 07/10/2021 Latest news; THURSDAY Car Boot at NEWQUAY is On On On, Time to roll up your sleeves! I have had 3 JABS, you only feel a small prick, i would like to add to that but will refrain, Sorry but that’s how it goes big nose!

Coming soon, the update of mother in law Julia who now has a ‘social worker’ as her antics with the men in the care home are ‘fruity’ to say the least!! She is enjoying herself but knows not what her is a-doing! Ok yes she does! Geoff  X

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