I Hate The Effing TV !

Blog 2.
I hate TV anyway, I makes my excuses by asking permission to retreat and head for MY MANCAVE “geffers 999” It’s toke time thank tf for that dears, lets go for it so wtf! Lou my darling first lady (my god thats OTT) tolerates my desire to become a hermit and reclusive for she ‘the one who always always know’s best and her thinks her is always pigging right all of the ficking time ffs’ Her is quite satisfied to potter around sending texts galore doing loada eBay raising thousands for some of her commission customers of which I receive not a sodding farting farthing ffs, gardening washing ironing eating crisps cooking slurping more pigging texts more pigging slurping more crisps more texts (but nobody replies ffs) but she is a total love (that’s with training her-she could or maybe) but then out of the bottom draw of her life her TV favourites is that her goes into her very own fantasy world ffs, for she is such an ardent fan and TV viewer her-she likes to watch no less than the “American Housewives” ffs (now that’s what drives me out the house ficking quick ffs)

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