Johnnies Depp’s Revenge

Blog 22.
Let me get into the mind of Johnnie Depp because he seriously does seem a decent bloke, he is a brilliant actor who has made serious fortunes for the the film industry and for himself and to fire himself up he has the absolute best Cannabis to smoke taking say 4 smokes to get off his head he then likes to spice himself up even further than the effects four spliffs by taking coccaine and other uppers and downers, yo man, I wish I had the balls to do that ffs, he now feels on top of the world, he is KING of all he sees and does ffs!! My type of man! He is filthy rich ffs! let’s live de life man! Now then, he goes home to the nagging Amber (her indoors) (wev’e all been there) her drinks the best wine at 500$ dollars a bottle ffs, her has dranked two bottles already ffs thats about £900 quids worth ffs and guess what man she starts one on her futile arguements, picking on a man in his “I am a happily stoned and out of it man” mood ffs! His attitude is winding up Amber so much she wallops him, he is so stunned he wants to return the wallop shuddering away but oh no ffs, the gentleman that he is he pours himself a MEGGA glass of wine slurps it but Amber is still going at it like women do ffs and to wind him up even more she decides to film him but still he does not resort to violence instead he dances and prances around smashing up a couple of kitchen cupboards ffs!! So what, he kept his hands to himself off Amber didn’t he, oh yes indeedy! But wtf does it matter the price to replace the damage? pocket change to the very rich Johnnie, but still she is going at it gobbing it off and rabbiting orf fs on and on and on like world wide and like you lovely women do on soo many occasions (daily ffs) on and on and on and CAN her-she do some king nagging that goes on and on and on, the very dear of them all individually and collectively, don’t you just king love them ffs! (that’ll be a resounding no then) fffs!

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