Johnson Boris (DH)

Blog 6.
Formerly known as skidder the kidder a dishonest mess of an excuse for a man who likes to have his ferking picture in the papers every king day with his effing mugshot dressed up in some sort of high-visibilty jacket pretending to drive a tractor or he is dressed up in a cowboy image or a nurses uniform ffs the prick that he is so he is, but then that is disrespectful to pricks whether you can ‘get it up’ or not ffs (god, I am some stoned), and he the Partygate specialist aint he though, I mean, he did’nt GAF while people were NOT allowed ‘because of COVID the killer desease’ to see their dying loved ones and adored members of their families whilst he the fat slob Stuck two fingers up to you the entire British public man ffs he slobbers and slurpes away and dribbles into another glass “Who cares or GsAF about the effing British PUBLIC ffs lets all drink, (let’s all celebrate how we have collectively fcuked up the entire country) which means Boris says “borrocks to the rest of the UK I am the Pri—(ck) Minister for I can do what I effing want to do so can the rest of my team when I wish to change the rules they will all obey, cheers” What a Knob end! Nope, that’s also disrespectful to decent knob ends geffers according to the oricle of Knobosorus ffs, who TF that is or never was I do not know nor do I GAF ffs! Did you know the gossip that recently he was caught in his number ten office actually shagging on the desk with his off white grundies at his feet ffs, but but but ffs an MP walks in sees the PMs grundies round his ankles and what was happening and said “Excuse me Prime Minister, seems like she’s gone sir now pull your trousers and yer fupping grundies up man, FFS” And now today 07/07/2022 he’s gone ttfftffs up up and away but he is still trying to cling on to power ffs despite there being ‘during his power 50,000 nurses down because you did not look after them during a world crisis and 10,000 doctors down (wtf they do in St Columbs surgery is anyone’s guess) Well done Boris now walk away with jerky movements and yer off white grundies ffs march him off to the tower, go nowwwwwww!! Wow! he’s gone, fcuk me gently with a 20 foot rattle snake (mmm, that could be quite nice, beware of the piles please, left a bit) This man, that is me for eye is in such a mental state ffs! bring in the women in their white coats (nothing else) (just white coats please) to take him away, bliss perfect bliss my man my women ffs!! Sorry about my spelling and commas but I am out of control thankfolly dears. X

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