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I am very close to reaching the amount needed to go to Kenya thanks to all the wonderful people who have donated items for me to sell in the car boots.

I’m happy to say that Geoff has allowed me to do a £1 stall that I’ll be doing soon in order to raise that last little bit! (I will give an exact date closer to the time) so if you wanted to pop along and show your support it would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Rhiannon X

Geoff Says!
We are absolutely delighted to help this young lady Rhiannon and her friends to raise money towards this wonderful Charity effort The Kenya Expedition for 2019.

May I ask all sellers if they would kindly consider to donate any sellable items towards this charity event please, if you have just a small carrier bag of ‘SELLABLE’ items that Rhiannon can sell towards this genuine effort to help those less fortunate than ourselves then respectfully I would ask you to give generously and leave your donations with either Rhiannon or one of my team members please!

Many thanks and good luck to Rhiannon and her team, we will give updates over the coming months. Thank you from Geoff and all of the Car Boots Cornwall teams. Good Luck. Geoff. X


I’m Rhiannon Wooldridge and next summer in 2019 I will be heading out to Kenya in East Africa, where around 51% of the population live in absolute poverty. I will be out there for 4 weeks, making a difference towards:
1.) Education
2.) Housing
3.) Healthcare and sanitation
4.) Food and water security
5.) Environmental protection
6.) Sustainable livelihoods.

I will be doing this with Camps Internationals, who have over 100 humanitarian projects, and through Newquay Tretherras School, where a dozen or so more students are joining me on this trip.

On this trip we will be:
1. Building Desks for school children who would otherwise be sat on the floor.
2. Building classrooms to provide children with safe places to learn.
3. Digging elephant watering holes, helping the elephants to survive the dry season.
4. Making ethical deterrents to protect local crops, reducing elephant poaching and increasing crop production.
5. Rhino sanctuary maintenance work as they are hugely endangered.
6. Goat de-worming.
7. Installing fresh water tanks at schools and villages.

We have chosen to go to Kenya for 3 main reasons:
– 42% of Kenyans live below the poverty line.
– Nearly half of the population live on less than $1 a day.
– Average life expectancy is 55 years.

I have been doing, and will continually be doing, numerous events to raise just under £4000 to embark on the expedition.

One of the ways I have been raising money is through selling items in car boots. Geoff has generously offered me a free stall, where most of the items have very kindly been donated, and from this I have made around £300. From doing the car boots Geoff had also offered me a job and all the money which I get paid also contributes to the £4000 needed to go to Kenya. So a big thanks to Geoff!
If you have any unwanted items that you want to donate then please email me at .

On Sunday the 16th of September I will be hosting a coffee morning with Shannon Wright, who is also going on the trip. It is at Goonhavern Village hall at 10:00-12:00. There will be a variety of cakes, other refreshments and raffle prizes, not to mention live acoustic music from our local singer Tess! (see poster image for more information). Your can also look on my Kenya Expedition Facebook page: @Kenyacharitytrip. Anyone is welcome, the more the merrier!

In the Easter holidays my friend, Hannah Williams, and I are going to do a sponsored walk. The walk we will be doing is the West Highland Way in Scotland. We are aiming to complete it within 5 days during the Easter holidays 2019. The 100 mile walk starts at Milngavie (Glasgow) and finishes at Fort William. The West Highland Way is a challenging walk over multiple terrains from mountains and lochs, to moorlands and farmlands. Any donations would of course be greatly appreciated. If you would like to generously donate then please visit my Justgiving crowdfunding page (see below)

Any donations and sponsorship are hugely appreciated and I’m open to any suggestions on fundraising ideas, again my Facebook page is @kenyacharitytrip, my just giving is and my email is . I will also be working at the car boots in Newquay and Truro and will be hopefully be selling at more of Geoff locations (my stall has a few small signs on it about my trip!).


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