My Apoligies !

Blog 23.
I am sorry it has taken so long to add to my Geoff Says blogs illness and becoming totally reclusive with my birds my ducks sheep and my 2 male Alpackas named Yo and Yo because they are frigging ignorant shits neither answer to their name maybe it’s because they both spat at me in the beginning so I slapped them across the face just like Amber slapped Johnnie and they have never spat at me since all of this and all of this in full view from my mancave, what more could I want apart from the fact that it is now nearing eight o’clock, for the 30 plus years my Lou and I have been together I have always like every day ffs of my life done the breakfasts for us two not forgetting the dogs Wilber and fat bitch Betty Boo, I meander into the house stoned but content, my serious leg pains have suddenly disappeared for a while. Be happy with your lives be loving to each other be nice to the kids in your lives and their lives and tell someone “I love you” and mean it ffs! Loves! Bless Up! Geoff. X
Blogging out!

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