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Blog 8.
Now then, I am on the last 10 bales so if you think I am not concentrating when you speak to me, then you are right my lovers so, please don’t talk any crap yiddish rubbish nor or any common sense to me cos I am constantly up there somewhere else man in an entirely different other fantasy type world where flowers grow inside out and rabbits have four ears and they recycle their pellet poos for kids between 4 and 15 years ffs for breakfast? so I will agree to anything you say so borrocks to the outside world and kids eat your pooey breakfasts fs!! That was all taught to me by that not so lovely wife of whom I have a soft spot for her atm, right at the bottom of the freaking garden sometimes ffs the dear of her!! What about this, we have 3 large boxes in our garden with roses and other lovely flowers, she tells people that my former wives one two and three are buried ffs, I am thinking seriously where tf to build another large box for to put and bury wife number 4 X She don’t read this shit her says tha I am too confrontational that’s bloody rich she effing taught me in the first place ffffffs! Love you Lou. x Very ishly!

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