Retention of Counterfeit Currency which means that if you try to bank a ‘fake’ £20.00 note the bank are duty bound to keep your ‘fake’ £20.00 note and you are the loser! Apparently the note looks inferior but when you are or your buyer is in hurry you take the offered note. Several years ago at Mitchell two ‘dosh thugs’ came to the sale and changed 6 £20.00 notes before the alarm was raised, however the ‘dosh thugs’ had caught a husband and wife team not speaking to each other and working both ends of their stall they took a ‘fake’ 20 quid note each FFS! Hilarious!! Apparently they didn’t talk to each other on the way home neither me hansoms! Every time I see them I start “Do you remember?” Beware, be very aware! Geoff Sellers should arrive at least one hour before the start time of all of our locations. Keep vigil on your selling items! Watch out!!

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Now then, some time ago I met a young lady at The King Edward mine museum who had invited me to run Car Boot Sales at the mine which I was unable to accept as we already have Newquay on Thursdays so Demelza got all the advice possible to ensure that if she does herself she succeeds. Two little tips Demelza did not listen to are firstly to allow sellers more time to Q but more importantly let them set up half an hour before that actual start time then it will be fair to all and sundry with everyone getting a chance to the BARGAINS.

Anyway, I hope Demelza does well with her great efforts to raise money towards King Edwards mine and I hope the old spud appreciates her efforts! If any of our ‘nibby regulars’ are there give them a hand please!!

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Carbot field a4

Sarah the Event’s Coordinator at Chapel Farm Events Field is very much looking forward to welcoming Cornwall Car Boot Sales at her venue in the near future. Talks between Geoff, Sarah and her family began back in October 2017 and the actual application process has been on going since January this year. Sarah is very keen to get going with the Car Boot Sales and is doing all she can to move the process along, but until all the applications and works are completed correctly it is a waiting game for all. Sarah says that the Chapel Farm Events Field will be the ideal location for the Car Boot sales, easy access, plenty of field space and beautiful views overlooking Newquay. Perfect for all the family to enjoy!


Geoff Says,

This is the best information we can give you but I think most of the hold-ups are down to the Planning Department who have sat on our application too long. Sarah has constantly had to put pressure on the authorities for the work to commence in providing public access from the main road to the field where the COMMUNITY will enjoy our Car Boot Sales.

For the record Sarah has made the application as requested by the Planning Authorities however I know of another Landlord who did exactly the same to his land without planning
application nor permission.

I would think this delay looks like we will not have Car Boot Sales at Chapel until August, in a real world the application should have been dealt with immediately with us already using the new location for the benefits of the locals and the visitors, come on planning!! Think of the Communities please.

If there are any of our customers who are local councillors I would really appreciate you putting a good word in for us so we can move from the soon to be ex Circus Fields

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Delighted we are to have a new set of Caterers since we decided to give up our Catering at our Car Boot location.

A Js which is Amanda and Glenn have been established for 17 years and are a big hit with our customers. Probably the best team we have ever worked with, it is lovely to have a ‘family catering team’ (no bitching here) who actually get on well together and isn’t a pleasure to see how clean they keep their three trailers with lots of compliments from customers. We are delighted that they have been selected as part of the Annual Stithians Showground Catering teams. Well done from Car Boots Cornwall. Thank you Glenn and Amanda. x

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This SUNDAY at TRURO Cattle Market we have another visit from MONSOON with great BARGAINS being sold for two great charities;

To whom it may concern,

The Monsoon Accessorize stores will be holding a charity stall at the Truro car boot on Sunday 17th June. All proceeds will be split evenly between the Monsoon Accessorize Trust and the Cornwall Women’s Refuge. We were just enquiring as to whether it would be possible to allow 2-3 cars in with all the items to set up, but only 1 to remain there when selling. And if it would then be possible to only pay the one sellers fee, as all money raised will be going to charity.
Many Thanks,
Vicky Harvey (Assistant Manager)

Hello Vicky,

That will be nice for you and our customers and the two deserving charities. I will allow you a FREE stall and yes it is fine to arrive say 12.00 noon to set your stall up early.

Enjoy your day.

078 078 078 88

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Sent: 21 May 2018 10:53
Subject: FAO Geoff

Hi Geoff

I spoke to you at the Mitchell car boot recently to let you know that I had been stolen from whilst selling the previous week.

I went for a look round at Mitchell on Saturday 19th May and saw the people that had stolen from me so I took a picture so that you can keep an eye on these people. They usually have a little girl with them as well.

Sorry not great pictures but you may recognise them.

If possible could I be kept anonymous, thank you!

Kind regards,

On 21 May 2018, at 18:27, Geoff Camden-Wiles wrote:
What did they steal and how much was the item(s) please.


From: Mildred
Sent: 21 May 2018 18:51
To: Geoff Camden-Wiles
Subject: Re: FAO Geoff

It was only a bag one of my children was selling, like a small ruck sack pink and glitzy. I was asking £1.50 and they offered a £1 and I said it was worth £1.50 as never used. I was serving another customer and turned my back to put some money in the car and they had gone off with it. My children also said they walked off with it.

It’s ridiculous as was selling so cheap. It’s not the amount of money, it just annoys me. These women are at Truro and Mitchell on a weekly basis so I don’t want them to be stealing from other people. So please keep an eye open for these two women who stole from my children.

Thanks Mildred

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From: Mildred
Sent: 21 May 2018 17:59
To: Geoff Camden-Wiles
Subject: Re: FAO Geoff

Yes of course, the 2 large women are foreign.

Thank you

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On 21 May 2018, at 17:32, Geoff Camden-Wiles wrote:
Thank you for the picture, I promise to keep you anonymous but I will ask Louise and the rest of the staff if they recognise the two large women.




The story so far; Mildred and her children sold at Mitchell Car Boot a couple of weeks ago and during the sale a large pair of ladies looked at the stall asking ‘how much cost dis child’s rucksack’ “It is new and we would like £1.50 said Mildred” ‘Take a pound’ says our large ladies “No,sorry we wont it is worth the £1.50 we are asking” therefore there was ‘no deal’
A few minutes after the large ladies left the stall Mildred (not completely on her guard) notices that the rucksack had been stolen from their stall and the only persons that could have taken it were the 2 large ladies who were obviously foreign by their description. These ladies have brought great disrespect to the communities of all of the ‘foreigners’ who have settled in the South West and I hasten to add “They are no real trouble, they seem very sociable amongst themselves, in my book they are a great asset to the local communities and they spend and barter well at my car boots so that’s good enough for me and my customers.
Now back to the two Large Ladies do you recognise them? I feel sorry for Mildred and her children but you were at fault by not concentrating on running your business by watching everybody from the moment they arrive at your stall.
Bottom line of this is that I have no hesitation than to BAR these two ladies for stealing from children who were raising pocket money by selling their unwanted items Despicable!!

Now then, I am always yacking on and bloody on about “Watch out there’s a thief about” so lets all learn a lesson and look after your selling area “Eyes on the PRIZE” FFS!!

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Have you ever had a nervous breakdown?
So where do we start with a nervous breakdown or is it all in the mind? Several years ago before we got involved with Car Boot Sales we ran the famous Dig & Delve in Swanpool Street a second hand shop which when we opened locals traders gave us no more than three months before we would close down, the same shop is now in its 27th year but all the local voices of doom who predicted our trading demise are no longer in business so bloody there!
Life was good in those days people would constantly arrive at the shop to sell their unwanteds and estate agents would use us to deal with house clearances so the shop was an immediate success. I used to get very frustrated within the four walls of the shop, previously I was General Manager of Pontins in Brean Sands Somerset with up to 5000 people a week and a staff of 300 and here I am in a lock up shop earning a good living but not happy.
The local’s tourists and students supported the shop the popularity was phenomenal but I had this constant urge to get away from the shop as soon as possible. I really used to wind people up one day there were about 15 regulars who I had got to know in the shop when I decided to lock the front doors, totally as a joke I announced “ Ladies and men I have locked the front door and I am going home and the only way you are getting out is to spend some money” which was a huge success with all but one couple from Camborne who had no dosh as they had spent up at Trago’s. My personal popularity used to really piss Lou off because if I was in the shop the entertainment was nonstop with lots of good banter between the customers and me (but the takings went up) with Lou just wishing for a peaceful life because she could not stand the customers standing around and basically wanted me all to herself. (I can totally understand that) So life wasn’t too bad we had (still have) a wonderful relationship and enjoy our very reclusive time off to ourselves. On a rare occasion Lou and I decided to go to Plymouth to see EVITA. During the interval I needed some fresh air and I felt really rotten and sick and thoroughly pissed but worse I did not feel I could cope with life and the stresses and worries of living. What brought this about I have no idea suddenly I feel worthless and that the whole world was against me. My body felt drained of feelings I had simply had enough and I wanted to opt out. I did not want to work and I could not control my mood swings I kept crying my morale was totally fuct and I just wanted to lay in bed and for the whole world to just ‘go away’ I went to my doctors who was as useless as a dog lead on King Kong’s dick. He was giving me all sorts of depressants and anti-depressants that made me even worse and becoming nuttier and out of control of myself. He tried to survey me “And how is your sex life Mr Viles” (daft sod couldn’t pronounce his WWs) I replied ‘Mine is fine how is yours’ and I believe from there on in his dislike for Mr Viles was permanent! Result!! He sent me to painting classes when I arrived for the first time (and the pigging last) there I was with 20 other total nutters but some of them were a lot nuttier than me and I could see myself staying no more than five minutes so I politely excused myself and went back home to bed to try to sort myself out.
Lou had been an absolute gem (still is) looking after me and our shop but when she told me the Dig & Delve gossip that ‘she and I had broken up and that she had got the shop in settlement’ I was deeply pissed off, this was like a WAKE UP call to sort myself out. The voodoo doctor and his medicines tried over several weeks have not worked so it is now up to me to get myself right because Lou does not deserve this shit. She came home one day and handed me some CDs that she had bought in the shop by a band called Penguin Cafe Orchestra which she thought that I would like. The fantastic music from this band with some determination from myself to this wake up call and within two weeks I had completely turned myself around, I had bought a couple of sets of weights got loads of exercise stopped cigarettes (keep to the weed only no poisons no nicotine tobacco) we became closet vegetarians and over the next few years I/we have built up Car Boots Cornwall with 10 locations, sod it! Seriously you can control the effects of a nervous breakdown with sheer determination and a supportive partner. I know of another couple who over many years the wife has been going through serious bouts of depression and at times is a right miserable old sod but she is so loved by her husband. She knows it but is neglectful in returning his love so she can’t be bothered (arsed) but she does love him.
She certainly nags on a bit I have heard them both having a right old ding dong battle (hilarious in the public arena my lovers) The only thing going for him is that he wears a hearing aid and when she goes on her rants he unplugs saying ‘yes dear’ every few minutes. They have 2 Jack Russell dogs who seem to carry the same depression around with them with their slouched shoulders and hidden tails and a real couldn’t GAF attitude. Imagine that, being seriously depressed and also having two manic depressant dogs to cheer you up but the punch line to this is that the dogs actually sleep in the same bed as this couple so they all get (and deserve) each other twenty four pigging hours a day FFS! The dogs don’t understand WTF she is saying to them and he has unplugged her so you’re now on your own baby!
Recently she went to hospital for one of those ‘women operations’ and her depressions seriously set in whilst staying at home convalescing. Seeing the husband at the Car Boots on his own I always ask “Where she is and how she is” he then tells me she is so depressed it is difficult to get her to come out. I sent a message “You telI her that I want to see her” Two days later she appears looking absolutely knackered but pleased to be back, apparently she had read one of my Geoff Says ranting’s telling people to get up off there fat arses and get out there and get some exercise and some good old Cornish fresh air and STOP feeling sorry for your bloody self! As she reads she says to herself’ that’s me’
Before she had left the sale the colour had come back to her cheeks the bags under her eyes looked as though they were receding (from a distance) and her old man looked a bit happier (unless it was wind) but he can be a miserable old sod at times as well. So yes you can control depression by having something else to occupy your minds like the car boots where you can relax without pressures and hopefully the friendly atmosphere will take you away from your worries and concerns then you can go back home have a cup of coffee and fall asleep in your armchair and wake up still a miserable old git, bit like me really! But remember this; you die if you worry, you die if you don’t, so why worry in the first place FFS and if it’s worry about debt, if you aint got the money you cannot spend it. Been there done that. Move on!!
This is dedicated to my anonymous couple whom I try to council and analyse their problem, I think he should smarten himself up, have a proper shave, put on some aftershave and a nice clean shirt not forgetting to ‘wash down below’ whilst she is upstairs putting on her makeup fish net tights and corsets, when she comes downstairs don’t take the piss just tell her she looks lovely and that you love her and spend an hour making passionate love with each other in having a good old fashioned Cornish style shag (make her do all the work) Whilst all this is going on your depression will disappear so make it last FFS! I love them both and I wish them total happiness so get it together you 2 coz you really need and deserve each other so start off with taking the dogs for a long walk to the beaches. Now where can I get one of those deaf aid things?

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The 1950s ceramic vase by studio potter Hans Coper was bought at a car boot sale for £20 in the 1990s A tall 1950s ceramic vase bought at a car boot sale for £20 in the 1990s has sold at auction for almost £22,000. The vase by German-born British studio potter Hans Coper has sold at auctioneers in Market Harborough. Its pre-sale estimate was £5,000 – £8,000 but online and telephone bidding fought competitively and the stoneware vase went for £21,960 in the 20th century decorative arts auction. The woman who used to own the vase was shocked at how much it made. Will Gilding, from Gildings Auctioneers, said: “My vendor is flabbergasted that a vase she has lived with for all these years on her floor, with children playing around it, and the vacuum cleaner bumping against it every week, has raised so much money.” Eagle eye Mr Gilding added that the woman, who not long ago retired, recently noticed the potter’s signature mark on the base. “Because of her eagle eye all those years ago, her retirement is starting off just that little bit happier,” he said. “One of the great car boot treasure tales to be retold for years to come, I’m sure.” Coper fled Nazi persecution during the Second World War, taking refuge in the UK. Shortly after the war he went to work at a ceramic button factory where he developed his talents with the potter’s wheel. His works can be found in art galleries and institutions around the world.

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A mother with her two children came to talk to me as a matter of urgency “You see those two ladies going to their car, one of them stole from my stall last week” ‘Are you prepared to confront them?’ I asked. “Yes I am, but it is probably too late and she would only deny it” We made arrangements that in future she would point out the alleged thief (thieves?) when she next sees them however I know the persons mother is accusing and I will watch them and their actions around our sellers stalls. If we do catch any person(s) stealing we will without doubt call the Police and asked for the alleged offender(s) to be arrested with a view to prosecuting. Do not steal from our sellers we are increasing our filming of all our Car Boot Sales in the interest of our sellers or you our buyers,our customers. Thank you, Geoff at CBC.

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