Posted 18th July 2019

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS Car Boot Sales at NEWQUAY Chapel Farm both at 12 noon
Sellers should arrive at least one hour before start times. If you have the right bargains to sell the buyers are very keen to buy at Newquay as we approach the peak season and the school holidays. Remember to keep both eyes on your stall and make sure no-one steals from you! You are in charge of a space which is probably no bigger than your bathroom fs so do not come to me like a lady did at Newquay saying “I have just had a pair of curtains stolen from my stall” then she has the nerve to complain to one of my team that I did not give her a FREE stall! Why should I reward stupidity when she was obviously not paying attention to the security of her stall, so it all ends up my fault does it? I am sick of reminding people to be secure with their stalls stop looking at the crumpet and talent and pay attention ffs and sell it do not get it nicked for which I have no sympathy, just imagine if I had given her a freebie for the following week she would probably have had a bleedn wardrobe stolen and not even noticed it was gone because her busy-body eyes were not on the prize hah! gotcha!!

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