Posted 20th July 2019 Home page;

6.00 am latest; Car Boot at MITCHELL is ON,On,On today!!!!!!!
I have seen the ground conditions at Mitchell today Friday at 5.00 pm and can confirm that providing we don’t get storms all night long then the Car Boot ‘will go ahead’ Worried customers at Lanhydropped will travel to Mitchell as they are fully aware you can get bogged down especially after so much rain. Hayle have not yet announced if the Sunday 8.00 am Car Boot will go ahead, we will let you know!

On Wednesday we are at HEARTLANDS at 12.00 noon and for everyone’s knowledge I am not competing with Rosudgeon I am looking to establishing a WINTER LOCATION for Car Boots when all the other ‘grass field locations’ are closed down see? Common sense really. Keep an eye on ‘what’s yours’ and don’t let any thief deprive you of ‘what-shores?’ I will have a pint please. Geoff

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