Posted 26/10/2018

SATURDAY at MITCHELL is CANCELLED due to weather SUNDAYS Car Boot Sale at TRURO will go ahead
Sorry but Mitchell is cancelled for Saturday due to the heavy rainfall expected during our working hours, Sunday Car Boot Sale at TRURO as 1.30 pm will go ahead. Starting this YEAR Car Boot Sales on SUNDAY mornings at 9.00 am then the second Car Boot at the same location TRURO will still be on at 1.30pm. Calling all children run your own Toy-Fair stall. Here is a big opportunity and a challenge for all you young kids to tidy your bedrooms up and sort out all the toys you do not want any more, clean them up find their original boxes if possible. Plan how much you will charge for the toys so you can make yourself some cash (dosh) to buy mum & dad Chrissy Presies (what a lovely thought) then ask mum or dad to bring you to the Car Boot Sale and if your car is at least HALF-FULL of toys I will only charge you £4.00 to sell but if you are rich and have an estate car or a 4 x 4 I will reduce the selling charge to £5.00! Now then girls and lads when you arrive it is you that has to ask for the discount your driver must not ask on your behalf see. Anyway, I will take a look at the stalls and the best one will get a FREE to sell stall for your next visit. We had a lad last year who loaded up his dads car and he to took over £140.00 in two hours! So it’s all up to you the offer is there, use it don’t abuse it-that’s my job!! Next thing is for you’all to make sure that some cheeky bugger does NOT STEAL anything FROM YOUR STALL. Be alert pay attention and be a business person for the day,you should enjoy it!! Money, money, DOSH!! Adults, help the kids out with this one please, have a good clear out with them! How many time have you said “clear out all these toys FFS” ffs = ‘fer flips sake for the kids’ but for adults it’s the real FFS!! Enjoy Saturday it’s gonna piss down! Geoff X

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