Posted 27th May;

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS Car Boot Sales at NEWQUAY Chapel Farm both at 12 noon
NEW LOCATION at Newquay at Chapel Farm opposite the famous HENDRA HOLIDAY PARK. Enjoy your life. X The rest of this week; FRIDAY at Falmouth Rugby Club at 12.30 pm/Saturday at MITCHELL at 12.00 noon/SUNDAY at TRURO at (new time) 12.00 noon also at St COLUMB MAJOR at 1.30 pm…….. Now remember this; Pack your car up properly so that your selling items ‘do not crash onto your feet’ as you open your car boot to start unloading dears, it happens almost daily and who gets the blame? You do! It was probably his fault who will blame her but it’s not a very good start for anyone is it now. Pack your car up safely and the last items that to pack are your tables dear because that’s the first thing you will need when you arrive! Bring some change and buyers bring some carrier bags for your bargain purchases and plenty of dosh please! PS; If you are selling opened cans of paint please ensure the lids are on, it looks hilarious when someone arrives with a redecorated boot in various colours and they expect me to do something about it fs! Watch out, no petty stealing from the stalls, right! Happiness is being positive about your day and to be caring for those closest to you but not that bleeden close cos they could pick your pockets not just at car boots but everywhere fs. Here is a good one, love your neighbours despite the fact they can be a total pain in yer piles at times so they can, come and tell me about them but firstly remember and admit you are half of the problem so you are fs! Come and tell me all about your ‘lovely neighbours’ and I will pass the anonymous details in Geoff Says, make it spicy and as horny as you like but if they are the best in the world then sleep in silence with a contented smile across your faces you smug lot of lucky people, Happiness is! Love your support thank you. Geoff X

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