Posted 29/04/2019

TUESDAY & THURSDAYS Car Boot sales at NEWQUAY (TR7 2JQ) see panel for details of all our Car Boots on the right!
We are hoping to move into our new location Chapel Farm on TUESDAY the 14th of May for our first Car Boot Sale at Chapel. We are at an angle opposite HENDRA HOLIDAY PARK the largest in Cornwall which gets packed with holiday-makers who love their Car Boots, they will spend well if you have what they want on your stall so sellers offer BARGAINS at sensible prices and buyers particularly my friends from Asia and all parts of Europe please be sensible when making an offer for if someone is asking £10.00 for an item it is bloody rude to offer them ‘vun pound please’ you cheeky sods and it’s the men who some of them are not used to toilet and chain business so they take a pee behind the water tank, that’s disgusting if we catch you believe me you will be put into the next Farm Auction after being castrated amongst all the fat cows ffs and I am not picking on but why are you all growing beards, did you know that because of germs it is better to kiss a dog than a man with a beard, much safer dears. Confucius he say; Never grow on your face what grows up your bum for free! Please note all the above my friends from all over the world welcome to our Boot Sales and spend some king money ffs! Love you’ll. Geoff Says. x

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