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(Sunday poor forecast) SATURDAY at MITCHELL at 12.00 noon, SUNDAY TRURO at 12 / SUNDAY at St Columb at 1.30 pm
According to the BBC weather forecast Sunday is supposed to be raining but the bloody BBC have got it wrong so many times they ruin outdoor events so if they are they are right you can rely on TRURO Car Boot being held at 12.00 noon going ahead as we use the Cattle Pens which is very well supported by Joe and Johanna Public and if you make the effort and give your public BARGAINS then you will take money! To sell is ‘well worth a punt’ you should target taking at least £75.00 last Sunday 7 sellers I spoke with had exceeded the over one hundred pounds mate but don’t expect to take that sort of dosh if you bring toot items! Go for it my lovers!

Newquay is our NEW location we are now at Chapel Farm which is opposite HENDRA HOLIDAY PARK. Sellers should arrive at least one hour at all locations before the start times at all locations. And now, it’s ‘thought for the day time’ Go for it Geoff! Sellers please do not smoke when you are selling, it’s bad manners and it will put your customers off and your breath and the things you are hoping to sell will probably stink! Been there done that and I have no idea where the money went that I don’t spend on fags, gave it up 15 years ago. You could do the same if you want to add years to your life yer know. Take care, give it up man I mean have the odd spliff or two but you do not need those 2 deadly poisons of tobacco and nicotine in your systems do yer though. I have lost many customers over the years who have had an early demise cos of fags and they were lovely-lovely people (sniff-sniff) and I really miss them but truth to tell is that I really do miss their money ffs! Bless up man! Live de life. Give it up my men and my women friends we want to talk to you-not about you? Nearly forgot to say do not let anyone nick-nick off you my bird because if you are not alert you could lose out, know wot I mean! Geoff xx

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