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BBC forecast is WRONG according to farmers? SUNDAYS at TRURO BACK TO 12.00 noon this weekend!
I think farmers are right about today little rain expected, whatever we have the Cattle pens so today the choice is yours ‘in or out’ “I know what I prefer! that is so rude Geoff! Don’t forget THURSDAYS at TRURO Car Boot Sales at 11.00 am requested by mums, get the kids off to school have breakfast then to the Car Boot for a couple of hours make some money but do not trust everybody my lovers! No nicking, right! X Sellers; First 40 sellers (cars) will pay only £5.00 to sell ………………………………… Coming soon on Geoff Says; Welcome to Portugal. Enjoy your life, keep warm cos its bloody cold and wet out there! Don’t forget SUNDAYS at 12.00 noon!!

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