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UPDATED SUNDAY 30th June 2019
Once again the BBBC cocked up it’s weather forecast why do we all watch such an inaccurate load of utter crap?
So the BBBC got it wrong again by portraying bad weather with a yellow warning from early morning and heavy rain more or less all day but that did not happen. In the interest of looking after their ground conditions and taking into consideration the forecast HAYLE RUGBY CLUB cancelled their SUNDAY Car Boot Sale being wrong-footed by the BBBC who said there would be an average of 60% chance of rain more or less all day which was a total load of ollocks with a capital ‘B’ ffs! Just think of the money lost at Hayle from the sellers the buyers the Landlords rent the caterers the lot all because we all seem to be dominated by watching the ucking crap forecasts which are invariably wrong and wrong again. We have had to cancel the last five Sunday Car Boot Sales at St Columb Major due to weather but here is an opportunity not to miss subject to weather!

The next SUNDAY the 30th of JUNE we will re-start our season at St Columb Major and if you ‘want to sell’ you then drop me a line to my email address and in return I will give you a FIVER off to sell at St COLUMB MAJOR only this coming SUNDAY at 1.30 pm so if you want to ‘go in early’ then you wont have to pay the fiver extra! Text should read; Hello Geoff, Please take my email address as evidence to ask you for a FIVER off to sell at St Columb this SUNDAY the 30th June, your christian name is fine! Go for it tell you mates!! One of the good thing about St Columb is that the buyers don’t haggle so much with the sellers like they do at other places so they tell me and they say “it’s always the bleedn foreigners! We’re all bleedn foreigners ffs! Love yourself-love your life and live long my bird! Geoff X Sorry, I made a mistake on the dates the mistake was deliberate I just wanted to see if you were paying attention? I have been so unlucky lately I reckon if I fell into a barrel of bosoms I would come out sucking my thumb ffs! Don’t let any uncouth person come nick-nicking from you whether it’s at the shops or the car boots there is always a skunk wanting to spoil your day. Don’t let it happen to you. Happy Mothers Day Off Day! Give her a break and love her to bits and cuddle her lots, that’s if you can get your arms around her the dear of her so she is. Kisses for Mumsy! Geoff.

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