Posted on HOME PAGE 01/09/2019

WARNING to all Car Boot Sellers in Cornwall to BEWARE the thieves are about to STEAL something from YOUR stall?
I have got to remind ALL SELLERS in CORNWALL to look after your property inside and outside of your cars whilst you are selling! Thieves stole from HAYLE & ROSUDGEON & MITCHELL & TRURO & NEWQUAY & WITHIEL in the last 7 days also beware because YOUNG CHILDREN are being taught to steal from your stall…………!!

Now then lets hope the following takes place; SUNDAY at St Columb Major at 10.00 am/Sunday at TRURO CITY Cattle Market at 1.30 pm/SUNDAY at PENRYN Rugby Club at 3.00 pm. Sellers should arrive at least one hour before start times. All sellers are reminded to keep secure with your selling items do not let any person to take items from your stall without paying cos that is what will happen so concentrate with your eyes on the prize!

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