“Please for your own sake and your family and friends don’t become a distant memory don’t be obstinate thinking you are someone special and that the COVID won’t get me. The COVID is one the increase half a million CHILDREN That’s 500 thousand have the virus in AMERICA, this young man of 24 thought ‘he knew it all’ today he knows NOTHING he is DEAD!” ……………  “If you are worried concerned cajoled into following someone else’s wrongful advice then speak to your doctor if not in these days they are not available keep trying!     Think seriously about ‘this’  if all else fails then WHY NOT come to NEWQUAY CAR BOOT SALE on THURSDAY the 30th of SEPTEMBER from 12.00 noon to GET YOUR JAB  as CORNWALL Ambulance Services will be on site with their volunteers to give you the advice you need, remember this; Thousands of these volunteers have saved MULTI MILLIONS of lives, let them SAVE yours? GET THE JAB please!!” Geoff Says. X ************  TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS we are at NEWQUAY opposite HENDRA at 12.00 noon both days. *****************  SATURDAYS at MITCHELL at 12.00 noon // SUNDAYS at TRURO at 1.00 pm // SUNDAYS at St COLUMB MAJOR at 2.00 pm *************   History;   TODAY SUNDAY the 19th September we are at TRURO CATTLE MARKET at 1.00 pm and at 2.00 pm we are at St Columb Major,  Sellers should arrive at least ONE hour before start times.  If you have a large stall you could arrive two hours before start times pay an extra £5.00 and set your stall up with  other early sellers. No Selling-No Buying-No Reserving items from other stalls just ‘set up only’ please.   Keep an eye on your stocks and make sure no-one takes any items from your stalls without paying for them ‘know wot I mean’ thank you. Enjoy your day, be nice to yourself,  why not tell someone ‘I love you’ and mean it, why not indeed? Geoff  X

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