WOTY (Wanker of the year)
Over many years I have come to know thousands of really decent men we have a chat they go their way but there is always the odd person who wants to have a moan some lack respect for my fellow car boot people. One such man to avoid of whom I seriously do not know his name and I don’t want to know neither but he has been around the car boots for years, he collects all catering equipment that is on sale for him to then resell at inflated prices at his shop. Quite often he is brutal with his bartering but as he leaves the car boot time and again, he loads and reloads his estate car up with all of his purchases to sell on. He likes to show off and brag to me about some of the bargains he has bought, the last time he showed me a box full of catering gear ‘worth about seventy quid that I only paid a fiver for and look at this only a quid, they must all be king mental’! I reply ‘do not be rude about my customers but I do agree they must be mad to serve you-an ungrateful sod! FRO! This is a man to avoid if he thinks my customer sellers are all mental? they are so not mental only half of us are FFS, anyway during the elections he likes to put up signs for the Brexit party giving leaflets out which my team have to pick up from the ground later so generally this man bloke is a PITA (pain in the arse) upgraded to a PITFA ffs!

A couple of weeks ago Nigel and I were in the car park when Pitfa approached carrying an electric screwdriver claiming “I took it home and it doesn’t work so I want you to help me get my money back and the bloke who sold it to me have refused to give me my money back” I looked at the screwdriver which was filthy he assured me it was ‘like that when I bought it’ so the major question is “when did you buy it” ‘About six months ago’ “What, six months you cheeky sod you are here every bloody week and you want me to get you a refund you must be joking, I am definitely on the sellers side, no way would I support you to get a refund!” PITFA was white with rage as he stormed away to confront the seller returning back to the car park and totally blanking me. Did I care? not one jot!

At the selling area later a really nice worried looking gent a regular seller walks up “Geoff did you just get a complaint about me”? ‘I certainly did and I told him that I would not help him to get a refund and that I was on your side the man is ridiculous bringing it back demanding a refund after keeping the screwdriver for 6 months’ “Six months, he is telling lies because he has had it over a year he just brought it to my stall and slammed it on my table and walked off, what shall I do with it”? ‘Clean it up get it working then sell it again my lover’ So my nomination of the WOTY award (Wanker of the Year) is PITFA ffs and I bet he never speaks to me again, what a stunning result! He knows who he is and so do loads of other ‘respectful dealers’ Wanker-wanker!

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