The Jubilee !

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Yo there, why not Join me for a spliff or two with a rum and coke a rest and relax dears anything to avoid the JUBILEE celebrations the dear of them all fs! The lovely Royal family are so rich and we the general public contribute millions upon millions of “PUBLIC DOSH” towards their lifestyle, yours and mine wor money my lovelies and I bet this years dosh given to them by all of us paid for with our bldn taxes fs! I double bet that-that includes the paying for the settlement for compensation to the victims of Slime-ball-blockage-shit-bag PRINCE ANDREW over his under-age sex victim, So, you, we and me got him orf the fcuking hook ffs, now howzat fairness? that’s what I call a load of blocks to our wonderful BRITISH PUBLIC another two fingers ffs we are all equal aunt we, we were all conceived in the same way were’nt we ff, I mean, I just cannot cope, there is sweet fig all to watch on the TV apart from the Jubilee omg and ffs ffs!

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