The tourists have gone but the STUDENTS are back!

Without being rude to the wonderful tourists who have supported our business this year it is nice that we can drive around easier and the local community comes together and the STUDENTS are back.
When we ran Dig & Delve we used to buy and sell from the students and over many years they became part of our lives. They have always supported the Falmouth Car Boot Sale and 20 odd years later we are still proud to welcome them back! I will get some pictures!
By the way I put a couple of pictures on with NICE LEGS according to some of our customers. I believe the young lady is a student.
I am taking more pictures of some of the regulars who attend our Car Boot Sales. The gallery is popular and you can print your own copies if you see yourselves or friends!
I am sorry about the delay on some of the stories on this year we have had a busy season!
CLUE! I will start with Mr Angry!! WARNING this story will infuriate you!! WEDNESDAY!

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