We are Real man !

Blog 5.
Now then, on the other side of life, we real men, we are such a placid even-tempered peaceful home loving men, I mean, I know we can be a bit tyresome at times but only on rare occasions carn’t we dears ffs? But, but, but ladies of the female variety fs we love you, all of you! Do we? ffs walobs that is, no it is not, but then, I am just playing to be on the grounds of myself like on both sides of the fence here for my own personal safety ffs? But then I, that’s me personally, for I love and adore all women of all ages “mothers of our world the dears of them all unite in absolute happiness and total nudity, just pile your clothes on top of mine dears” (that would not be a first, but, please don’t tell my missus fs) From my heart, please all ladies, femails, girls, aunties smoking de weed man, slurping sisters, grandmas (of the stoned variety) greatgrandmamas (completly out of it, gone but not quite yet (I will go when I’ m ready you can fcuk off) total bliss man fed all day, she be back to happy crappie nappy time, great to give the bumps to ffs) mumsies and all of the female variety which ever side you dress ffs, I mean, please take over the whole of OUR pigging WORLD ladies my lovelies, I mean there would be no wars to start with but you could not do a worserer jobs than our alleged World leaders ffs (apart from Biden who is totally honest and a good man whatever his politics, unlike USAs number one criminal shite house TRUMP the schmook that he is, Biden never got his fingers caught in the till like effing Trump) (whose going to prison?) (oh yes you are you ferking nerd) but WTF have we got here in the UK but a dithering fat blobby sloppy-slob-blob of a person Doris Borris Johnson, criminal to the people!

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