Welcome to CUBA Part 6

Taking the piss with Thomas Cook!
Part SIX;
We decided to take up sun-beds behind the FREE POOL bar for easy access to drinks and I wanted to see if the Marriott ‘pool bar pissing’ habits were prevalent in the Thomas Cook hotels. The noises from the bar majority English are from loud mouthed pissed-up drinkers do our country a great disservice (they sound like southerners to me my but not as far down as here in the South-West of Cornwall my lovelies) they are a crowd of 25 adults plus some kids waiting for their parents to take them to a better place ffs! They were indeed drinking it in and pissing it out into the pool where the pool water will wash down to where the young swimmers were enjoying themselves oblivious of the risks. That is outrageous and disgusting behaviour swimming in the polluted water regretfully into the eyes and ears and mouths of young children and infections. I watched and listened to the drunken crowds, I saw clouds of dangerous toxic yellow urine discharged into the ocean blue swimming pool without a care in the world, so why TF isn’t something done about it, at Butlins and Pontins we used to ‘chuck out’ offenders but THOMAS COOK and the MARRIOTT GROUP and other major Holiday Hotel Groups seem to turn a blind eye but maybe they will wake up one day when someone sues them for fortunes because they have a duty of care for their ‘customers Health & Safety’ and they should have the decency to protect all customers from such infectious risks’ Had I of been managing the situation I would most definitely speak with all of the people at the bar by public announcement if necessary (in English) telling them I had received complaints about people urinating in the bar pool, I am not pointing fingers nor accusing any person/s in particular. I would also tell them to get out of the pool while the pool water will recirculate in the interest of Public Health & Safety (security to oversee if necessary) They can take their drinks to the rear of the bar, I am closing the poolside bar but drinks would still be available at the other end of this POOL bar.
I believe all travel companies should inform all customers when they are booking holidays that ‘this hotel is predominantly for Spanish guests, 90% of public announcements from the stage were in Spanish ffs and the majority of those announcements were in ‘screeching Spanish’ so if you are wanting a quiet afternoon with your kids around you playing happy families by the pool in a urine free zone you can forget it at this THOMAS COOK recommended hotel my bird. The shrill announcements, no English (well nothing sounded like English) apart from one compere who only knew the words “Oh my goodness me” he did he know WTF they meant “Oh my goodness me”! The speakers are deafening showing absolutely no respect to the holidaymakers getting together as families the last thing they want to hear is some screeching Spanish dear lady spieling out a whole load of old ballcocks ffs and what a brilliant way to empty the pool area FFS! One of the Market traders came to me with hand written raffle tickets to sell for me to win something wonderful from her stall which I refused to buy (nice little fiddle-nobody ever wins FFS) (definitely not allowed in the UK) she then spent half an hour jabbering on about her raffle on the loud mike in Spanish of course the gobby moo! I can cope no more it is time for us to leave the pool but before we go, we look at the children’s paddling pools where there were ill fitting replacement tiles some tiles completely missing in small areas, how very bloody dangerous. Surely Thomas Cook are aware of the serious lack of maintenance at this All-Inclusive Holiday Centre as part of its ‘duty of care’ for my fellow holidaymakers fs. They should also be aware that some of the low standards of cleanliness in parts of the public arena would result in the Hotel being closed down here in the UK. We went to the private beach (which I don’t agree with, all beaches are for all of the people) the beach was littered with small plastic cups some drifting out to sea ffs!
We noticed that some of the sun-beds are covered with a heavy duty blue material were absolutely and disgustingly manky rotten filthy from ground-in dirty feet, foot scabs, toe nail clippings sun lotions or creams, dead peeled skin, foods, hot sweats, wet farts, snots or any other bodily dribbles you care to think of but man they were gross filthied up to fcuk so they were by courtesy of and ignored by THOMAS COOK holidays. They need jet washing, so do the sunbeds FFS! Enough is enough, I am not staying here right!!

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