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Last MABE HALLOWEEN CAR BOOT SALE!Posted: 20/10/2010
With the luck we are having with the weather we hope that the last Car Boot Sale at MABE will be a dry day and as its HALLOWEEN 31st October,
Why NOT dress-up and get the kids to wear their HALLOWEEN costumes!
Prizes (kids sections up to 14 years)
Stall holder prizes for best cozzy!
Best OLD GIT (over 60s) prize!
Go on have a go... it's the last MABE of the season!!
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PORTH BEACH-Its looking GOOD!Posted: 18/10/2010
I had a meeting again today with PORTH BEACH management to discuss plan for Car Boot Sales to be held in their spacious grounds on Saturday afternoons after Mitchell season is over.
Porth Beach will be our winter quarters for Saturday afternoons but it is planned to move to another day of the week when Mitchell re-opens.
Here is a good clean location with great hard-standing parking for up to 250 Cars.
It is on the SEA FRONT so remember to wrap up well prepared for the Cornwall elements.
Right on the beach, bring the kids and the dogs and explore PORTH!
If you are selling-BRING SOME BARGAINS and they will sell in PORTH!
On site catering facilities & local pub!
No drinking & driving, bring doggie doo-doo bags please.

You asked for a winter location-now you have got PORTH support it for buyers and sellers.
(see Gallery)
Welcome to Porth Beach our new winter Car Boot Sale for Saturdays at 1.00 pm......Start date to follow....
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What a great day at MABE!Posted: 16/10/2010
Our phones started ringing at 6.40 am most of the customers buyers or sellers expected the ansaphone but we spoke to them all!
Over 3000 people attended and according to the sellers they had a good day with the highest taking of £416.00 to an average of £80.00
That is not bad at all but the atmosphere at MABE was superb, all the locals our Cornish crowd!
Sorry note is; The last Car Boot at MABE this season is 31st October at 1.30 pm.
Time to get the tissues ready (we has two crying today) What are we gonna do?
Come to TRURO of course at 1.30 on SUNDAY 7th November!
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Dennis......Its not true-he is alive!Posted: 15/10/2010
Rumours were rife at MITCHELL today about Dennis and his bladder problems.
(see picture)
Some were saying that he had passed on so I checked with Laura who says he is home and relaxing. They have appreciated the concern from all their Car Boot friends.
Thank you,

Dennis and Laura.
Hi Dennis,

Hope you are doing all you are told to!

Not so funny now is it you old sod, what about those wind-ups?

Who's laughing now?

Get well soon and keep your hands above the blankets!

Geoff & the team..........X
Get well soon Dennis!
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Falmouth Rugby Club Accident-11th June 2010Posted: 12/10/2010
MAJOR INCIDENT REPORT 11th June 2010-10-13
Falmouth Rugby Club FRIDAY 12.50 pm

On the weather forecast good weather was reported so it was assumed that we would be allowed on the pitch on a warm sunny day 11th June.

Louise who had damaged her eye two days earlier took time off to recuperate but I had adequate staffing with Becky, Hayley, John & Beth.

When I arrived to set up the ground for our CAR BOOT SALE I made a point of speaking with the club secretary to see if there could be a way in which we could use just the dead ball area for parking some of the sellers. He advised that the matter was not one for his decision so we would have to make do with the hard standing gravel grounds.

I parked up the sellers one lady driving a green SKODA was allocated her space she seemed agitated on arrival complaining about the time for her to set up and the space allocated was not enough. I told her to ‘calm down’ and to do the same as the other sellers and set her stall up. My own vehicle was parked within 4 yards of the SKODA next to the catering vehicles comprising of Burgher Van and an Ice-Cream trailer.

At 12.30 pm I checked all stalls and the majority of the sellers were ready, I sounded the HORN for the commencement of the CAR BOOT SALE. The sale was lively to start with over 1000 buyers attending.

At 12.50 pm a lady asked me for one of our books with times and dates and I opened the car door to get the book and suddenly I heard several loud screams and shouts of ‘help’ from ladies, I turned to witness the SKODA car had lurched forward onto 7-8 buyers who were looking at items for sale displayed on the ground in front of the SKODA.

The car was lying on top of the buyers the engine was revving and several people tried to push the car back to no avail. Paul from LTC catering got into the car to attempt to turn the engine off, eventually the car was lifted off the injured ladies and the emergency services were called.

It seems that the driver of the SKODA had left her car in gear with the handbrake off and she left the keys were in the ignition. At 12.50 pm she decided to close the windows turned the key on and the car lurched forward crushing the casualties.

8 ladies attended hospital and amongst the injured was Candice Collins who was six months pregnant, we have recently heard Candice has given birth and mother and baby are doing well.

Special thanks to all our customers who helped and full praise to the emergency services and paramedics who attended to our customers. PC Andy Mulhern was a credit to the Police in the most understanding way in which he conducted his enquiries.

Several witnesses were most helpful but it should go on record that the incident could have been worse if it was for the prompt action and help from the staff of LTC Catering Kelly, Michelle and Paul. Thank you!

I have spoken to all of the injured recently, it is obvious they have suffered pains and shock but I am pleased to report there are no serious injuries caused to our customers.

The problem we all have to suffer is the ‘flash backs’ in hearing the desperate screams of the injured ladies as they lay under the trapped under this vehicle.

The driver of the SKODA through her own negligence caused this accident, she was questioned by the Police and breathalysed, and the result was clean therefore there were no charges.

Some of the injured persons are dealing with their own Solicitors to claim loss of earnings and for their injuries.

We have known most of the injured persons for many years who are regular visitors to the Car Boot Sales at Falmouth Rugby Club since 1989 they are all nice people we love them all!

This incident does bring into question the safety of our customers, but for the fact that we were NOT ALLOWED on the pitch dead ball area this accident could not and would not have happened.
13th October 2010
Click on to the picture for 5 more scenes!
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Mr Angry. Who is this man...Posted: 12/10/2010
Mr ANGRY! Who is this man! Incident Sunday 13 June 2010-10-13

Regular sellers at MABE will know that the main entrance is also the main exit it gets very busy at times particularly when a lot of sellers and buyers decide to leave the field at the same time.

There is the obvious flow of traffic on the MABE to Longdowns roads and as we expected to be busy I opened a second parking field to the right of the selling field.

On Sunday 13th June the sellers were parked into their selling spaces and setting up their stalls, the buyers were arriving in a steady stream indeed I estimated that we would have up to 4000 visits to the popular Sunday afternoon Car Boot Sale at MABE!

Following the accident two days ago at Falmouth Rugby Club I decided to increase our team to 13 to assist with the smooth running of today’s sale.

A look at the weather forecast before I left home predicted a dry sunny day buyers and sellers were dressed for the summer sunshine, or so they thought!!

I sounded the horn at 1.30 and the sale started for 20 minutes then without warning the skies clouded into a grey mass and the heavens opened pouring torrential rain onto buyers and sellers who ran in all directions to avoid the heavy and persistent rain.
Sellers stocks were soaked as they threw everything into their cars.
I was surprised how people panicked as their only thought was to pack the car get home and put some dry clothes on, buyers just wanted to get out of the field!

The trouble was that over 1100 cars were trying to get out at the same time and as I arrived to supervise there were 7 lanes of traffic heading for the main gate causing the ground to look like a mud-slide. Cars were skidding, tempers were fraying!

John and I started directing traffic taking up position outside the gates and had got a reasonable system going when a black 4x4 drove across the entrance gates blocking any movement.

I asked the driver what he wanted and he said ‘I want to get in there’ I said it was not possible as there were 6-8 lanes of cars and I would not allow any incoming traffic but to go to the next gate down and he may be able to pick up whoever.
He again said ‘I am going in this field’ by this time his language was offensive and threatening!

Irritable drivers who could see the problem started tooting their horns and I eventually convinced the driver to go to the second field.

John & I had a brief comment about ‘Mr ANGRY’ and accepted that he would return.
A few minutes later he came back to the gates screeched his brakes on calling John and myself effing everything!
He refused again to move his car which was now blocking up to 800 cars. I told him to move away from the gates in fairness to the queues, he eventually pulled forward to the left of the gates blocking the views of the road for all exiting traffic.

He was constantly shouting in the car and I assumed he was on his mobile phone.

Again I asked him to move but his refusal was accompanied by foul mouthed comments about the morons and mentality of the people who come to Car Boot Sales and that they all deserved to stay and rot in the field!

He then started to demand to ‘see the boss of the Car Boots to complain about me’ I told him ‘I was the boss’ and his rages continued denying my position.
I decided to call Arlin on the mobile as this idiot was causing major disruption to any flow of traffic with his threats of violence towards me and John.

I shouted to him “If you have any common sense you would move that effing car and not obstruct driver’s views for their exits” I probably said more but basically this man was causing serious delays for my customers!

The man started shouting in the car and then he gets out of the car with “I am going to fucking rip your fucking head off” walks towards me and I had time to say to John “Take a picture of this man I think he is going to hit me”

John just got the picture taken when the man grappled with him to get the mobile and Arlin arrived and convinced the man to go back to his car!

The weather is still ‘pissing down’ I could see the effects and fury of our soaked buyers and sellers trying to depart the scene! We are drenched!

Arlin’s job was to get the man to move his car whilst John & I attended to the exiting traffic accompanied by complaints about the delays.

Back at the car the man repeated threats against me but to our total surprise he opened the back of the car door shouting at me “Now look what you have fucking done” as he dragged a little boy of about 3 years old from the back of the car and slammed him onto his feet screaming and crying”
His shouting and cursing in the car was obviously what distressed this small child.

Eventually, Arlin threatened to call the Police and the man sped off to the lay-by 120 yards away.
We got the last car to exit at 3.45 pm the field was a sea of mud risen through the green grass pounded by skidding tyres!

This man was a complete ignoramus who certainly intimidated me and my staff by his grossly offensive outbursts about us and our customers, his threats of physical violence only stopped when he realized we had a picture of him, his conduct in front of his small boy was unacceptable.

This was anti-social-behaviour that well deserves an ASBO order and I would happily ask for such an order!
I have included internal emails from John & Arlin which covers their views on this serious delay and inconvenience to our business.


" It was going to be another busy sunday at Mabe carboot, there were many lines of sellers and the number of buyers was high. So high in fact that both car parking fields was opened.

Until a few minutes before the sellers were allowed to set an unpredicted shower descended causing a mad dash of cars (both buyers and sellers) heading towards the gate entrance at the top of the field. As always we, the staff at Carboots Cornwall, tried to bring order to the developing chaos and organised an effective system to safely direct cars out of the field onto the main road despite the heavy drenching rain.

However one certain individual had a different idea - he was going to try and drive into the field at Mabe to collect and elderly relative who had got caught out in the rain despite the bottlekneck developing at the entrance inside the field.
It was suggested to him by a member of staff that he should try the quieter field entrance a few meters down the road however common sense did seem to escape the individual in question and he soon earned the title - "Angry man".

His rapid and largely unprovoked descent into verbal abuse, threats and foul language towards the staff (and Geoff) was disgusting and certainly uncalled for especially as the staff where to trying to find a solution to his dilema.

At one point Angry man yelled out to Geoff that he wanted to see the guy in charge of the boot sale in which geoff easily said - " iam the boss, the man , the CEO. Your looking at him !".

Several foul words later and he was still in the same situation and for the safety of the staff a photo was taken of him which lead him to attempt an assault on the man with the camera. After more exchanges he left shouting he was going to report us to Penzance police ! ! (FOR WHAT !?!?)

It was another sad case of a selfish individual failing to release people was trying to helping but what is more tragic was that his small son (who was very upset by the end of the incident) witnessed his fathers disgusting behaviour ! "

Hi geof ,
Basically when you called me up i could see how it was causing problems since it was blocking everyones view of the traffic coming towards them.
When i went over to him he angrily said he was not going to move until the person he was waiting for came to the car.

I explained that would have been fine if he wasnt in the position he was that was bascially an obstruction, he was not listening and simply threatening you more saying he was going to hit you, to which i said he wouldnt and if he did theres a lot of us who would be on his tail if he tried.

I then tried to reason with him saying that the quicker the traffic gets out of the field the quicker he would be able to find the person he was looking for so if he moved, things would move a lot quicker.
Then explained as a last resort if he didnt move the car the police would be called.To which he sped off and that was the last i saw of him.
As for being under the influence of something it was hard to say as it was just excessive anger I could see but who knows.

Angry man
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What happens if....?Posted: 12/10/2010
What happens if you are going to buy something at a stall and its say thirty quid!

You offer the seller twenty quid and a deal is done on twenty five but no money exchanges hands!

Another buyer is watching and says to the seller 'I will give you your thirty quid mate'
The sellers IS entitled to take the higher offer!

Its not very good practice to make an offer without having the money to pay there but then equally it is not good practice to be gazumped!

So wake up, get your money ready and dont complain to me if you lose out on a deal! Ha!
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TODAY AT MABE!Posted: 09/10/2010
Good weather forecast so come to MABE for the half day its a superb location great views and the best possible atmosphere! Nice people nearly all locals trying to sell or get a bargain!
Did you know that our Public Liability covers all of the Car Boot Sales-feel safe amongst the great Cornish People......
COME TO MABE Dont sit indoors!
Stall holders setting up at MABE this year-no buying-no selling!
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@ TRURO SUNDAYS at 12.00 noon!
Starts - 12.00am
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