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Ladies wallet found!Posted: 27/09/2010
How about this!
A lady seller went to another stall and left her purse which was later handed into us at our Royal Cornwall Showground Car Boot Sale by a very honest Mr A. Stewart.
Not a word over the weekend but a distressed ansaphone message on Monday morning claimed the lost purse with £70.00 and credit card etc.
The delighted lady comes to the Car Boots at the Royal all the way from Devon for the 2 hour sale and was stunned by the honesty of our customers!
We are a decent honest bunch us Car Boot lot we are the Community at peace with itself enjoying the Car Boot Sales special atmosphere of friendship and looking for the odd bargain or making a few pounds recycling your unwanted items!
Over 310,000 visits to our Car Boot Sales in one year!
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BOFS-Boring old FARTS!Posted: 27/09/2010
We get some lovey people at ou sales but we also get some real "Boring old Farts" who really piss me off!
Old FART 1. MABE SUNDAY....This man about 70 years old came up to me and said "If you want to make this better you should ban all the prams and push chairs"
I said "I bet you were a right little BRAT when you were a kid"
Then he accused me of being rude, if I had said what was on my mind...........just two words and the second one is OFF!!
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BOFs- Boring ol FARTSPosted: 27/09/2010
SUNDAY at MABE we thought it would be a thank-you to all of our customers to have a FREE BAR and some music as a gesture of thank-you to all our customers from Lee and Clare of LTC Catering and myself and Lou............
So thats FREE PARKING (we charge an admission fee of only 40 p per person)
FREE PUBLIC LIABILITY Insurance for all customers!
BOF Number 2! Another 70 year old calls me asks
"When are you going to do something for the pensioners and get that music turned down"
G F Y.......!!
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I have never stopped laughing!Posted: 27/09/2010
When we opened MABE an old man called Bill (now deceased) told me he was going to write to the Council to complain that the signs we put out on the roads were illegal and he was going to get the Car Boot stopped.
The next time I saw him was when I was parking up at MABE near the catering area and BILL was driving his car at me determined to park in the wrong place! He kept driving and his car hit me in the shins before I could move!
I shouted 'You stupid old bugger' and continued parking.
When I looked back at BILL he was on two walkings sticks which he raised in the air shouting to me "Come ere you Bastard" and he promptly..............FELL OVER!!
Bless him! The old git!
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Our admission prices WILL go UP!Posted: 27/09/2010
We have decided that the selling prices for 2011 will not increase but after careful consideration there will be a 10p increase in admission prices at all locations.
Our operational costs in all weathers have increased in particular to the staffing of our events and The Public Liability Insurance which cover your safety during your visits.
We are considering a season ticket idea for separate locations which would be offered at the old price........more to follow!
Sorry my lovers if you want us to operate the Car Boot Sales as successful as they are there is a price to pay! Alternatively we considered
reducing the numbers of Car Boot Sales which would be most unpopular.
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If you say it works! it must!!Posted: 21/09/2010
MITCHELL-Saturday Car Boot Sale 18th September 2010-09-22
During a walk around the busy Car Boot Sales at Mitchell Phil from CLAIRES BOUNCY CASTLES decided to buy an EX-BOX at the asking price of £30.00 he was assured by the seller that it was in full working order. What the seller did not know was that Phil was able to test the Ex-Box straight away at his bouncy castle generator and found that the game did not work.
The seller had said ‘it worked’ and as it ‘did not’ work he was entitled to a refund which was begrudgingly given and Phil returned to his stall.
About 10 minutes later Phil noticed a man carrying the identical carrier bag with the same Ex-Box inside! “Have you just bought that from a stall over there” he pointed to the stall that had sold him the not-working game.
The new buyer had agreed but he also had been assured the game worked!
The complaint was brought to me and we accompanied the new buyer to get the second refund of the day on the useless Ex-Box game from the most embarrassed stall holder who was told in no uncertain terms “Do not sell this game again”?
Remember if you are selling any ELECTRICAL items and you claim ‘”YES it works” then it MUST WORK!
CLAIRES CASTLES will happily check electrical items for you at a small cost and these on the spot electrical checks are another way in which you can guarantee you electrical purchase are safe to take home to use!
By the way if you want to hire a BOUNCY CASTLE for your own private parties give CLAIRE a ring on 01209 821170 or on her mobile 07707 002 308
They give a fantastic service and they have Full Public Liability Insurance for all events!
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BARGAIN PAUL SMITH shirt!Posted: 21/09/2010
What a bargain! PAUL SMITH design shirt for two quid!
TRURO CATTLE MARKET-CAR BOOT SALE-Saturday 4th September 2010-09-22
About an hour after the Car Boot Sale started Louise looked around the stalls and found a red & white striped PAUL SMITH extra large shirt and though I will but that for Geoff. It was in great condition and according to the seller only worn on a couple of occasions.
He said it cost him £100.00 and his asking price of £2.00 was paid.
The extra large was washed and ironed but not big enough for me so Lou decided to put the shirt on eBay starting the bidding at 99p
7 days later (yesterday) the shirt was sold for £33.00 and the buyer paid by PayPal within an hour. Lou was so delighted with her profit but it is amazing how many really good bargains are available on the Saturday mornings at TRURO where we get a lot of first time sellers (virgin booters)
If you buy on a regular basis and sell on eBay keep all your receipts for postages and packaging as any income from your sales must be recorded for your end of year tax returns.
This isn’t a ‘nag’ but sound advice as the Inland Revenue want to know about income from eBay sales. Recently one up country seller who was making large sales throughout the year found a £3500.00 tax demand on undeclared income from sales on eBay!!
Good hunting!

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This is true!Posted: 08/09/2010
Arrived at Padstow for the Car Boot Sale yesterday and it ended up with only 6 sellers wanting to get their stall set-up.
I gave them a FREE stall and 10 minutes before I allowed the buyers to buy.
All six of the sellers took over £100.00 each and one of them took £178.00 and one hour later they went home the most content 6 sellers of the week!
On the 15th (next Wednesday) is the last this season at Padstow-its FREE again.
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@ TRURO SUNDAYS at 12.00 noon!
Starts - 12.00am
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