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I am Louise Camden Wiles and I have been in the second hand business since 1989. I am co-owner of Car Boots Cornwall with my husband, which attracts over 300,000 visitors a year and we have 9 locations running Car Boot Sales in the South West. My vast experience in the House Clearance trade has been gained at Dig & Delve at Swanpool Street, Falmouth, where we opened the second hand shop in 1987, selling the lease in 2001.

During my time at Dig & Delve I have worked with most of the High Street Estate Agents and Solicitors, offering an honest service to all enquiries.

Should I not be able to take all offers of house clearances, I have several professional traders to recommend.

Thank you for your time.


Louise Camden Wiles
07779 517749

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Complaint; Dogs

Today at Truro so many of our customers spoke about the situation regarding dogs at Car Boot Sales the majority (unfortunately for the owners of dogs) the majority say dogs should all be banned for Car Boots like they are in the town centre shops! So here in the email that started it all off;

From: annaco.uk
Sent: 22 February 2015 20:39:24
To: enquiries@carbootscornwall.co.uk

Dear Cornwall Car boots,

I am very upset, like I’m sure every dog owner will be, that you have decided to ban dogs at your car boot grounds. Will Newquay also be included??? I have always been a dog owner and I have never failed to pick up my dogs poo. Yes some people do not pick their dog poo up and that therefore spoils it for anyone else. But surely you are a business. It is your responsibility to see the straight forward running of your car boots. If you can’t then you surely shouldn't be running car boots. Shouldn't your staff be out and about on your fields enforcing the pick up your poo policy??? And shouldn't your staff be out and about the fields ensuring that poo is picked up from those who have got through the nets and, the fields are kept clean and poo free for visitors. What stops your staff from having a poo scoop and a bag and ensuring your fields are kept clean. Why should visitors that abide by the law by picking up their dogs poo be discriminated and victimised against because others don’t. I have often seen your staff sitting in the van. Buying items off stores. Doing nothing when they should be doing their jobs. Why can't you put up signs telling dog owners to pick up their dogs poo. I've never seen any!! If they don't and are seen then ban them from your car boots. This consequence should also be clearly signed around your car boot. Also I would like to point out there are no bins for dog poo around any of your car boot sites. I always take mine back to the car. If you even try to put dog poo bags in the catering bins you get cussed. Why can't you have proper dog poo bins at your car boots??? No dog poo bins/no dog poo in catering bins. How are dog owners meant to pick up their dog poo when your car boots don't provide the proper bins to dispose of it? Like I said I take my dogs poo back to the car but it stinks my car out afterwards! Why can’t 1 or 2 poo bags be given out at the gate to dog owners as part of your pick up your poo scheme. They cost £1 for 50 in the pound shop. You are a business and you are making a lot of money from us sellers and buyers. A couple of pound is nothing to ensure your business is taking responsibility for the smooth running of your car boots. To ensure that all your visitors are kept happy and not just the ones without dogs.

I have been coming to your car boots for years. Friends and family also come to your car boots i.e. Newquay, Mitchell, Truro etc. We all own dogs and we have all come both as sellers and buyers with our dogs. Even my family that come to Newquay from up north on holiday bring their dogs and come to your car boot sales. To all dog owners they mean the world to us and we don’t just leave them behind.

What’s going to happen to holiday makers that bring their dogs?? Have they got to leave their dogs in a tent or caravan while they come to your car boot?? I don’t think the holiday camps will be very happy or even allow this in case of damage! No dog, no carboot.

What’s going to happen if someone brings their dog to your car boot and is refused entry??? Leave the dog in the car to die from over heating!! Whose fault will that be?? You may say the owner but, I don’t think the owner will see it that way when seeking legal advice!

I would also like to ask will this ban include Guide Dogs? Because I hate to inform you; all dogs poo!! And I can't see a disabled lady or man being able to bend down and pick up their dogs poo. Yet they are dependent on their dog. No dog. No Car boot.

Also what about young mothers who change their babies and then dump the nappy and nappy bag on the fields or in the bushes?? Because I have seen it. Will they be banned next??

I have seen a lot of dog owners come to your car boots. Some I know, some I don’t. Both your Buyers and Sellers bring their dogs to your car boots. I don’t think they will be happy about the new policy of no dogs. I have seen many a seller selling with their dogs. No dog. No car boot.

All my friends and family and people I know in and around Newquay are deeply upset regarding this decision your car boots are taking. It’s not that easy to just leave your dog at home. Some dogs destroy the house, some dogs cry and howl. Some dogs like mine have separation anxiety disorder and can’t be left. I have always seen Newquay has a dog friendly town but obviously this is changing.

Our dogs; mine, my friends, my family mean the world to us. They are family and they go everywhere with us. This I’m sure will be the same to all dog owners. No Dogs. No Car boot. I personally wouldn't leave my dog full stop. And I wouldn't pay 50p to come to any of your car boots without my dog. I’m sure I won’t be the only one complaining in the coming months when they realise your new no dog policy. I feel that this new no dogs policy is only an easy way of dealing with a problem. Ban dogs therefore staff have no extra work and Cornwall Car Boots don't have to fork out any money i.e. dog poo bins, dog poo bags, signs, dog poo pick up equipment for staff, etc, to enforce the pick up your dogs poo policy. I'm not going to mention extra staff because if your staff even worked you wouldn't need any extra (even their car parking management skills are shambolic both in the carpark and on the selling field i.e. Old Mitchell field was ridiculous. No organisation what so ever) By banning dogs it's just an easy way out without spending money!! For me and my friends and family it’s easy. Without our dogs. You loose our business and the money we would have brought to your car boot. I’m sure other dog owners will feel the same and I’m sure you will see a fall in your numbers and money you make from your car boots over the summer.

Yours Sincerely

One very annoyed dog owner. Only 1 of many.


I find your email of the 22nd February inexcusably rude towards Car Boots Cornwall and our teams of workers who supervise the Car Boots and I should point out that they are not required to work non-stop as you suggest. Most of them are highly intelligent school leavers or at College or University and worthy of a job that does not commit them as you would wish to 'go around seeking and collecting irresponsible dog owners poo' We do not need any advice as to how to treat our teams thank you and they are not lazy as you suggest likewise their work is not shambolic.

For the record I am a dog owner and my dog is an animal, not a human being. She has the facilities to use cat/dog flaps so she can excuse herself and do her poo in her own garden when it will be picked up by me a chucked over the fence into the neighbours garden which is not entirely true but it certainly matches the stupidity of some of your suggestions.

The reason is clear for the banning of dogs at the new MITCHELL location quite simply the LANDLORD (not CBC) who owns the land has said "NO DOGS" because it is farm land and he does not want dogs on the land. In the wider world outside of Cornwall up-country Car Boot Sales DOGS are BARRED from the grounds and grasslands at 90% of Car Boot locations.

Respectfully, most of the people who bring dogs to the Car Boot Sales bring them because the dogs are so poorly trained and exercised that left at home they would and do cause complaints from neighbours with constant yapping and barking. The main reason the dogs empty their bowels as soon as they get out of your cars is because the first piece of ground they see is my Car Boot sites so why not do the first CRAP of the day at the boot sale and offend hundreds of my customers into the bargain?

And it happens all the time as you admit to collecting your dog poo and taking it home (and why not-it belongs to you-you brought it in the dog) which certainly means your dog does not get exercised properly otherwise it would 'do it's business' in your own garden before getting into your car.

You put this down to 'separation anxiety' I call it 'lack of training' I am no 'dog whisperer' but dogs that 'cry and howl and annoy neighbours and destroy the house' cannot do so if the are muzzled.

Your comments about babies dumping in nappies (where else would they dump) makes you as irresponsible as the mothers who you claim to have witnessed them dumping the dump full nappies, did you tell the mothers not to dump the dumping's?

My priority is to run the Car Boot Sales for the Car Boot Community of Cornwall and for 26 years we have been very successful with as many as 15,000 men women and kids weekly enjoying the facilities, our sales are the best supported in Cornwall but dogs are not the priority you would wish. As for taking legal advice, I can imagine a solicitors reaction to "They wont let me take my dog into the Car Boot Sales" on a no win-no fee basis.

Your email is long boring and offensive to my management and my teams and to the genuine weekly complainants who are justifiably offended when poorly trained dogs are allowed to crap near their stalls or in their space, you are certainly helping me with a decision to join the up-country 90% in banning dogs permanently from our Car Boot Sales especially from the 'selling fields'

Geoff Camden Wiles

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