Other Car Boot Sales

Obviously, we don't organise all the car boots in Cornwall and the surrounding Counties, so here's our list of others we've found for the avid car booters out there. Times, dates and prices may change without our knowledge and this information is provided in good faith, so before you make a long trip, we advise you contact the organiser where possible to check the sale is still going ahead.

If you know of any which aren't on our list, or details that are incorrect, please use the contact form to submit the information and we'll add/amend our list.

  Cornwall - Sundays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Priory Park
All Year
---------- 100+
Bude Pendeen - A39 Bude Junction April - September 1.30pm 07814 668567 --------
Bude Cricket Club 1st and 3rd Sun May/Sept 8am ---------- 80/100
Bude Community School Season - Every Sunday
from Sept
8am 01288 352786 50
Bude Community School 2nd, 4th and 5th Sun
8am 01288 352786 80/100
Charlestown St Pauls Church Hall, Church Road All Year 1pm 07748 325300 40
Frogpool Between Peranwell & St Day April - September 7.30am   --------
Hayle Rugby Club, Marsh Lane All Year 8am 01736 757157 150
Launceston Launceston College Please call for dates
May to October
9am 07795 024442 40+
Lostwithiel Community Centre All Year ---------- 01208 872207 40
Pool Carn Brea Leisure Centre All Year 7.30am 01209 714766 60
Pool Pool Market All Year 9.30am 07971 485181 40
Saltash Saltash Community School Grounds 1st Sun until Autumn. 10am to
12 noon
01752 843715
St Austell St Pauls Church Hall All Year 1pm 07748 325300 20/30
  Cornwall - Mondays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bude Community School Summer 8am 01288 352786 100
Liskeard Recreation Club, Cleer Road Summer Bank Holidays 7.30am ---------- --------
  Cornwall - Tuesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
  Cornwall - Wednesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Rosudgeon Between Praa Sands and Penzance April / October 11.30am 01736 783773 200
St Ives Guild Hall ---------- 9am 01736 757625 --------
 Cornwall - Thursdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bude Pendeen - A39 Bude Junction July - August 1.30pm 07814 668567 --------
Penzance & Newlyn RFC Alexandra Lane April - October 12pm 01736 364044 20/30
Porthleven AFC - Gala Park, Mill Lane April - October 8.30am 01209 612568 10/20
St Merryn St Merryn Parish Hall, Nr Padstow July - September 2pm 07956 648097 --------
 Cornwall - Fridays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Liskeard Recreation Club, Cleer Road June - September 4pm ---------- --------
Penzance Gluval Cricket Club, St Ives Road June - October 9am ---------- --------
St Blazey Alexander Hall, Middle Way All Year 7.30am 01726 70450 --------
  Cornwall - Saturdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bodmin (Tregainlands) April - August 9am 07970 118757 100
Liskeard Sterts - Upton Cross March - September 11.30am 01579 362382 --------
Padstow Culew Holiday Park Summer 10.30am 07968 861855 --------
St Blazey Alexander Hall, Middle Way All Year 8.30am 07814 647756 --------
St Ive Higher Keason Farm,
between Liskeard & Callington
16th April - October 2.00pm 01579 383137 --------
Tregony Tregony Village Hall
(£4 per stall)
Starts 26th January 10am to 1pm (sellers from 9am) 07530 554493 to book a table 14 Stalls
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  Devon - Sundays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Ashburton Summerhill Farm, Peartree Cross July - October 1pm 01626 200010 --------
Barnstaple Pottington (Between Barnstaple & Braunton) April - September 1pm 07878 034683 --------
Barnstaple Landkey Show Ground April - September 1pm 07878 034683 --------
Exeter Westpoint April - September 1pm 07802 176993 400+


Matford Park & Ride Car Park
Marsh Barton
All Year 6.30am 01392 665480 200


Cattle Market All Year 1pm 07900 115529 100

Newton Abbot

Cattle Market All Year 6am 01626 215427 --------

Newton Abbot

Race Course All Year


---------- --------
Plymouth Colebrook Community Centre, Plympton May - September 8.30am 01752 200046 --------
Plymouth Central Park, Plymouth Argyle All Year 7.30am 01752 562561 --------
Stonehouse Community Centre, Stonehouse, Plymouth All Year 7am 01752 606722 --------


Pannier Market April - December 2pm 01884 258968 60
Torrington Torrington Commons April - September 8am ---------- --------


Bowden House April - October 8am 07875 709528 --------
  Devon - Mondays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Littleham Sandy Bay Summer 10am 07790 908548 80/100
  Devon - Wednesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Brixham Brixham Road, Torbay June - September 10am 07802 176993 --------


Marsh Barton Summer 11am 07790 908548 200
  Devon - Thursdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Dawlish Warren Warren Road July - August 4pm 07790 908548 --------


Exeter Road, Exmouth July - October 10am 07790 908548 120/180
  Devon - Fridays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Elburton Villa Football Ground, Haye Rd, Elburton, PL9 8HS ---------- 4pm ---------- --------


Fleamarket Civic Hall ---------- 9am 01803 526214 30
  Devon - Saturdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bickley Bickley Recreation Ground

March - September
1st Saturday

9am 01884 855357 --------
Bideford Bideford Football Ground April - September 8am ---------- --------
Crediton Queen Elizabeth's Community College May - July 10am 01363 774455 --------
Dartmouth The Sportsmans Arms, Hemborough Post All Year 8am 01803 712231 --------
Stonehouse Community Centre, Stonehouse, Plymouth All Year 7am 01752 606722 --------
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  Somerset - Sundays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Bath Lansdown Hill, Lansdown ---------- -------- ---------- --------


Leisure Centre All Year 9am 01278 751595 200
Bridgwater Plum Lane, Bridgwater April - September 7.30am 07971 974616 --------
Bridgwater Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater May - September 7.30am 07971 974 616 --------


Winchester Farm All Year 7am 07831 277327 300


Standerwick Cattle Market All Year 7am 01225 764890 160
Hewish A370 Near Weston-Super-Mare June - September 12pm 07813 854541 200+
Ilchester Ilchester Sports Field April - October 7.30am 07967 280754 --------
Midsomer Norton Midsomer Norton Rugby Club April - September 9am 01761 472646 --------
Minehead Near Minhead Rugby Club March - November 8am ---------- --------
Standerwick Standerwick Market, A36 All Year 6.30 01225 764890 --------


Bishop Fox Community School

Winter Only 10am 07900 621199 75


Race Course All Year 7am 07778 275998 200


Prockters Farm Summer 9am 07900 621199 100
Wraxall Opp. Wraxall Manor Hotel, Bristol Road July - September 9.30am 07900 055266 --------


Showground, A37 ---------- 1pm 07979 345914 300
  Somerset - Tuesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Rugby Club, Rockwell Green All Year 9am ---------- 80
Bridgewater Car Boot Summer 9am 07790 908548 80
  Somerset - Wednesdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces


Creech St Michael ---------- 9am 07900 621199 100

Antique Market
Bladud Building

Phone for dates 9am 01225 463175 ----------
  Somerset - Thursdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Burnham On Sea Oakmead Farm, Edithmead May - October 7.30am ---------- --------
  Somerset - Fridays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Highbridge British Legion, Opp Wood Pile April - September 3pm 07919 441425 --------
Taunton St Augustines School, Priorswood May - September 6pm 07900 621199 100
Taunton Taunton RFC, Hyde Park June - September 5pm ---------- --------
Weston-Super-Mare Ancor Inn, Ancor Road April - October 7.30am ---------- --------
  Somerset - Saturdays
Town Location Season Start Telephone Spaces
Burnham-on-Sea Sports Ground May/Sept 1pm 07900 621199 50
Bridgwater Puriton Horse Rescue, Batch Road July - October 8am 07731732907 --------
Bridgwater Noth Petherton Cattle Market All Year 8.30am 07907 955611 --------
Bridgewater Cannington May/Sept 9am 07790 908548 150
Bridgewater Indoor car boot All Year 9am 07790 908548 40/60
Burnam On Sea BASC Sports Ground, Stodden Rd May - August 2pm 07900 621199 200+
Weston-Super-Mare Ancor Inn, Ancor Road April - October 7.30am ---------- --------
Whitchurch Whitchurch Sports Centre, Bristol March - October 12pm ----------- --------
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YOU MUST NOT SELL any of the following at out Car Boot Sales


Cheshire is certainly not better than Cuba!

It's Dementia time my lovers!

I must beg all of you Grandma’s and Granddad’s and other old farts to de-clutter your homes before you pop-off this wonderful world, my serious advice is to look all round you at some of your collections of junky items most of them are complete dust collectors and probably you have oceans of them in every room in your home, on a good day you would may be lucky to raised 30 bob per room for this pile of crap at our boot sales!! By junk I mean most things that you own or were given to you and you too are frightened to get rid of because you may offend someone who is close to you FFS! Or you bought it all from a jumble sale or the local car boot sales, truth to tell is that you would be lucky enough to sell some of this toot for as much as a quid an item.
My father in law popped his clogs on December the first and it fell to me to be convinced by Lou my missus to ‘do the house clearance’ of the family home now owned solely here in Cheshire by Lou’s ‘still crying’ mum alias Julia alias my Dementia mother in law! She cannot be left alone and she can she be such a real pain in the arse at times but good honest clean fun if you have a warped sense of humour like mine. Julia and Gordon, dear of him and her collected so much utter crap (all clean and paid for) (loads from our Car Boot Sales) and they have been stashing it all over this 5 bed roomed house for over 50 years of marriage FFS! Then, you pop your clogs and some other poor buggers ‘mainly the family’ come to your house following the poor excuse that one of you has unfortunately without permission you has suddenly died and the partner you leave behind has Dementia FFS!

I am constantly aware of Julia and her old man who were/are in their seventies therefore there is a certain amount of what I call “Granny dust” or ‘flaking old gits skinitis’ which is accompanied by an odour labelled ‘old age people’ and it can be quite offensive to sensitive nostrils like mine at times, this is perfectly normal for all old fogies so let’s proceed with smog masks on FFS! Today and all week we are doing mummy’s and daddy’s bedroom and I certainly have not looked forward to the task!
We have been here for two weeks in all and I have been ‘putting off’ this job but let’s go for it FFS!! We clear all piles of piled up and bundled up crap off the floor taking day one up but we are filling sacks for the charities or the skip with huge amounts of items worthy of selling at the boot sales. Day two, we have got to do the 3 double fitted wardrobes absolutely crammed (no exaggeration) with dresses skirts blouses trousers and piles of shoes and sandals hanging from coat rails. Louise counted 237 T shirts and then gave up after finding a similar amount in one of the drawers under the bed in all the colours imaginable mostly unworn, you cannot see the bloody floor for shoes and boxes of ladies tight and gutkers (XXXL= fat arse) some dating back to the 70s and 80s and it is my job to decide what to send to the skip and what to send to Truro and believe me “haven’t the Charity shops done well since we arrived here” Then there are 3 wide 5 drawer chest of drawers crammed full with all the stuff that you women buy and you don’t or won’t ever wear (So WTF did you buy it for FFS) and surprise- surprise yet another drawer full of unopened tights and I will not elaborate on some of the dated sexy underwear in shot silk shiny material (the mind boggles) in all colours and styles catering to increase your sexual desires (all in XXXL) for the dear of her and the dear of him FFS! And, I might as well be honest with you about vibrators, there weren’t any, however rumour has it that the last 7 incher Gordon bought for Julia he presented it to her to demonstrate she turned it full on and broke all of her bottom teeth FFS!!!

Now we look into her husband’s one single bulging wardrobe and guess what? The poor bugger had got sweet fcuk all to wear cos his bloody wardrobe is three quarters full of her fecking stuff FFS!
We take her out to do some shopping to 'keep her mind occupied' so to speak, actually it’s safer to take her with us cos (A) she is a bloody good laugh and (B) she could go street wandering on her own amongst the heavy traffic and (C) you can play 'go fetch me' games! Go for it girl, bring it on!
I love putting her in charge of the trolley especially when Lou an armful of shopping and mother has ‘fcuk-ed off’ with the trolley FFS. Other shoppers stare at me as though I am losing control of myself cos I am standing there pissing myself with laugher watching my Lou with an armful of shopping chasing her dear demented mother for the trolley and she couldn’t GAF cos she is certainly off her own trolley FFS!! Hilarious fun!! Anyways up, when I am finished unpacking the shopping and trying to find some space in the kitchen’s crammed full of seriously out-of-date canned and other foods stashed in every kitchen cupboard. At the bottom of the last bag I find two more fecking packets of black pigging tights put into the shopping by Julia my very dear Dementia mother in law and paid for by my Lou who goes ape-shit to me cos I keep reminding her that Julia is nuts and Julia think she’s nuts herself but she still has a large part of her brain that works perfectly and is so far not affected by serious advance of Dementia of which I will have total patience with I hope however one of these days I can see such a ding-dong of a battle going on and the bubble will seriously ‘burst all over the fecking place one of the days very soon you mark my word’ there has been tears from Julia at breakfast time which creates a lovely warm atmosphere and tears from my Lou in another room and tears of laughter from me but I just wanna go home FFS’ all great fun. But in total fairness to Julia and Gordon everything in the house is clean apart from the usual thin layer of Granny dust but if ever a pair of collector-mania utter-nutters existed then these two win the Oscars.

Cheshire is a very attractive and friendly place to be, the neighbours here are all very pleasant helpful and friendly but not in your face so to speak but the ideal ‘cuppa sugar’ people just like the good old days when you could knock on a neighbours doors or get one of the kid brats to go and say in an all innocent fashion ‘May we borrow a cup of sugar as we have run out please’ My attitude, sod off you don’t need sugar!! Families are very close here with very happy kids and parents seem to adore their children which makes for a really happy local Community. A lot of the housing in Cheshire is built in red brick which looks far more attractive than some of our boring old fart looking buildings and fronts of houses in Cornwall.

Gordon and Julia were very proud that they owned a luxury caravan in North Wales on the sea front where they spent holidays and weekends. It is the best caravan I have ever been inside with two double bedrooms with one on-suite and a twin bedded room and a family bathroom and certainly the portable building has all mod-cons. Called ‘The Lodge’ by the manufacturers it is 40 foot long and 20 feet wide and has to be delivered by two heavy vehicles with a crane involved at both ends of the journey part escorted to Cornwall. It cost them brand-new £135,000.00 and I am selling on behalf of the family. I met the owner of the caravan site whose company has offered £42,000.00 he told us that if we sold it we should ask for £80,000!! Now then, if we did want to keep it the estimate could cost up to £10,000.00 to bring it to Cornwall. I will copy the advert with pictures when we start to advertise.
The weather here is far worse than Cornwall and much-much colder than at home and it is has just started snowing on Saturday at 5.00 am, the bloody BBC have forecast that the whole of the country will be covered with snow within 30 hours but once again the bloody BBC got it wrong. I am expecting our large transit van to arrive for the second time to load up all the household items with lots of real bargain for Lou to sell either on eBay of some of our Car Boot Sales for many months to come. I cannot work this couple out Julia & Gordon I have just cleared 180 bottles of decent named wines ports liquors and spirits (no beers) to pack into the van but truth to tell neither of them drinks nor are they sociable enough so they do not and did not invite friends and family neighbours or others in for a drink FFS!

Lou and I spent all day yesterday clearing out the 5th bedroom which was fitted out with floor to ceiling cupboards and shelving and used as a ‘sewing room’ by Julia. I was getting pretty pissed off packing what was like small shop of all types of haberdashery with huge collections of absolute crap with boxes of cotton reels and boxes of ribbons all cut in various lengths and in hundreds of colours, Julia walks in and asks but doesn’t really mean it “Can I help?” so I grab a huge bundle of these bloody ribbon and say to my Dementia mother in law who owns and collected this pile of crap ‘Yes my lovely, now then if can you go into another room and sort all of these ribbons out into their various colours and lengths for me please’ which kept my dear demented mother-in-law amused for over 3 hours, I walk in and ask her ‘What have you been doing?’ “I don’t know” her says, dear of her.
Just imagine that, she has been working for three hours and she does not know WTF she has been doing which is a lot like having the odd spliff or two and you seriously don’t GAF about anybody or anything which is the best part of the day FFS! Warning; whenever I compliment people by adding ‘dear of her or him’ it actually means that he or she is a total pain in the arse at times!! So the bottom line to keep a Dementia patient person in a ‘get up and go and be happy mood’ is to keep their mind occupied with new ideas and to treat them with respect (difficult) and to be patient with them (doubly difficult) which will keep them alive for much longer but it kill you in the effort. Sometimes I think my dear wife Lou would like ‘it all to go a bit fast-track’ at times including me FFS dear of her!
So, am I missing the Car Boots? No not really but I do know there is trouble brewing for the season which will start soon price increases on the horizon? I still love Cornwall but it’s bloody good fun here apart from yesterday surrounded by all the floor to ceiling crap in the sewing room Lou nearly reduced to yet again more tears says to me “Do you know today should have been the first day of our holiday in the sun in Cuba in the Caribbean today for 3 weeks?” FFS! FFS!!
19th February, we will travel back to Cornwall tomorrow then return here for one more week then it’s back to work and still more house hunting. Miss you ‘all. XX

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