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TRURO Car Boot Sale is on on ON this SUNDAYS at 1.00 pm // THIS IS THE LAST Car Boot of 2021 // Restart January 9th 2022 // Happy Christmas!!

“SUNDAY IS THE LAST CAR BOOT OF THE SEASON AT TRURO CITY CATTLE MARKET AT 1.00 pm ALL SELLERS ARE OUTSIDE due to the new COVID restrictions where SAFE DISTANCING is essential as advised by Cornwall Council. In the event of rain in the NEW YEAR on SUNDAYS the Car Boot may not go ahead” Bring a mask for your protection in the queue for buyers please. Geoff


WINTER Car Boot Sales At TRURO At 1.00 Pm The Sales Will Be Held Inside Or Outside Or Both Depending On Weather But WILL Go Ahead Providing We Get The Required 22 Sellers! This SUNDAY looks okay weather wise no rain dry but cold so wrap up well don’t put your best shoes on and now pack the car up with lots of BARGAINS and head for Truro Cattle Market, be there by 12 noon and I will keep a space for you providing you give me a tip as to who is going to win the Ashes? ENGERLAND of course! Now then, be safe with your stock that you are selling, if you want to sell air rifle or replica guns or ANY knives let us know please and we will make a ruling.  Take care, be well. Geoff  X  Car Boot Sales are brilliant for buying KIDS TOYS and kids Christmas presents, AND THANK YOU TO ALL THE KIDS WHO HAVE been so well behaved this year. G. Thought for the day; Do up your zip mate but don’t worry, dead birds do not fall out of their nests, do they little Willie?


Last Sunday Sunday 7th November at TRURO was successful for the 50 plus sellers who made a great effort with their stalls of their unwanted stuff from their homes and my god there were a few items that should not have been given car space let alone be sold at any car boot sale. But the sellers did very well and the buyers did better buying some real BARGAINS my bird! This next item is  NO HOLDS BARRED and rude and all about POO!!

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I remember at Falmouth one time when I was chatting to sellers, I looked with absolute amazement at a baby walker on sale at one of the stalls, the walker had been well used as seen from the amount of stinky poo stains on the crutch of the walker where some kid had smashed his arse up and down splurging poo out of his diaper staining the crutch of the walker making the whole thing unsellable ffs.

Wtf I thought, now how can I be tactful about this’ how can a seller not appreciate how offensive the walker is to look at with customers walking by and seeing the s**t stained walker, so they kept on walking on ffs! I asked the seller if she had seen the brown stinky poo stains on the walker, her said ‘yes I did see that but then I didn’t have time to wash it off’ “Then you must put it into your boot and take it off sale immediately please” said Geoff. The price her were asking, pigging seven quid’s ffs if her were taking it home to wash the smelly thing her would never never get the stains off which reminds me of the baby bouncers that you hang off doorways and you strap the kid in and ‘let it bounce up and down to it’s hearts content’ spreading poo to every quarter of the diaper but great fun as with a mask on and a peg on your nose you can unwrap the whole thing full of warm squelchy poo dumps and chuck it in the bin then throw the bin away ffs!! We have all done it dears that’s part of life’s rich tapestries aint it though!