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FRIDAYS at St COLUMB Car Boot Sales at 12.00 noon from 5th JULY here is one to look forward to my lovers!!

Ps; A customer told us about cheap flights from NEWQUAY Airport to Portugal? I investigated and we are going to Albufeira for a few days from Tuesday, I promise to do a couple of blogs, Cannabis has been decriminalised since 2001 the dears of them!!  but to get some sun to for a few hours would be nice and reliable unlike our rotten forecasts. It is years since we had a holiday during our late spring months and full on main holiday season, so there! Why not look up the cheap flights to Portugal, lovely country, nice people! Keep supporting our website we are going to open an over-eighteens ADULT Erotica Section soon! Oh yes we are!! Geoff   XX

Please Note; FRIDAYS at St Columb Major is at 12.00 noon from the 5th JULY !!

SUNDAYS AT TRURO (TR1 1RT) @ 12.00 noon


TUESDAYS AT NEWQUAY (TR8 4NY) @ 12.00 noon

This THURSDAYS at NEWQUAY (TR8 4NY) @ 12.00 noon


SATURDAYS at MITCHELL (TR8 5FD) at 12.00 noon

All BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYS at TRURO at 12.00 noon & at St COLUMB MAJOR at 2.00 pm!! BOTH GO AHEAD!

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Geoff Says!

Security for you! Our sellers! It is written in the rules that NO PERSONS are allowed behind your selling stall other than you and your your partner and I will enforce the ruling by BARRING any offenders! Why? Because over 35 years we have had various incidents fs where items have been stolen by fellow sellers ffs or indeed by family members wtf from behind sellers stalls! The area you are entitled is the size you need, that is the area of your selling to the buyers and general public! In your interest abide by this ruling! There is however ONE exception that is Tim and his famous stall of BARGAINS, all of his customers over many years have invaded his stall for the best deals going but honesty prevails because he is a nice pleasant man and I am parked up next to him so I keep an eye open in his interests, but there has always got to be a butt otherwise you couldn’t sit on it ffs! It’s 4.00 am I am pleasantly out of pain and stoned in my mancave where no-one is allowed apart from Nigel who is a great fellow, he is totally available ladies or boys Ask him about his friendship with rock-on my birds??? The ‘but’ is Lilly is the boss!! Oh No ffs!! Geoff.  X Now then! To people who are disabled and are the Blue Pass holders which is a total privilege by the way, I am one of those holders and I would never abuse the system nor make demands for privileged parking fs! Now then, I am speaking to some of the old farts passholders who arrive later than the start time, they pay their ONE POUND thinking they have bought the entire parking lot ffs then they make demands of where they will park ffs! But it doesn’t work like that my lovers, we operate on a first come gets the best parking and the late arrival ffs are lucky to get in so guess what? they start getting offensive to my team of ladies who collect your miserable pound and say ‘but I’m disabled’ well so what, so am I ffs but I would never demands where to frigging park what is not available in a hugely busy private Car Boot Sale so my answer to the miserable sods who say “I can’t walk” ffs! Well my lovers, you are out in the country gods chosen country of Cornwall  getting clean fresh air and your doctors would approve of you getting some exercise so do not be rude to me team members or you can stick your pound where the sun don’t shine my birds and stay at home and have a moan at someone else, be happy fs, you are alive in the best place to live in this world of ours! Bless your darling hearts. I think I’m going to puke up dears!! And guess what, the real moaners are true red blooded CORNISH born and ill-bred ffs. Loves! Geoff. XX I love being antagonistic I am 86 so I don’t really GAF my lovers, truth to tell but I love our Car Boot Community, Lou and I have some very happy memories but then so has the communities of people who have supported us, so hear is a massive thank you and if you’ve got any spare home grown I would appreciate a couple of buds and then a couple more ffs. Be happy and love yourselves first and last and be nice to others and feed the birds but mainly feed yourselves and watch your weight ffs! No secret eating of CRISPS ffs over the years CRISPS contribute to you having an enlarged belly mate and your belly button has suddenly disappeared so there is NO WAY BACK, deal with it ffs NOW! You now need to have your food intake every other day which works if you keep to the rules but it makes you a miserable bustard to live with ffs! Ps; Will the lady who like to read my blogs to her husband in bed please come to chat for a few minutes, I have an idea to cure him? Geoff. X  

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