Sunday 13th of September 2020

Sunday 13th of September 2020
On this day I got totally pissed off with some members of the public who arrive minutes before the start time in TRURO they expect to just jump out of their cars and walk to the front of the queue and go ahead into the sale whilst hundreds had arrived and queued in the proper manner with COVID 19 precautions and were walking into the sale as one would queuing say for the Supermarket or M & S, however the late arrivals did not expect to wait demanding immediate entrance over the genuine regulars some getting offensive to Louise who was only doing her job as required by and advised by Cornwall Council especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Hello everybody wake up, this is the worst happening to this world since world war two, I know because I was born in 1938 so I well remember the bombs hitting Croydon for the first few years of my life but nothing compares to this dreadful Corona Virus. One elderly lady demanded immediate access to the sale telling Lou “The sale starts at 1.00 pm so I am going in now” Lou told her she would have to wait whilst the queue was making it’s way into the Car Boot field, now I overheard as did other witnesses did the lady’s rudeness to Lou who now claims “Geoff would have let us in” No he bloody well would not I was very close to going to the old biddy, giving her a refund and telling her to go home, anyway it is pointless being rude to Louise she has been insulted by experts so do not bother you gratified Granny, if you are not happy with the way we run our Car Boot Sales under the COVID 19 regulations then go somewhere else ffs and do not give any members of my team grief which includes staff on parking cars duties. They know all the swear words so they are authorised to bar any person/s who are grossly offensive. They are doing their jobs in the interest of public safety so to the offenders GAFYs

Whilst I am having a go what about this? Cos after the sale our team goes all around the venue picking up litter left by our adoring public including snotty used face masks and plastic gloves, what a wonderful way to spread the virus! I mean how crude is that I saw one old blokie throw his face mask onto the ground and it went splat totally full of snots bogies and dribbles how tf are my team supposed to pick them up ffs!
Then we get babies nappies full of baby poo and piddle left for our staff to pick up and dispose of properly, what a disgusting habit take them home put them in the neighbours bins fs! I would like to find the owners car and shove the shitty nappy up their bleedn exhaust pipe that will implode into their car causing an everlasting odorous stinking of baby poo and piddle and exhaust which will make their car unsalable forever ‘stick that up your nostrils and sniff it yer dirty buggers’
The majority of our customers are just brilliant and I love them all give or take a few hundred, they have appreciated Car Boots Cornwall being the ONLY Car Boot Sales in the West of Cornwall that had the balls and the right locations and the management expertise for them to be successful. Thank you. Geoff

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FIRST Car Boot of this year throughout West Cornwall;

Sorry for delay with this blog which goes on a bit but thank you to all of the lovers who appreciate Geoff Says because it is rude up front and truthful and most of the time I don’t GAF because I am in the safety of my man cave. It is 2.00 am I woke up with severe cramp in my legs so a rum & coke a spliff of a smoke followed by another, some peaceful music it’s pissing down outside who cares! Now then, Saturday at Mitchell Car Boot was going fine the weather was indifferent with a heavy shower that lasted 30 seconds some panic stricken sellers frantically cover their selling items, one stall I noticed as soon as the shower started blokie jumped in his car leaving his missus to deal with the rain and cover the stock whilst he is sitting in the dry the miserable b’stard. That is no way to treat someone you are supposed to love ffs!
One of our really good regular sellers well known for his pickled onions we shall call him Tony, he was selling at his stall when some ugly looking thug thinking he was being funny in front of his fat-bloke mates as they walked past Tony’s stall by coughing loudly followed by shouting the word COVID which they found hilarious but Tony was not amused! What makes pricks like these jerks think they are being funny during this dreadful pandemic is beyond me, may the crutch of their trouser rot and may they fall through and break their pucking necks ffs, metaphorically speaking of course! Schmooks!

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SUNDAY at TRURO Car Boot Sale

We do all we can to provide a safe environment for the safety of all our customers following the guidelines of Cornwall Council. On Sunday we put a fresh 5 litre bottle of HAND SANITISER on the table for our customers Health & Safety so they may sanitise their hands whilst in our care.

Some miserable b’stard decided to steal the sanitiser thereby depriving our team and our customers of hand care at our sale. On the 5 litre container it states 70% Alcohol kills 99.99% Virus & Bacteria!!

Now then, may the person who stole the sanitiser drink the entire contents which are ‘fast acting’ and may their arse explode in their beds during the middle of the night for seven nights in a row followed by them growing ‘penis fish’ up their butt-plug for ever! cheers!!

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Posted 16/07/2020

Car Boot Sales this week; SATURDAY at 8.00 am at TRURO; SUNDAY at TRURO at 1.00 pm & SUNDAY at St Columb MAJOR at 2.00 pm; Coming soon; Mitchell & NEWQUAY. SOCIAL DISTANCING at all CBC events applies please, many thanks. X
BUYERS and SELLERS should bring there own sanitisers and hand wipes, as we are in the outdoors masks are OPTIONAL! ………………………………………..
Sellers should arrive at least one hour before the start of our Car Boot Sales. We would ask all of our customers to totally respect all other customers by social distancing. Our PUBLIC LIABILITY Licence protects all persons attending our events however this does not include CORONA-VIRUS infections! Enjoy your day and help us to safe distance when attending our events. Many thanks. Geoff and our CBC teams. Please note; Whilst we will have hand sanitisers you should have your own sanitiser and hand-wipes. NEWQUAY will start on THURSDAY the 23rd of this month. Be well-Be safe. Geoff

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After 31 years this is the only year we will not be able to operate Car Boot Sales at Falmouth due mainly to the lack of space to operate the sales within the guidelines of Cornwall Council. Locals will know that the military are conducting tests also at the club grounds however if we had over 30 sellers and say 400 buyers ‘safe distancing’ is at risk therefore reluctantly we will not be at Falmouth Rugby Club this year. We look forward to returning during happier times for all customers buyers and sellers. Geoff

Geoff Camden-Wiles
Mon 13/07/2020 14:40
Hello Mark,

We have given great concern as to how we would operate the Car Boot Sale at Falmouth taking into consideration the lack of use of the complete pitch and our compliance with the Cornwall Council guidelines regarding safe-distancing.

May I address your concerns regarding damage to the pitch, we started Car Boots Cornwall in 1989 at Falmouth Rugby Club in those day we were allowed the full pitch, not once did we damage the pitch and if you returned to the ground two days later there is no evidence of us being on site.

Since Paul became groundsman we have been allowed little use of the pitch over recent years!

Taking all into consideration the Cornwall Council guidelines for safe and social and safe-distancing we regret that in the interest of Public Safety we cannot operate Car Boot Sales at Falmouth for the reasons as above, we will be happy to return when either the virus is under control or there is a relaxation of the guidelines.

We wish Falmouth every success in these dreadful times.


Geoff Camden Wiles

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Our Landlord at Mitchell has asked that we do not use his fields for Car Boot Sales due to Corona Virus we totally accept his request, will move and re-open JUST across the road. There is no bad feeling no big gossip both Landlords get on very well together?

We are happy to have 3 fields that overlook the dual carriageway which is where we get most of our buyers from and we start ‘across the road’ on SATURDAY the 25th JULY at 12.00 noon and if you are a seller(don’t forget your hand sanitiser & wipes) you will be given plenty of selling space to display you selling items. Enjoy the move James is the Landlord and we thank him for his cooperation. Geoff and the team. x

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COVID 19 precautions;
You MUST maintain distance between yourself and your fellow customers at all times.
If buyers are crowding around your stall it is your responsibility to ask them to space out and wait their turn to be served.
Buyers have been asked not to touch items they do not intend to buy, if a buyer shows interest in any item please tell them of any imperfections.
Please have hand sanitisers and wipes available on your stall.
Consider cash transactions as a ‘risk’ all buyers should bring their own change ideally to pay the right amount for items you wish to purchase. Keep your money in one safe box in your boot, do not let your children play with the money.

Being outdoors is relatively a safe environment. UV light kills COVID 19, breezes and fresh air carry away impurities.
Do not be afraid but be aware!!

26th June 2020

Website Instruction for BUYERS
COVID 19 Precautions;

At all of the CAR BOOT SALES operated by Car Boots Cornwall we must ensure the buyers keep to the minimum distance of ONE METER please.
Please be polite and endeavour to KEEP YOUR DISTANCE you may have to Q for a while and whilst in the sale please make every effort to pay stall-holder the correct money!
Bring your own change we are not allowed to give change some buyers ‘may’ allow you to pay card payments.
Car Boots Cornwall will provide sanitisers and wipes for the use of our customers.
The wearing of masks is optional however ‘wearing a mask’ doesn’t make you look stupid it makes you look considerate’
If you are going to make a purchase ask the price and the condition of the item/s you wish to purchase. Only handle the item/s once you have PAID!

Being outdoors is relatively a safe environment. UV light kills COVID 19, breezes and fresh air carry away impurities.
Do not be afraid but be aware!!

26th June 2020

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Car Boots Cornwall has received a similar set of requirements from CORNWALL Council which is the reason we are waiting a month to establish if the requirements in a months time have been reconsidered and considerably reduced. We could not operate with the above terms as the costs to operate would be prohibitive.
Be safe-be well.



1 One Staffed Gate of Entry Only for Pedestrians

2 Queued Entry 2 Metres Apart

3 2m Floor Tape Distance Marking

4 Digital Thermal Temperature Guns on Entry – Anyone with a Fever will be declined entry

6 One Staffed Gate of Exit Only for Pedestrians

7 Attendance Limited to 100 People [subject to review]

8 One Out – One In when Full [Initially100]

9 Hand Sanitiser Available at Point of Entry

10 Nitrile Gloves Available at Point of Entry

11 Face Masks Available at Point of Entry

12 Extensive Signage Reinforcing Social Distancing

13 One-Way ONLY Floor-Marked system around the Site

14 Market Stewards to walk the Site, reminding of Social Distancing

15 Reinforce Best Practice

16 Hot Water & Soap available in the Toilet Block

17 Warm Air Hand Driers in the Toilets

18 Intensive Toilet Cleaning at Close


19 One Staffed Gate of Entry Only for Sellers

20 Digital Thermal Temperature Guns on Entry – Anyone with a Fever will be declined entry

21 Hand Sanitiser Available at Point of Entry

22 Nitrile Gloves Available at Point of Entry

23 Face Masks Available at Point of Entry

24 Extensive Signage Reinforcing Social Distancing

25 Wi-Fi Card Terminal Available to minimise Cash Transactions

26 Space Stalls 2 Metres Apart

27 Check Product Permissibility

28 Check Sales Prices of Sensitive Products

29 Check Quantity Limitations

30 Card Payment Scheme for Traders to use to avoid Cash Transactions

31 Fast Food Outlets – Sitting/Table Removal


32 Full Face Plastic Shield

33 Nitrile Gloves

34 Alcohol Rub

35 Standby Filter Face Mask

36 Portable Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Card Terminal

37 Walkie-Talkie Radios

38 Trained First Responder at all times

39 Daily Staff Safety Checklists

40 Daily Staff Safety Briefings

41 Customer Safety Plan Checklists

42 Daily Documented Risk Assessment during Operation

43 Feedback Meeting at Close – Lessons to be Learned

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To all Car Boot sellers and buyers who come to buy or sell at any of our Car Boots Cornwall locations we regret the delays in commencing our sales due to Corona-virus Pandemic.

I have asked Cornwall Council for any guidelines they recommend that we take into consideration for our reopening. I have received a reply from Neighbourhood & Public Protection | Cornwall Council in which there are up to 20 different guidelines we cannot ignore particularly with the Social distancing requirements. We would need at least 8-10 supervisory team members which are not affordable at most locations when considering Landlords rents Public Liability and portable toilets.

As a buyer just imagine not being able to inspect something you may wish to buy unless you buy it as with the clothing shops and stores do not touch unless you buy. As a seller the idea would seriously spoil your dayand kill the happy atmospheres that usually prevail at all Car Boot Sales.

I have decided Car Boots Cornwall will not run any Car Boot Sales until the 7th JULY 2020 when we can review the situation again however there could be further delays depending on the path of the virus and the social distancing is considerably safely reduced. This decision is taken in the interest of Public Health and to reduce the risk of Corona-virus spreading further in the South West.

I thank Cornwall Council for their cooperation and advice.

There may be Car Boot Sales who could operate without Public Liability Insurance which is most risky especially if you caught the Virus at the location and wanted to claim through their neglect, no chance!

I seriously advise people not to visit indoor Car Boot Sales where the spread of the virus could be catastrophic for all concerned?

Stay safe, stay well.


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HEARTLANDS the truth!

HEARTLANDS the truth;
Several years ago, Car Boots Cornwall were asked by the management of Heartlands if we would be interested in running Car Boots on their land. Lou and I visited and decided that we would not be interested because there were loads of other events going on involving young mums and their children and our Public Liability Insurance would not cover other activities than the Car Boot Sales and its customers. Another consideration was that we had tried Car Boots in Camborne at the Rugby Club which was run by LTC Catering and was a miserable failure not the fault of the caterers simply the wrong decision made by myself. I also decided to avoid Pool Redruth and Camborne as they were not happy with our admission charges which to explain briefly we do have considerable overheads starting with most Landlords wanting up to 50% of the takings, further huge costs involve staffing, toilets, publicity and travel so please do not think the we (that is me and Lou) are making fortunes cos we bloody-well aint me hansom!
I digress, I was most surprised to receive the following email for the management of Heartlands;

Ronnie Hughes
Thu 02/05/2019 20:49

I’d like to discuss a car boot here at Heartlands. Initially one in July, run by yourselves here on our 19-acre site.

As you may be aware, we are a charity for the local community and feel there is considerable mileage running this here at heartlands to generate income through perhaps a shared % entry fee.

May you be in touch to discuss the possibility further.

Many thanks


Ronnie Hughes MBIFM MinstLM
Facilities Operations Manager

I thanked Ronnie for his enquiry pointing out that I had already been contacted years earlier however Lou and I went to meet with him and to familiarise ourselves with Heartlands. Ronnie was over-enthusiastic that if we ran Car Boot Sales at Heartlands that the locals would happily pay up to £1.00 admission so we decided to give it a trial after Ronnie had offered to print thousands of leaflets and his teams would deliver them to all the houses surrounding Heartlands. I became suspicious that things were not going our way when we arrived when he sent me the following email;
From: Ronnie Hughes
Sent: 27 June 2019 12:44
To: Geoff Camden-Wiles; Amelia Commons
Subject: RE: Car Boots.

Hello Geoff,

Please see attached. I’ve been out to our external designer, cost £380 with 1000 leaflets including design. Are you happy with the draft before I print?

Notwithstanding your email regarding catering, would you be happy to agree we trade from our catering unit on the launch day only (03/07) to attempt to recover cost? Your catering thereafter….

The aforementioned, if agreeable, will support marketing pictures on launch day for us where I intend to get our photographer in on 03/07.

Many thanks.

Ronnie Hughes MBIFM MinstLM
Facilities Operations Manager

Now then, I have been around for a very long time and I absolutely know that I could go to my ‘external designer’ and he could supply me 1000 design and printed leaflets for around £60.00 so who is on the fiddle here then?

From: Geoff Camden-Wiles [mailto:]
Sent: 20 July 2019 18:02
To: Ronnie Hughes; Amelia Commons; Nigel Webber;
Subject: Leaflet Distribution;

Hello Ronnie,

Respectfully you have advised me on several occasions that you have had up to 3000 leaflets distributed in and around the Heartlands housing complex and other areas in Pool & Redruth. We know of at least 3 people who live at the above areas yet none of them have received any leaflets in connection with our joint promotion for Car Boot Sales.

One of our team members has researched a small area to find no-one has seen nor received leaflets, may I also point out that within you Red River Cafe where you have large amount of leaflets advertising various entertainments that are in Cornwall yet there is not a single leaflet giving any reference to our Car Boot Sales which I am sure you will find as disappointing as our team.
We are now approaching week 4 when we would anticipate well over 25 sellers and being able to charge sellers the full price to sell also to be able to charge buyers for a short period until business improves.

It may be that you are paying a team of distributors who are putting the leaflets straight into the bin?




Now then, a serious worry that we had was that Ronnie had told absolutely nobody on his staff that the Car Boot Sales would start until the day before our first sale but worse was that he had not told any of the diminishing shopkeepers at all of our arrival. I cannot imagine a worse situation than being a tenant-owner to arrive at their shops to find our bloody sellers are parked up and set-up and selling right outside their bleedn shops WAFN and they knew sweet sod-all about it ffs. How non-management is that? Ronnie had promised that the parking meters would be covered for our sales also none of our customers would have to pay for parking which pissed off lots of our customer who had paid because Ronnie kept his promise for one week only. Over the few weeks we were at Heartlands I got the impression that we would not succeed we had spent on all the brand new publicity signs we had gimmicked with money off vouchers and free to sell days and I personally waived all admission costs, the total effort made by our team with a few of our very respected loyal devoted sellers because here we were fighting an uphill battle because the Manager had totally reneged on his promise of his cooperation. This alleged hands-on Manager of Heartlands was disliked by the majority of his staff the shopkeepers a first-class maintenance team, the lot! In August we went on holiday on our return we had as you all know weeks and weeks to this very day of persistent rain, despite writing to Ronnie on several occasions rumours were that he had ‘done a bunk’ with the takings and whipped off all financial information from the pc screens including future bookings for weddings no less fs; read on!

Wendy Robinson
Thu 05/12/2019 09:20
Hi Geoff
Ronnie has left and I am the new COO. I agree the weather has been dreadful for the past three months and therefore the car boot has not been a great success.

I didn’t realise the parking machines should be covered up so maybe that’s my fault. If you come in, I’ll refund yours and Nigel’s money for you.

The biggest problem we had on site was visitors not knowing the event was cancelled as some of them don’t use Facebook. We had a lot of complaints that people had travelled for the car boot and then it wasn’t on. As soon as we knew from you, (via a message to Kevin) it was cancelled we would put it on our Facebook page to try and help but the negative feedback was not worth the effort. I know cancellations were mostly due to the weather but some Wednesdays were bright here and the car boot was still cancelled. As customers think Heartlands run the car boot privately any way, I think we will try and do it ourselves next spring and see how we go.

We have spoken to a lady who has enquired regarding hiring the hall for a car boot sale every two weeks. We can’t guarantee a specific date each week as we rent out the space for conferences but if she wants to hire the space herself for an event, she is welcome to.

If you would like to talk this through further please get in touch again.

Kind regards


Chief Operating Officer

T 01209 722329
Wendy Robinson
Thu 05/12/201

From: Geoff Camden-Wiles [mailto:]
Sent: 05 December 2019 13:25
To: Wendy Robinson
Subject: Re: Car Boot Sales

Hello Wendy,

Thank goodness for Heartlands that there has been a change of management!

Ronnie really put pressure to take on the Car Boot Sales despite the fact we had been asked before several years ago I agreed to give it all a second chance reluctantly. Ronnie was absolutely certain that it would be a success which it was not most of the recent weeks were spoiled by persistent rain.

Ronnie absolutely assured me that he had delivered thousands of leaflets around which was proven to be wrong as we have some of our customers who live on the actual Heartlands housing who claim they did not receive any leaflets.
I believe that the lady who asked about doing Car Boots in your function suite could be successful on a fortnightly basis but nothing is guaranteed in Redruth, Pool and Camborne.

May we wish you every success as the new boss and could I ask if members of your team could take our signs down and store them for us and I will ensure they are uplifted. I will advise our public of the decision not to continue however if you do decide to do Car Boots yourselves let me know the details and I will most certainly give publicity to your events.

Kind regards,

Geoff Camden Wiles

Hi Geoff

Thank you for your email, I have no idea what Ronnie was on!!

Would you mind if we kept the signs up until next spring as I’m just about to wrap a Santa’s grotto poster around them to advertise our Christmas event. This would really help me out.

Thank you

Wendy Heartlands, Dudnance Lane, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 3QY
From: Geoff Camden-Wiles [mailto:]
Sent: 05 December 2019 13:36
To: Wendy Robinson
Subject: Re: Car Boot Sales

Go for it Wendy, let me know when they should be collected, had we of been working with you we may have had success but Heartlands is a hard task, good luck!

Geoff Says;

So that is the truth about us and Heartlands a total loss to ourselves and certainly no income for them. This is a really happy location with wonderful freedom for mums and dads and their young children to enjoy and play happily over the 18-acre complex.


This man was totally ‘up himself’ with his 40s gay salon style dyed blondish yellow hairstyle (description by our Nigel the man in the know) but acting totally outside of the real world and out of touch with his decent team of workers and a few shopkeepers. Now then, I am not casting Nasturtiums but there are all sorts of rumours that Ronnie has fiddled the Heartlands Registered Charity Complex but I won’t be spread rumours that cannot be substantiated. My own personal opinion of Ronnie was that firstly the man was totally-totally up himself and that he lacked the ability to be the hands on real Manager he treated people with total ignorance and disregard disrespect as though they were all nutters and that he was the only sane one amongst the rest which is totally wrong, only one nutter here Ronnie mate ‘Twas you!!


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