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TODAY at TRURO at 12.00 noon & St Columb Major at 2.00 pm

LATEST; THREE New ‘Geoff Says’ Blogs & Read my EMAIL received today on ‘GEOFF SAYS’ Enjoy your day, WTF (with the family) ffs (Friendly Farmers Society)

This Weekend! SATURDAY at MITCHELL at 12 noon/PENRYN CAMPUS 2.00 pm SUNDAY at TRURO at 12.00 noon & St Columb MAJOR at 2.00 pm. ENJOY!!

“WARNING!! Do not buy cigarettes from any persons at our Car Boot Sales they are totally unhealthy fags mate cos they were made in the backstreets and all sorts of shite including phooey aromas that hopefully will make you puke up ffs! Don’t go there! Louise barred a thug seller as our real customers had complained he was trying to hard sell these fowl fags ffs! Why not give up fags, take a toke instead?

Enjoy your day enjoy your life come to one or all of our Car Boot Sales for the fresh CORNISH air and the opportunity of THOUSANDS of BARGAINS and mix with really nice people, well some on em!

Geoff & the teams. X

Read this to yourself, learn it challenge your grand-parents (with their teeth in) to read it without swearing !!

SAY IT FAST and LOUD! I’m not a pheasant  plucker, I’m the pheasant plucker’s son, I’m only plucking pheasant’s, Till the pheasant plucker comes !!